Sunday, March 22, 2009

Short Note: Let's get it right next time or there won't be a next time!

To all you Obama supporters who are beginning to cry over spilt milk...I don't want to hear it! You now complain about the idiots in Congress that did not read the eleven-hundred page stimulus bill before voting on it.

Myself and others warned you this would happen...and you didn't want to read the warnings.

And your biggest mistake...You did not read the man!!!

America's biggest mistake...we allow stupid people to vote! Smarten up and get it right in 2010...that is, if we still have the right to vote.

The message now is, "Empty out the House Of Representatives and replace it with non-party members. No more Democrats nor Republicans. Get ordinary people (no lawyers!) to represent you. Do not support ANY candidate that is supported by the New York Times or ANY newspaper. The media is controlled by the Left Wing ideologues that got us into this mess.
Remember, "You did not cause these problems!" The people you voted for caused ALL of the problems!

As for the U.S. third will be up for re-election...THROW 'EM ALL OUT! Let's get our country back! - Norman E. Hooben

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