Monday, May 29, 2017

The "real" Soviet informant(s)

The "real" Soviet informant(s) ...
If you ask me it's Obama and company.  I've always thought Brennan was a traitor from the first time I laid eyes on him.  Over the years I've been proven 99.9% correct. ~ Norman E. Hooben

Above provided by Norman E. Hooben
Pretty accurate description if you ask me!
WATCH: Obama’s CIA Chief Says It’s 'Routine' for USA and Russia to Share Intel
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Obama’s former CIA chief continued to douse cold water on liberals determined to find evidence of collusion between the White House and the Kremlin, telling lawmakers that the USA and Russia routinely share intelligence.
Speaking to the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, John Brennan told disappointed democrats that intelligence agencies in the United States and Russia commonly share security information and intel; particularly regarding terrorism.
“First point I’d like to make is that I shared classified information with the Russians while I was director of the CIA. The CIA on a routine basis shares classified information with Russians on terrorism matters,” he told Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff.
“It doesn’t mean that it becomes unclassified, it means that it retains the classification but it is releasable then to Russia and other partners. So that in itself is not unprecedented," he added.
Democrats and liberals are hoping Brennan’s testimony to Congress will reveal a ‘smoking gun’ that ties the President to the Russian government; so far it has not gone according to plan.
Earlier in the day, the former CIA chief squashed leftist accusations that the President pressured members of the intelligence community to “drop” their investigation of Michael Flynn. When asked if he had any knowledge of the allegations made against President Trump, he firmly responded, “No Sir.”
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Anonymous said...

Shameful that the MSM neglects to inform our citizens of real news while it continues to chase this rabbit down a dozen different holes. Chris Matthews of MSNBC, while broadcasting the Manchester bombing (which left many dead and wounded) with children screaming in the background, cut away breathlessly to a breaking story involving Russian leaks. Priorities.