Friday, June 22, 2018

TIME Magazine...a picture is worth a million votes (even though it's a lie!)

By Norman E. Hooben

Just as I stated some years ago that John Harvard would be appalled at what happened to the school that he founded based on Godly principles which has now turned into a Communist re-education campus, so to Henry Luce must be turning over in his grave knowing that his once highly respected TIME Magazine has been taken over by the Communists.  This of course would be refuted by the Democrats even though it fulfills the Communist’s long range plans1 to take over the American news media.  Also, it goes without saying that the Democrat Party (…and just to be fair, part of the Republican Party) has Communists in their leadership positions. (By the way, I do not care for the present system of political parties in America.  Instead, I prefer the President John Adams school of thought; none!  We would be much better off with just one American political party where the people controlled our destiny and not two private clubs such as the D’s and the R’s, but we would have to get rid of all the Communists and Socialists first.)
Meanwhile, TIME Magazine has further enhanced its Communist dominated writers and editors viewpoints by hoping to indoctrinate the average American with libelous imagery on their front cover.  They do this knowing that a portion of the voting population will see the cover picture without bothering to read the truth behind the story and thus remember the lie come voting season.

1 The Communist Takeover Of America ~ 45 Declared Goals ~