Friday, December 19, 2008

The Sounds Of Boston ...Hey Menino, ya bum!

"America is no longer a Christian nation" - Barack Obama
And now we have to listen to this! (see video below)

Growing up just thirty-five miles south, Boston was always an interesting place to visit. The sounds of the big city (at least for me it was big) were the sounds of vehicle traffic, street vendors, and Irish cops. We used to go to the ball games...the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Braves... and the street vendors selling various sausages and souvenirs was always something to look forward to. We even made some noise inside the park, "Hey Williams, ya bum!" That was at Fenway and of course Ted Williams was no bum, but we were just kids and having a ball. Then there was Braves Field, "Hey Johnny, ya bum!" and of course Johnny Sain was no bum either. Over at the harbor there was no sound greater than the whistle of the ferry that would take us to Nantasket Beach for a fun day at the amusement park.

As the years went by and I attended various schools in Boston trying to earn college credits one subject-one semester at a time, there was the traffic noise. It wasn't after hours traffic for in Boston I don't think there is such a thing as after hours traffic. Once the working folk commuters went home then all the evening students came into Boston from the surrounding communities...I was just one of thousands! And God forbid I get in the way of a taxi driver...beeeeep, beeeeep! "Get out of the way ya bum!"

Now there is a new sound that comes from no Paul Revere...and it's not "The British are coming!" You might want to use some ear plugs for what you are about to hear, and, "No! It's not Mumbles Menino mumbling his sweet nothings!" (If you haven't heard of 'Mumbles' yet, try calling the Mayor's Office!) "Hey Menino! Ya bum!" "The Muslims are coming!" "The Muslims are coming!

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Anonymous said...

What I'd like to write I'd better not. Suffice it that I'm really gettin' sick an' tired of all this Muslim BS. Jus' wanna do somethin' sooooo bad.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

I hear ya!

Ben said...

Wanna do something? Got the balls to do it?
1. Sign the petition, linked here:
2. Copy the blog post and paste it into an email; ask the recipients to sign and forward it.
3. Send the blog post's url to your Representative & Senators. has a free service, it looks up the addresses for you. To pass a link that way, you need to know how to make an html a link. If you don't have that skill, just copy and paste the link address, they can cut and paste it into their browser.
4. Do the same with the Congress Debate Koran Petition: .

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Thanks Ben...Already signed! Signature #4