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Not for four years, or eight, but forever...

It’s a fact that if Hillary Clinton is elected, the country’s chance to have a Supreme Court that values the Constitution—and the genuine liberty and self-government for which millions have died—is gone. Not for four years, or eight, but forever.
Should Christians Vote for Trump?
Trump’s behavior is odious, but Clinton has a deplorable basketful of deal breakers.
By Eric Metaxas @ The Wall Street Journal

This question should hardly require an essay, but let’s face it: We’re living in strange times. America is in trouble.
Over this past year many of Donald Trump’s comments have made me almost literally hopping mad. The hot-mic comments from 2005 are especially horrifying. Can there be any question we should denounce them with flailing arms and screeching volume? I must not hang out in the right locker rooms, because if anyone I know said such things I might assault him physically (and repent later). So yes, many see these comments as a deal breaker.
But we have a very knotty and larger problem. What if the other candidate also has deal breakers?  Even a whole deplorable basketful!  Suddenly things become horribly awkward. Would God want me simply not to vote? Is that a serious option?
What if not pulling the lever for Mr. Trump effectively means electing someone who has actively enabled sexual predation in her husband before—and while—he was president? Won’t God hold me responsible for that? What if she defended a man who raped a 12-year-old and in recalling the case laughed about getting away with it? Will I be excused from letting this person become president? What if she used her position as secretary of state to funnel hundreds of millions into her own foundation, much of it from nations that treat women and gay people worse than dogs? Since these things are true, can I escape responsibility for them by simply not voting?
Many say they won’t vote because choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. But this is sophistry. Neither candidate is pure evil. They are human beings. We cannot escape the uncomfortable obligation to soberly choose between them. Not voting—or voting for a third candidate who cannot win—is a rationalization designed more than anything to assuage our consciences. Yet people in America and abroad depend on voters to make this very difficult choice.
Children in the Middle East are forced to watch their fathers drowned in cages by ISIS. Kids in inner-city America are condemned to lives of poverty, hopelessness and increasing violence. Shall we sit on our hands and simply trust “the least of these” to God, as though that were our only option? Don’t we have an obligation to them?
Two heroes about whom I’ve written faced similar difficulties. William Wilberforce, who ended the slave trade in the British Empire, often worked with other parliamentarians he knew to be vile and immoral in their personal lives.
Why did he? First, because as a sincere Christian he knew he must extend grace and forgiveness to others, since he desperately needed them himself. Second, because he knew the main issue was not his moral purity, nor the moral impurity of his colleagues, but rather the injustices and horrors suffered by the African slaves whose cause he championed. He knew that before God his first obligation was to them, and he must do what he could to help them.
The anti-Nazi martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer also did things most Christians of his day were disgusted by. He most infamously joined a plot to kill the head of his government. He was horrified by it, but he did it nonetheless because he knew that to stay “morally pure” would allow the murder of millions to continue. Doing nothing or merely “praying” was not an option. He understood that God was merciful, and that even if his actions were wrong, God saw his heart and could forgive him. But he knew he must act.
Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer knew it was an audience of One to whom they would ultimately answer. And He asks, “What did you do to the least of these?”
It’s a fact that if Hillary Clinton is elected, the country’s chance to have a Supreme Court that values the Constitution—and the genuine liberty and self-government for which millions have died—is gone. Not for four years, or eight, but forever. Many say Mr. Trump can’t be trusted to deliver on this score, but Mrs. Clinton certainly can be trusted in the opposite direction. For our kids and grandkids, are we not obliged to take our best shot at this? Shall we sit on our hands and refuse to choose?
If imperiously flouting the rules by having a private server endangered American lives and secrets and may lead to more deaths, if she cynically deleted thousands of emails, and if her foreign-policy judgment led to the rise of Islamic State, won’t refusing to vote make me responsible for those suffering as a result of these things? How do I squirm out of this horrific conundrum? It’s unavoidable: We who can vote must answer to God for these people, whom He loves. We are indeed our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.
