Thursday, June 1, 2017

Why isn't Hillary Clinton in jail? ...don't expect an answer here!

In light of all the talk about Russian interference with the American election process there's altogether too much evidence that Hillary Clinton is guilty on a number of counts and most, if not all, of the accusations against the Trump Administration are elements of the crimes committed by the Obama Administration...a reverse psychology if you will (Inject/replace an Alinskyism here!).  Now any self-respecting advocate of Hillary Clinton will most likely not have read this far for they have a one-track mindset and couldn't care less if Hillary is guilty or was simply her turn and she is a woman thus she deserved to be president whereas any ordinary citizen would deserve jail.  Aside from all the evidence depicted in the following video that should have convicted Hillary Clinton it says volumes about the corrupt nature of the entire Obama Administration including FBI Director Comey... Does he make a fool of himself ?  Rational thought would be in the affirmative; he's not only a fool but a criminal to boot!  Now I didn't put this video up for a two-minute 'look-see', it should be watched/listened to in its entirety and if you're honest with yourself regardless of political affiliation any rational person would slam the guilty gavel through the wood...just don't damage my desk. ~ Norman E. Hooben



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