Friday, September 28, 2018

...the greatest political evil under our Constitution!

by Norman E. Hooben with Dustin Koellhoffer's Democratic Party Playbook

I have often stated that I'm neither a Democrat or a Republican although it's hard to remember the last time I voted for a Democrat.  Brought up in a democratic stronghold where I thought the word republican connotes something that I should veer away from less I be attacked by monsters from outer space... and that's even before I ever heard the word 'politics' !  Obviously I was pretty young the first time I heard anything about political parties and what role they play in our country.  But as voting age rolled around I took an interest in these people who call themselves politicians.  I listened to them speak and paid very close attention to what they were preaching.  Then when it came time to vote my first vote was for a guy that told the truth.  For you see it was two Democrats running against one another for some state office.  I actually caught one of them lying so that's where I made my's been so long ago I don't even remember who won but I was establishing my political stance early, vote for the guy who tells the truth!  As the years rolled by and I found myself in different locations (career military) I stopped voting absentee from my hometown but rather registered to vote wherever I was stationed (except overseas).  At some point in time (I think I was in Texas) I realized that most of the politicians I was voting for were Republicans...again, honesty was the deciding factor.  And yet knowing what I was doing I never once voted straight ticket...until the last three voting cycles for by then the Democrats were almost completely taken over by the Communist left (Remember, they said they would do it... "15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States." from the list of communist goals: Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record--Appendix, pp. A34-A35).
Keeping in mind my opening line "...neither a Democrat or a Republican" my most memorable quote from our Founding Fathers that keeps me away from so-called party politics comes from our 2nd president, President John Adams:

  "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution"

Now what started me on this rant is the following article by someone that I don't know a lot about but he seems to be honest...and if this is true then we should all be paying attention to President Adams end-quote, "This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution." and by that I mean the Democrat Party...the greatest political evil under our Constitution!  Have a nice Day, Norm (see below)

By Dustin Koellhoffer
I have to agree with Rush Limbaugh.  The only way to describe leftist liberal Democrats in one word is SCUM!  They have undermined America’s economy, worked to make Americans their debt slaves, managed the nation’s decline, turned young Americans against America, aided America’s enemies, enabled an invasion by foreigners, weakened her military, sabotaged her economy, and duped the ignorant with their twisted ideology.  Declaring Kavanaugh to be guilty of sex crimes unless he can prove himself innocent shows exactly how backwards their thinking is when it comes to justice.  Democrats, who put men in little girl’s bathrooms, now say that any allegation of sexual abuse must be believed – but only against Republicans.  Theirs is the ideology of debasing righteousness.
Democrat leftists believe that Republicans are guilty until proven innocent.  That it is not possible to prove one’s innocence means that they can convict and execute Republicans just by making any false accusation.  Republican conservatives believe you are innocent until proven guilty, meaning you actually have to produce evidence to prove your accusation is not a lie because it is an absolute truth that people lie.  As Democrats make a circus of sewage out of a SCOTUS hearing, they ignore their own defectives who commit crimes and betray America.
Barack Hussein Obama met in the White House with and gave secret American intelligence to the Muslim Brotherhood.  He funded them to form ISIS and armed them.  He then allowed their Jihad to blossom and attempt to re-form the Caliphate.  Obama then changed the American Rules of Engagement to protect terrorists.  He committed American planes to bombing the desert, wasting American ordinance as he stopped military production and reduced America’s military capacity.  He then sent Navy SEALS to their deaths at that hands of an enemy who knew they were coming because Obama, America’s Moslem socialist Commander-in-Chief, informed ISIS of SEAL operations in advance so they could be prepared to destroy them.
There is a million times more evidence of the truth of this than there has ever been of Brett Kavanaugh being a sexual predator.  Leftists in media are falling all over each other in their efforts to declare they believe Kavanaugh’s accusers and his guilt.  Were they there?  Did they witness these events?  Or do they just take the word of a psychotic pathological liar because they, too, are psychotic pathological liars?
Occam’s Razor says that the simplest answer is the truth.  Is Kavanaugh a sexual predator that six FBI background checks failed to discover?  Or is Kavanaugh being railroaded by a pack of lies, his character being assassinated in an attempt to sabotage Trump who Democrats abhor, and that Democrats are lying in unison because they hate America?  Democrats have been caught in thousands of outright lies about Trump for the past four years.  The obvious answer is the one that has evidence to prove it.
Kavanaugh’s innocence demands that Republicans get their heads of their posteriors and confirm him to the Supreme Court.  Democrats can spend the next forty years pulling more “proof” out of their rectums, but people who don’t have their brains lodged in the same orifice will see them for what they are.  Democrats say all their different witnesses wouldn’t lie?  Why not?  All liberal Democrats have been caught lying in unison!  Who do they think they’re fooling?  Only an idiot lemming would believe them at this point.
It should be obvious to anyone with a moral compass and a functioning brain that the left are liars.  Their two-faced ideology condemns the righteous without proof and exonerates their own guilt despite proof.  Their ideology is identical to that of Islamic Sharia law that declares in any dispute between a Moslem man and an infidel that the infidel is wrong and guilty of a crime for accusing a Moslem, even if there is proof the Moslem man robbed, raped, or murdered an infidel.  Only in Islam is honor killing and this kind of injustice acclaimed.
This is Satanism straight up!  Who wants to be on the side of evil?  Evil people.  Self-righteousness, prejudice, and bigotry are the three legs of the tripod of unrighteous judgment.  Convicting innocent people without facts is how evil breeds evil.  Deception, pandering, and demagoguery are the methods by which the left dupes the ignorant.  Only by learning the facts can one find the truth.  And only by developing a moral compass can one find one’s way past the evil that deludes them.
The Kavanaugh hearing, like the Russia investigation, is all pre-meditated character assassination by Democrats.  Smearing and slandering good people is the heart and soul of leftist hate.  There is no good in leftism.  There is no right in the left.  There is nothing positive that they bring to life.  There is only negative.  Learning and understanding that fundamental truth and living with the axiom that the left is never right is the only way to assure that you are not one of their dupes.
Geraldo Rivera said there are “two truths” in the Kavanaugh-Ford testimony.  Just because she believes her own lies doesn’t make them true.  There is no such thing as two opposites being true.  Seeing things from the wrong perspective does not make it true or right.  There are only those who delude themselves into believing their own lies.  Contrary to Rivera’s misconception, Kavanaugh’s confirmation will not help the Democrats who have revealed their evil nature to the world.  Only those who lack a moral compass will remain Democrat lemmings who scorn the righteous.

About The Author:

Dustin Koellhoffer

I am a retired paramedic/firefighter who served 25 years in the city of Dallas. I have degrees in Journalism, History, Military Science, and Military History that I spent most of the last forty years studying. I have also spent much of these forty years in scholarship studying Christianity, Islam, America, and world history. My writing is from the perspective of a conservative Christian libertarian and I use my free time in retirement to observe what is happening in politics. Much of what is in the news is propaganda that I have been trained and know how to recognize. My purpose is to expose the dysfunctional thinking of the Left and counter it with good sense conservative principles.