We would be responsible for passively electing someone who champions the abomination of partial-birth abortion, someone who is celebrated by an organization that sells baby parts. We already live in a country where judges force bakers, florists and photographers to violate their consciences and faith—and Mrs. Clinton has zealously ratified this. If we believe this ends with bakers and photographers, we are horribly mistaken. No matter your faith or lack of faith, this statist view of America will dramatically affect you and your children.
For many of us, this is very painful, pulling the lever for someone many think odious. But please consider this: A vote for Donald Trump is not necessarily a vote for Donald Trump himself. It is a vote for those who will be affected by the results of this election. Not to vote is to vote. God will not hold us guiltless.
Mr. Metaxas, host of the nationally syndicated “Eric Metaxas Show,” is the author of “If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty” (Viking, 2016).


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Hillary's Waco Deception.  Before Benghazi, before the e-mail scandal, before the numerous allegations of impropriety involving the Clinton Foundation, there was Waco.  On April 19, 1993, a few short months into Bill Clinton's first presidential term, nearly 80 men, women, and children perished at Mt. Carmel, their religious community and home near Waco, Texas. [...] The Davidians' primary expert in their civil lawsuit, retired Army scientist Dr. Edward Allard, suffered a disabling stroke just weeks before the investigation's field tests were run.  Another expert, Carlos Ghigliotti, had given Hardy a data dump of his results concluding gunfire and told this author that the Waco situation would be resolved soon, when he called a press conference.  Unfortunately, that call was never made:  Carlos was found dead in his home in late April, of an apparent heart attack at age 42.
How Bill Clinton's Penthouse Pet lover died in a mysterious house fire.  As more and more women line up to tell their stories about sex with Bill Clinton — both consensual and forced — there is one who is unable to relive the details of her alleged affair.  Penthouse Pet Judi Gibbs died in a mysterious house fire in 1986 amid rumors that she had pictures that proved she and the then-Governor of Arkansas had been regular sex partners.  And even now, 30 years after she died alongside her much-older other lover, doubts remain about how and why Gibbs and her long-time beau Bill Puterbaugh met their grizzly deaths.
To Drone or Not to Drone.  Reactions to the revelation that Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, may have seriously considered launching a drone strike against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have predictably been divided along partisan lines. [...] Meanwhile, devotees of this real-life Madame Defarge, who has publicly admitted that there were no hard and fast rules in her State Department governing how the targets of drone strikes were chosen, have tried to dismiss the multiple sources of this story because they have chosen to remain anonymous, ignoring the fact that all were present at this very sensitive State Department meeting, which would mean that they were part of Secretary Clinton's inner circle and would be among the limited staff of the State Department with the highest security clearances.
Bombshell Report:  Hillary Clinton Mentioned 'Drone Strike' To Take Out Julian Assange.  If you do not know who Julian Assange is by now you're missing a lot of very important things.  Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks.  WikiLeaks has made major news as of late by releasing hacked emails and voicemails by the Democratic National Committee, causing much turmoil and infighting within the Democratic Party.  It forced the resignation of Deborah Wasserman Schultz.  Did Hillary Clinton bring up assassinating him?  According to True Pundit, that is something that the then Madam Secretary of State considered.
Clinton says 'I don't recall' when asked if she joked about killing WikiLeaks' Julian Assange.  Hillary Clinton says she cannot remember whether she ever joked about killing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during her tenure as secretary of state.  The former secretary of state was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, campaigning when a journalist asked her about a report that she once mentioned sending a drone to kill Mr. Assange, who has used the Ecuadorean embassy in London as refuge for five years while fighting extradition to Sweden over sexual assault charges.
'Clinton Death List': 33 Spine-Tingling Cases.  When DNC staffer Seth Rich was gunned down near his affluent neighborhood in Washington, D.C., on July 10, theories exploded in the news media about Rich's possible involvement in the WikiLeaks dump of nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails — some of the messages suggesting that the Democratic Party favored nominee Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders from the start. [...] Rich's murder has sparked speculation that the young DNC staffer could be one of the latest deaths in a long string of mysterious deaths surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton spanning more than two decades.
Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange's Lawyer Found Dead It's The Clinton's Mob!  August 15, 2016, WikiLeaks sent out a Twitter alert about another "Arkancide" — the strange "suicide" by train of Assange's lawyer, John Jones, 48, a prominent British human rights attorney.  He left behind his beautiful, accomplished wife, 40-year-old Dr.  Misa Zgonec-Rozej, director of an international law consultancy, and their two young children.  Oxford graduate, Mr.  Jones was specialized in extradition, war crimes and counter-terrorism, representing clients from around the world in high profile cases.  He was part of a team of lawyers acting to prevent the extradition of Julian Assange — holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy for four years — whose case is currently being heard by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.
Seconds From Exposing The Clintons, Man Winds Up Murdered, Naked, And Stuffed In Dufflebag.  Within the last two months alone FIVE people that got a little too cozy with the Clintons wound up "mysteriously" dead.  Bill and Hillary's murdering escapades are much worse than the general public realizes.  Yet another in the long line of mystery murders has just been linked back to this crooked duo.  The evidence surrounding his death is nothing shy of chilling.
A Hot Month for Clinton's Body Count.  The media is completely in the tank for Hillary and they neither see, nor hear, nor speak of Hillary's evil.  Hey, guys, if you're looking for murders, check out anyone who has ever crossed the Clintons.  There are about 100 cases where some intern has slept with Bill or some lawyer knew too much or some investigator got too close and boom — he shoots himself in the back of the head at the top of a mountain at four in the morning.  The media cared about the sheer number of cases when 57 women said Bill Cosby raped them.  If we brought the Hillary kill list down to 57, you'd be dealing with only the really, really spooky ones.  Like the one last month where a DNC staffer, who may very well have supplied Julian Assange with the classified emails that brought massive embarrassment to the party, was shot in the back of the head in the middle of the night.
Who Killed Seth Rich?  [Scroll down]  What is known is whoever shot this guy did not rob him.  They found the victims possessions, including his wallet, on him when they found the body.  Maybe he had something else worth killing over that has gone unreported, but there's no way to know it.  The victim was shot in the back so he was either running away or had no idea the killer was behind him.  The news reports say the victim had defensive wounds but that sounds like people watching too much television.  Since DC does not release autopsy reports, there's no way to verify it. [...] When a white bread honky turns up with holes in him just before dawn, it is natural to assume it is something other than street crime.  The most probable answer is he was involved with something or someone that got him killed.
Julian Assange Strongly Suggests Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was WikiLeaks Source.  Seth Rich was a DNC staffer found shot to death in Washington DC on July 8th[,] 2016.  The murder was widely reported as a robbery/homicide.  However, the killer(s) took nothing from the victim.  Rich's watch, phone and wallet were all untouched.  The circumstances led many people to contemplate if Rich was "a source" connected to a larger story.  This speculation only increased when WikiLeaks offered a $20,000 reward for any information on the murder.  WikiLeaks released emails from a DNC hack a little over two weeks ago.
Assange implies murdered DNC staffer was WikiLeaks' source.  WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange implied in an interview that a murdered Democratic National Committee staffer was the source of a trove of damaging emails the rogue website posted just days before the party's convention.  Speaking to Dutch television program Nieuswsuur Tuesday after earlier announcing a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Seth Rich's killer, Assange said the July 10 murder of Rich in Northwest Washington was an example of the risk leakers undertake.
WikiLeaks offers reward for info leading to killer of Jewish DNC staffer.  WikiLeaks has offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the killer of a Jewish Democratic Party staffer.  The offer from the clearinghouse for hacked and leaked documents was made Tuesday on Twitter, but it came after Roger Stone, a onetime adviser to Republican nominee Donald Trump, alleged on Twitter that Hillary Clinton was responsible for Seth Rich's death.
