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" intention of bowing down to the March to Socialism"

Original Post November 4, 2007...but very appropriate today!
Why Left And Right Must Unite
Would the left and right uniting be a good cause? Could this reunion be beneficial to the American way of life? The answers, obviously, would be an emphatic and resounding, "HELL YES!" The next question would be, is it possible? The answer to that question is "Rather" esoteric, don't you think?

When I first received this link and article in my email from my friend Cassy, my initial response was that I thought Cassy had gone off the deep end...I was wrong. GASP! Snooper wrong? EGAD! What has the world come to? A deeply felt thank you goes out to Cassy...this has given me pause to consider.

The article is from The August Review, written by one Patrick Wood. It is indeed a noble cause and at the same time, wishful thinking. Our society has devolved into a quagmire of politicians seeking political gain at the expense of National Security and National Sovereignty. As long as the politicians from both sides of the House would stay out of the way of We The People, perhaps a reunion could be possible. Alas, those of us on the Right have no intention of bowing down to the March to Socialism the Left so espouses. The problem is, the followers within the Left have no clue what their leadership directs. The first priority would be to reeducate the Left and, at the same time, reel in the fruit loops on the Right, namely, the Paulievs, whose minions are no better than the A.N.S.W.E.R. crowds.

I wrote an article at one time entitled, "We Had A Patriotic Nation Once". That article received a second place ranking of TOCB in comments totaling 140. It seems Patriotism, in this country, is considered to be arrogant and filled with blood-lust. The very notion that Patriotism has become a four-letter word is abhorrent to this DAV. Until this revulsion of Patriotism is neutralized, this notion of reuniting the Left and Right towards one gaol, primarily, to defeat this nation's enemy, is subject to psychological investigation.

Many items need to be explained and retaught and, that road alone is indeed an uphill battle. There are several avenues to go on the offensive over and there are an equally number of topics to address. The problems are manifold and so manifestly ensconced into our society by the elitists that the process will require a deep acid etching to remove the deep-rooted fallacy of Globalization.

[...] If either Republicans or Democrats could have fixed America, they would have done it long before now.

The more you look, the more you see that both major U.S. political parties are dominated by the same group of global elitists. The same super-rich foundations. The same NGO's. The same global bankers. The same lobbyists. The same global corporations.

Furthermore, the globalizers know that in order to keep our eyes off of them, they need to keep us fighting among ourselves over issues more petty than merely saving our nation from total extinction.

The fact is, if Americans would stop fighting long enough to see these hijackers for who they really are and for what they have done to us, they would puke them out of the U.S. in less than a country minute. [...]

Among the multitude of problems to tackle would be to ascertain which issue to be discussed, addressed, tackled and fixed first. There are powers that be that will take issue with this project and will send their minions forth to crush this endeavor with the usual evil and tripe detractors and those in charge of Monkey Wrench Tossing Departments.

The elitists on both sides DO NOT WANT THIS FIXED...get that through your noggin first and foremost. They have orchestrated this Vast Political Divide in this country and we have not be this politically split since the early 1860's...look where that got us.

One of our Founding Fathers stated: "We need a bloody revolution every twenty years, just to keep government honest." There is an article, one of many, located here in regards to these words.

The August Review has started down this journey here and I have signed up and will be watching the progress thereof. I hope I won't have to say, "I told you so." Hopefully, someone will say this to me.

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