Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Amero! Amero! Amero! ...sit back and watch your dollar$ go! Or get involved. Now! Before it's too late!

I've warned you before...
Shall I warn you again or
will you just keep
your head in the sand and hope the problem will go away?

One way in which you can help is to force your Clinton Controlled Media* (The Telecommunications Act Of 1996 ) to talk about this issue...newspapers, magazines, and especially radio stations...

Also, FORCE your politicians to talk about this...make them talk loud and clear about one of the biggest scams about to hit your wallet! YOU WILL LOSE MONEY ON THIS TRANSFER FROM DOLLARS TO AMEROS! Shall I say it again? WAKE UP AMERICA! ... Time is getting short!

*See the following:

"Consider radio in terms of the Act of 1996, signed into law by President Clinton on February 8 of that year. "Where previously one corporation could own only four stations in a single city, the same company now can own as many as eight. And there is now no limit to the number of stations a company can own across the nation" (Sacramento Bee, 4-2-96).
It is worth noting that in 1995 the Act passed the House and Senate for Clinton's signature on the claim that it would improve competition in the media marketplace. Something quite different than a competitive market unfolded, according to Roger D. Smith.

"Clear Channel went from owning fewer than 50 radio stations to owning more than 1,200 stations nationwide. ..."
Read more... (note from Norm: This is the same Act which generated the biggest hate campaign in the history of the American news media...and many Americans bought it!)

And more...

The Act reduced broadcasters' accountability to the public by extending the term of a broadcast license from five to eight years, and made it more difficult for citizens to challenge those license renewals.
The consequences from the 1996 Tele-Com Act have been far reaching and continue to impact the American public, as is documented well in a Common Cause report entitled "The Fallout from the 1996 Telecommunication Act." One of the consequences of the 1996 Tele-Com Act has been the reduction in female and minority ownership of media, which has also resulted in a decrease in women's and minority voices in news coverage.
One more important outcome of the Clinton administration's passage of the 1996 Tele-Com Act has been the ongoing relationship between the telecom industry and the Democrats. According to the Center for Public Integrity, from 1998-2004 the Democrats received over $82 million from the telecom industry and the Republicans just over $63 million. In the same way that Clinton's support of NAFTA, the war in Iraq, and welfare reform have been a detriment to working people, media deregulation under Clinton has only benefited big business.



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