Death and Hillary Clinton.  There are other untimely, mysterious deaths in the last six weeks as well — all with ties to the Clintons.  Last week, there were two deaths within two days.  The first was a prominent Clinton critic, researcher and reporter for the American Free Press named Victor Thorn.  He was found in his home, dead of a gunshot wound to the head, in what has been reported as a suicide.  It was his 54th birthday.  The second was a Bernie Sanders supporter named Shawn Lucas, who was serving the Democrat National Committee and former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz with a class action lawsuit for alleged fraud and rigging the primary election in favor of Hillary Clinton.  He was found dead on Aug. 2, on the floor of his bathroom.  There are several others who have died strange and untimely deaths with unsatisfactory explanation.  But the common denominator is that they were somehow tied to or knew something about the Clintons and had either reported or were about to blow the whistle on their wrongdoings.  It feels like the 1990s all over again, when Vince Foster and numerous others met an untimely and suspicious demise.
The first casualty of Hillary Clinton's server.  [Scroll down]  Actually, I have, after reviewing Hillary's record over the years, devised a fitting term for her achievement:  "the Clinton Curse."  For in her wake she has left an astounding number of casualties.  Back in Arkansas there were the McDougals, Jim and Susan, who were the Clintons' partners in the failed Whitewater land deal.  They went to the hoosegow, Jim never to return.  The Clintons escaped judgment.  There was Hillary's law partner, Webb Hubbell.  He, too, ended up in jail.  Another victim of the Clinton Curse was former Gov.  Jim Guy Tucker.  I knew Jim Guy before he went to jail.  He was a typical member of the Arkansas political machine, very amiable and very shifty.  Then there was Vince Foster, Hillary's law partner from the ill-starred Rose Law Firm.  He followed her to the White House.  He was once, as had been reported at the time of his death, romantically involved with Hillary.
This is the last time you'll see this guy alive!  [Video clip]
Hillary's Body Count Rises: Lead Attorney in DNC Fraud Lawsuit Found Dead.  It's becoming increasingly apparent that the last thing you want to do is cross the Clintons.  Over the past several decades, many people who have gotten too close to unearthing Hillary and Bill's scandals have wound up dead under mysterious circumstances.  On Tuesday morning [8/2/2016], the lead attorney who was working to expose the Democratic National Committee fraud case in Florida was unexpectedly found dead in his home.
Shawn Lucas Confirmed Dead:  Found Lying On The Bathroom Floor, Did Democrats Kill Him?  Shawn Lucas, an activist who recently served the Democratic National Congress (DNC) with a lawsuit, was found dead due to unknown causes.  His girlfriend found him lying on the bathroom floor of his house when she returned home on the evening of August 2, 2016. [...] The activist was known to many distressed Democrats as the young man who served the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with a lawsuit on early July 2016.  The lawsuit alleged that the DNC has done "fraud" in favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary process.
Bernie Sanders supporter who served DNC with lawsuit found dead.  One month after a Bernie Sanders supporter served the Democratic National Committee and its then-chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, with a civil complaint alleging fraud on behalf of Hillary Clinton, he was found dead in his Florida home.  In a video recorded by independent filmmaker Ricardo O. Villalba, the deceased, Shawn Lucas, appeared to be excited to serve papers on the DNC on July 3 — the day before Independence Day.
Death of DNC lawsuit processor, on heels of earlier murder of DNC staffer, sparks conspiracy rumors.  Two mysterious deaths, the July 8 murder of a young Democratic staffer, and the Aug. 2 death of a man who served lawsuit papers to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), have stirred up a slew of conspiracy rumors on the web.  Shawn Lucas, the man who served papers to the DNC in the fraud class action suit on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters, was found dead on Aug. 2. [...] Rumors also spread that Rich was going to the FBI on the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an "ongoing court case" possibly involving the Clinton family.  "Rich's killer or killers appeared to have taken nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone," reports said.
Prominent Anti-Hillary Clinton Researcher, Found Dead at 54!.  American Free Press contributor Victor Thorn, 54, a long-time researcher and critic of Hillary and Bill Clinton, has been found dead.  Police reports indicate he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  The author of more than 20 books, he was best known for the Clinton trilogy, "three definitive works that delved into the history of the power couple including their sordid scandals, Bill Clinton's sexual assaults of multiple women, and the drug running out of Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state."
Victor Thorn, Author Of Several Anti-Hillary Clinton Books, Found Dead At 54.  The name Victor Thorn is synonymous with anti-Hillary Clinton literature.  We learned recently that Victor has died at age 54.
