Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Current Events...The Real State of The Union

If you haven't got a handle on this you are most likely on the left...and if you don't know what the 'left' is, you'll never know what is right...if you're a diehard Democrat or a diehard Republican you have no clue what's going on because of your selfish self interests.  Democrats abandoned God and Republicans didn't care...and that makes us a nation divided for without God there is no hope.  Political parties never unite...they always divide!  There is but one God and He belongs to no political nation under God is always right and never divided...think about it!
I believe there is reasonable evidence to suggest the United States is being subjected to an orchestrated judicial coup of the Executive Branch and the United States Constitution. I am very uneasy about this Court action regarding our President’s executive order (EO) of a temporary halt of immigrants or anyone else from six Middle Eastern countries on national security justification. If the President issues a new executive order and the court goes after the new EO, then we will be witnessing a confirmed coup by the Judicial Branch against the Executive Branch, and the US Constitution. This is a condition that "cannot stand". It will clearly signal we are in a critical constitutional crisis and revolution can’t be far removed. If, if, the Judicial Branch continues their arrogance, manufactured justification against legal EO by President Trump, the question must be asked of Judicial Branch, “how many Divisions do you have”? The Judicial Branch seems to be marching toward a revolution without any bullets. ~ COL Harry Riley, USA, Ret

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