Friday, November 14, 2008

The Greatest Analogy Ever Told - and you still don't get it! Wake up citizens before we are no longer!

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Bearophobia and the Coming Holocaust

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Ben said...

An excellent analogy! Bears are predators. They are also territorial and don't like competition. They are also unpredictable. A Lodge Brother tells of kicking one in the belly as it went for a candy bar in his pocket. The bear clicked its fangs, thought it over, and left.

Islam is predatory because Moe designed it to raise rabble for warmongering. He made his living by pillage & plunder.

Doubt me? Need proof? Read my blog post: What's Wrong With Islam/Muslims. Or read my latest post at A Newt One about the Culture of Peace Conference just ended in N.Y.C. Follow the links to the evidence.