Prominent AFP Clinton Researcher Found Dead.  Prolific author, American Free Press writer and seasoned Clinton researcher Victor Thorn was found at the top of a mountain near his home, the apparent victim of a gunshot wound.  Family and some close friends contend Thorn took his own life on his birthday, August 1.  Thorn would have been 54.  At the peak of his writing career, the author of some 20 books and 30 chapbooks, Thorn had reported for this newspaper for over a decade, writing thousands of articles on myriad subjects from conspiracy to health-related topics.  Best known for his investigate research on the Clintons, Thorn wrote the Clinton trilogy — three definitive works that delved into the history of the power couple including their sordid scandals, Bill Clinton's sexual assaults of multiple women, and the drug running out of Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state.
DNC Data Director Seth Rich was Likely Assassinated — Multiple Clinton Connections.  Seth Conrad Rich, a 27-year-old who worked for the Democratic National Committee as the voter expansion data director died of multiple gunshot wounds in the 2100 block of Flagler Place on July 10th.  The police reported it as a robbery, but nothing on Seth was taken.  Seth's cash, phone, and belongings were all still on him when he was found.  Before Seth started working at the DNC two years ago, Rich was a research associate for Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for two years, according to his LinkedIn page.  The 2011 Creighton University graduate also worked for former Nebraska Sen.  Ben Nelson's campaign and interned in his office.  There are a lot of rumors going around about his death and if it was a hit job.
Police reveal there is no new information on the murder of popular Democratic staffer Seth Rich.  Police have found no new information in the murder of popular Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, prompting a flurry of conspiracy theories.  The 27-year-old was gunned down in the affluent Washington D.C. neighborhood of Bloomingdale three weeks ago while he was on the phone to his girlfriend.  Internet sleuths are now coming up their own stories about how Rich died while police are offering $25,000 for anyone with information about the death.
Seth Rich: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.  Seth Conrad Rich's unsolved murder on a Washington D.C. street has sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories because he was a staffer and self-described data analyst for the Democratic National Committee.  Rich, 27, who worked for the DNC on voting issues, was shot and killed in Washington D.C., and his murder remains mysterious.
47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton:  Part 1.  Convicted Whitewater partner of the Clintons who died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement.  He was a key witness in Ken Starr's investigation.
The first scandal that made us question the Clintons' ethics.  Bill was attorney general of Arkansas at the time, and he was offered a very favorable land deal in a development called Saltillo Heights, where Jim McDougal was planning to build houses.  Saltillo Heights was at the time — and still is — in the middle of nowhere — about 35 miles north of Little Rock.  Clinton, according to reporting I did back then, was believed to have made an $8,600 profit in a year after putting down just $400 in cash.  This was one of the deals that was looked into back then by Special Prosecutor Ken Starr.  McDougal died in 1998, so nobody knows what he was expecting in return from the Clintons.
The Editor says... Mr. McDougal allegedly died of a heart attack at the age of 57, while in prison — in solitary confinement.  Nothing suspicious there, right?
47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton:  Part 2.  [#8] Jerry Parks:  Head of Clinton's gubernatorial security team in Little Rock.  Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside Little Rock.  Park's son said his father was building a dossier on Clinton.  He allegedly threatened to reveal this information.  After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house.
47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton:  Part 7.  Again I must emphasize:  no one is asserting William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton ordered hits.  I am only asking people to read the articles and ask themselves, "What are the probabilities that a normal person would have this many friends and employees die suspicious deaths?"  Those "casualties" who were not friends or employees, often had inside information concerning the Clintons or some of the other "fortuitous" deaths.  Keep that question foremost in your mind as you take in these facts.
Reports of the death of Clinton email hacker Marcel Guccifer Lehel are greatly exaggerated.  Statement from the Sheriff's office, City of Alexandria, Virginia.
