Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama Breaks Promises...Does anyone find that strange?

From the Journal-Gazette Times Courier
Letters to the editor [Serving Mattoon and Charleston, Illinois]

LETTER: Obama appoints his own 'good ole boys'

BILL OGLE, Ashmore

It is not too early to start the proceedings. Obama has broken several of his 510 campaign promises to the American people.

He was going to clean up Washington politics, remember, “change you can believe in.” His idea of cleaning up the “good ole boys” type of politics went by the wayside shortly after he was inaugurated.

His appointment of Bill Richardson, Gov. of New Mexico, fell through when it came to light that he was under investigation for “pay to play” in New Mexico politics.

Yes, the same thing former Gov. Blago got impeached for and is about to go to the pen for criminal violation of federal laws. Then there were three appointments made where the appointees were guilty of not paying federal income taxes.

One of those appointees was actually confirmed by the Democrat-controlled Senate to be Sec. of the Treasury. The others were sent home packing, Tom Daschle, Mrs. Firelee, and another no name.

During the confirmation process of Tom Daschle, Pres. Obama said he strongly supported him. Days later when the Senate sent ole Tom home, Pres. Obama admitted he had made a gross error. If this is cleaning up corrupt politics in Washington, then lets impeach Obama now and really clean up the corruption.

You all remember Rod Blago, impeached for his corrupt politics. It’s no wonder; he came out of the Chicago Democrat Political Machine, thanks to all you liberal Democrats for giving Illinois such a corrupt governor. Now you have elected another corrupt Chicago Democrat Political Machine politician, Barack Obama.




LewWaters said...

B HO's high promises began unraveling on November 5. From the get go, he and other followers as well as his handlers began letting the country know that he couldn't meet his promises.

That doesn't stop blind kool-aid worshippers from falling at his feet and licking his boots, though.

Anonymous said...

I still haven't been convinced this a$$#*le isn't an illegal alien put upon us by the Dimocrat party. The rest of what I have to say is not fit for the femine side of you readers.

Anonymous said...

His "5 day" review of the crap sandwich statement was an obvious and blatant lie as well.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

And another...where is he finding these economists?

Concord High School in Elkhart Indiana Feb 9, 2009

“Economists from across the spectrum have warned that if we don't act immediately, millions more jobs will be lost, and national unemployment rates will approach double digits.”

Well here are some economists that think differently...

CFR [ ] February 10, 2009
Economists disagree on the wisdom of extensive stimulus spending, as well as the particulars of the current U.S. plan. Given the current economic climate, most mainstream economists now say that the potential downsides of collapse are sufficiently grave that large stimulatory expenditures may be necessary. As the global financial and economic crisis has worsened, this viewpoint has gained international popularity. In a December 2008 paper released by the UN Conference on Trade and Development, leading UN economists call for coordinated stimulus packages across the world's leading economies, above and beyond the money already spent to boost credit market liquidity.
Two scholars from the conservative Heritage Foundation argue in a December 2008 paper that the best medicine for the U.S. economy would be to reduce overall government spending. CFR Senior Fellow Amity Shlaes adds that governments can throw good money after bad if they seek to stimulate unsustainable businesses. "It can be perverse because you stimulate something [i.e. an industry] that's really pretty weak and should maybe fade," Shlaes told In a December 2008 op-ed, Shlaes also argued that huge public works projects often fail to revive national economies, as evidenced by Japan's experience during the 1990s.