Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fair Warning...from the commentators

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I used to be a Marxist, 30 years ago when I was in college. I studied Marxist Revolutionary tactics and strategy and history.
Obama’s “Civilian Security Force”, “Just as Powerful as the Military”, is not some gentle civilian “Peace Corp”. They are forming the core of a Marxist “People’s Revolutionary Militia”.
It works like this: when this or the next created “crisis” hits, and the mass of dumbed down sheeple is pyschologically indoctrinated, Obama declares Martial Law and suspends the Constitution. When the rural areas erupt into armed opposition, Obama calls out the “People’s Militia” to put down the “Counter Revolutionaries”, that is, you and me. The core of his People’s Militia will be made up mostly of “inner city youth” who allready are violent and alienated from American values. They will be given additional REAL military training, pumped up with fanatical hatred against us, “the oppressors”, weapons, and sent out to do battle with the “Counter Revolutionaries” desperately fighting in the rural areas. Let me tell you this: they won’t be following the Geneva Convention. The remaining “real” Americans, those of us who haven’t been brainwashed, will have to declare “Free American Zones” and then fight bloody guerilla battles that will be awful. There will be atrocities, starvation, possibily foreign invasion as other powers attempt to pick at the dying American corpse.
THAT is what Obama is planning for. They probably aren’t sure if it will be in a year or two or three or five…but…they are working toward it. These plans were all laid out in Bill Ayer’s living room years ago.
Be prepared. Be strong. Do not yield.



GO TO HELL OBAMA….and take your Civil Defense Plan with you….I am retired Navy and it does not take a rocket science to figure out your intent with this plan. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO STILL HAVE YOUR HEAD UP YOUR **S, THIS NATIONAL SOCIALIST WORKER PARTY THAT IS BEING PROPOSED IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY AND ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO CONTROL “YOU”!!! We already have our National Guard / Coast Guard and a volunteer Armed Services. This would be worst then the Patriot Act!!! LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!!


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Gary Rea said...

"There will be atrocities, starvation, possibily foreign invasion as other powers attempt to pick at the dying American corpse."

Are you aware that the Obama administration is merely the tool, being used by the international banking cartel that has owned and run this country for over 95 years? Their agenda is a global police state and they will be using the combined forces of Canada, Mexico and NATO, as well as the Obama Youth Corps.

In 2008, NORTHCOM signed an agreement with the Canadian military - all without approval from either the Canadian Parliament or the U.S. Congress - to supply troops to each other in the event of martial law. Concurrently, George Bush and the president of the EU signed an agreement merging the North American Union with the EU. We won't see the obvious signs of this merger for years, yet, but, administratively, it's already been done. The SPP's working groups, also, have been busily re-writing U.S. Code since 2005 to "harmonize" our laws with those of Canada and Mexico to form the NAU, which is to be "harmonized" with the EU and so on. Eventually, all these several "superstates" will, in turn, be merged into a global government with the global elite at its pinnacle.

It will be interesting, indeed, to see how this all shakes out. We outnumber the bastards millions to one, but they have the advantage of deploying trained military forces from other nations, in addition to using all manner of high-tech weaponry against us, including electromagnetic weapons capable of incapacitating large numbers of people at once - perhaps the entire population. The CIA, NSA, Office of Naval Research and the Department of Defense have been experimenting with these weapons since at least 1960 (the CIA's Project MK-DELTA), and then there is the DOD's Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) technology, which was used to induce the mass surrender of Iraqi troops in the Gulf War, without firing a shot.