Mysterious death in Clinton bribery case.  A major bribery scandal was threatening to engulf both Hillary and Bill Clinton — but now the untimely and highly unusual death of a key witness may keep that from happening.  John Ashe, former president of the United Nations General Assembly and former ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean, was found dead in his home in Dobbs Ferry, New York, last week shortly before he was expected to give testimony in a massive corruption case surrounding a longtime pal of the Clintons.  The case is currently in the pre-trial phase.  Ashe was initially reported dead of a heart attack.  Later reports confirmed that his throat was crushed by a barbell in what's being called an exercise accident.
This U.N. Official Accidentally Crushed His Own Throat Right Before He Was Set To Testify Against Hillary Clinton.  Call it conspiracy theory, coincidence or just bad luck, but any time someone is in a position to bring down Hillary Clinton by testifying they wind up dead.  In fact, there's a long history of Clinton-related body counts, with scores of people dying under mysterious circumstances.  Perhaps the most notable is Vince Foster.  Foster was a partner at Clinton's law firm and knew the inner workings of the Clinton Machine.  Police ruled that death a suicide, though it is often noted that Foster may have been suicided.  Now, another official has found himself on the wrong end of the Clintons.  That John Ashe was a former President of the United Nations General Assembly highlights the fact that no one is safe once in their sights.  And as you might have guessed, there are major inconsistencies with Ashe's death.  It was not only conveniently timed because Ashe died just a few days before being set to testify against Clinton in a corruption case, but official reports indicated he died of a heart attack.  The problem, however, is that police on the scene reported Ashe died when his throat was crushed during a work-out accident.
The Clinton Dictatorship.  Remember all the headlines way back then, people?  Hillary wore the pants, remember that.  Bill's were always off.  Far too many "suicides" for my dad's and my tastes.  The coverup was the same back then as it is in the current administration.  Both administrations were dangerous groups who stop at nothing.  Essentially, they are all power mad.  You are nothing to them.  The Clintons kill their friends.  Liberals eat their own, have no moral guiding light.
Disgraced ex-UN official's death 'conveniently timed'.  The death by barbell of disgraced UN official John Ashe could become a bigger obsession for conspiracy theorists than Vince Foster's 1993 suicide.  Ashe — who was facing trial for tax fraud — died Wednesday afternoon [6/22/2016] in his house in Westchester County.  The UN said he'd had a heart attack.  But the local Dobbs Ferry police said Thursday that his throat had been crushed, presumably by a barbell he dropped while pumping iron.  Ashe was due in court Monday with his Chinese businessman co-defendant Ng Lap Seng, who is charged with smuggling $4.5 million into the US since 2013 and lying that it was to buy art and casino chips.  Ng was identified in a 1998 Senate report as the source of hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally funneled through an Arkansas restaurant owner, Charlie Trie, to the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration.  (Ng was not charged with any crime.)
The Clinton Dead Body Trail.  The Clintons have a long list of dead bodies behind them, many of which have ties to various scandals throughout their political careers.  Here is a list in chronological order of over fifty names with cause of death, date of death, and their tie to the Clintons.  In addition, there is a brief summary of a few of their major scandals just before the year in which they took place for clarification.  Keep this list in mind if the need to do business with them should ever arise.
The Clinton Curse returns.  In the early days, the Curse brought down the McDougals, Webb Hubbell, Vince Foster and former Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, all of them by now figures known only to history.  More recently it was Jeffrey Epstein, the child molester and Bill's pal and fellow epicurean.  Now quite possibly, Josh Earnest, press secretary to President Obama, will be added to the list along with Hillary's aides, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Bryan Pagliano and Jake Sullivan.  Possibly even David Brock will suffer the Clinton Curse.  The Clintons are a couple to be avoided.
How power-hungry Hillary torpedoed the torrid affair between Bill Clinton and 21-year-old campaign worker.  It may sound like the story line for a juicy TV miniseries, but it was real-life.  The characters in the drama were a young Bill Clinton, his then longtime girlfriend, Hillary Rodham, and a college girl by the name of Marla Crider.  Before her death last year, Crider sat down for an explosive interview that revealed the perverse lengths Hillary would go to ensure that her political ambitions for herself and her husband-to-be would be realized. [...] In November 2014, as 68-year-old Hillary Clinton was launching her second presidential bid, Marla Crider died at age 60 after a heroic 18-month battle against a form of breast cancer called invasive ductal carcinoma (stage 3).
