Thursday, December 27, 2018


Die-hard ~ adjective: strongly or fanatically determined or devoted  

When I confronted someone as to why they voted for Hillary Clinton I never seem to get a legitimate answer; or an answer that was given to make me feel confident that the voter knew all there was to know about someone deserving of the highest office in the land.  On the contrary, I never heard any of her supporters say that Hillary was a lying, conniving, power-hungry, anti-American, non-religious, humanist who is part of the generational cabal destined to overthrow the United States of America and that’s why they voted for her.  The reasons for voting for Clinton are generally anti-Donald Trump accusations with no substantial proof that they exist and never for the Clinton agenda which is rarely broadcast by her or any of the numerous left-wing media types whether in editorial print or radio/TV broadcasts.  This is not to say that Donald Trump is the altar boy who grew up to be bishop or Pope; he does have some faults many of which mimic many others (both men and woman) that belie good moral character.  Without hesitation I could say that all of his detractors in the media are hypocritical in their analysis, for whatever they accuse him of they are guilty ten times over.Back on November 7, 2016, Conor Friedersdorf wrote for the Atlantic, “Why I Insist on Voting for Hillary Clinton” and ranted on and on about why he dislikes Mr. Trump and some misguided projections that at this point in time we can say how foolish of him to assert how Donald Trump’s presidency would be bad for the country.  Mr. Trump has never given any hint that he longed to be dictator as Mr. Friedersdorf can be summarized.  Trump’s calling card, “Make America Great Again” is as patriotic as can be with no strings attached.  In fact, he’s doing the job without compensation; that’s ‘free’ for all you still looking to find fault.
Meanwhile, we know for certain that Hillary Clinton wants to do away with all forms of religion because religious people are dedicated to someone greater than themselves, whereas all Humanists such as Hillary reject God not for any defined reason but rather that they think humans are the top of the food chain both physically and spiritually.  We can also assert that all Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton will have nothing to do with God or any kind of god.  Wrong, you say; not hardly!  At the Democrat National Convention in 2012, they made it a part of the party’s platform to omit all reference to God.  It was the leadership that pushed this agenda.  When I brought this up to a long-time friend, the friend said, “Oh, I don’t agree with that part.”  Oh yes he does agree, for he continues to vote strictly for the party line.  So you can’t have it both ways. If you do believe in God you shouldn’t be voting democrat for your party bosses do not allow any reference to God.
From Alinsky to the Rockefellers  it is well known by many that Hillary Clinton makes use of their anti-American/Globalist agenda and why her voters still support her is as unpatriotic as one could be.  Do they know this, or are they just na├»ve?  In any event they fit the definition of die-hard.  Fanatics to say the least! ~ Norman E. Hooben