The real email question: Did Hillary Clinton sell US secrets?  [Scroll down]  This makes one logical fall guy Tyler Drumheller.  Drumheller would instantly recognize the Keyhole imagery so stripping the security classification wouldn't muddy the water much for him if it ever went to court.  But anyone he gave/showed the imagery to would not necessarily know the source which could provide some degree of cover.  Unfortunately, we will never know Mr. Drumheller's true role in this as he  visited Fort Marcy Park  died of pancreatic cancer on August 2, 2015.
Tyler Drumheller, Ex-C.I.A. Official Who Disputed Bush, Dies at 63.  Tyler S. Drumheller, a former senior American intelligence official who publicly asserted that President George W. Bush's administration had knowingly hyped fabricated evidence of Iraq's arsenal of biological weapons to justify the 2003 invasion, died on Aug. 2 in Falls Church, Va.  He was 63.  The cause was complications of pancreatic cancer, his wife, Linda Drumheller, said.
What Difference At This Point Does It Make? Clinton Secrets Hacked By Murdered Spy.  Gareth Williams had evidently hacked a guest list for an event of Bill Clinton's to give to a friend as a favor.  That's a significant security breach and an embarrassment for the Brits and the Americans.  Of course Hillary Clinton is carrying the security breaches tradition forward in grand style even today.  Just more secrets hacked by another spy — what does it matter?  Except to national security, that is.  My guess is this guy was offed by the Russians.  A Kremlin car was spotted near his flat the day of his death and the room was steam cleaned of DNA.
MI6 Spy Found Dead in Bag in Bath Had Hacked Clinton Data.  The MI6 spy who was found dead inside a holdall bag in his bathtub in London hacked into secret data held on former U.S. President Bill Clinton, The Sun newspaper has sensationally claimed today [8/30/2015].  Gareth Williams was 31 years old when he was found naked, dead in his own bathtub in Pimlico, just a few minutes walk away from Britain's Houses of Parliament.  Speculation has been rife ever since his death in September 2010 about the circumstances surrounding his death.
The story of Tripp 'Body Count' list.  During Linda Tripp's two-day deposition with attorneys from Judicial Watch on Filegate issues, she mentioned a "list" that was given to her mysteriously.  While she believes the list was left at her workstation in the White House counsel's office by her former friend Monica Lewinsky, the list originated with WorldNetDaily investigative reporter David Bresnahan.  Known around the Internet as "the Body Count," the list is a collection of names of people associated with Clinton administration scandals who have died mysterious and often violent deaths.  Bresnahan broke the story of the list during the summer of 1997 while researching his book, "Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception."
The Clinton Crime Family.  I have more than 20 years of experience with Bill and Hillary Clinton.  I was numbered at the very top of their enemies list in the 1990s among media people.  They didn't mind hurting their enemies — and they used the power of the state to do it.  They are only too willing to let their friends and supporters pay for their crimes, as top fundraiser Peter Paul can attest, after serving more than a decade behind bars for campaign finance violations coordinated by Hillary herself.  They used the Internal Revenue Service to go after their enemies, their critics and even ex-lovers who posed a threat.  They bullied, harassed, intimidated, and, though no one likes to talk about it in polite company, there is indeed an impressive trail of inexplicable death that has followed in their wake.  The famous "Clinton Body Count" even persuaded Monica Lewinsky not to make unnecessary trouble for the "family."
The author of a book hammering Hillary Clinton says he now has full-time security.  The author of a controversial new book about Bill and Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday [4/29/2015] that he has arranged full-time security for himself.  Asked during a Bloomberg interview if he received any death threats over his controversial book, "Clinton Cash," Peter Schweizer would only say he has "security."
Also posted under Hillary Clinton's cloud of corruption.
Bill Clinton: 'Fun to watch' fictional politicians get away with murder.  Former President Clinton said Tuesday [11/11/2014] he wishes that his staff had "Scandal" or "House of Cards"-like abilities to make political opponents disappear. [...] "I wish I'd known about that when I was in office," the 42nd president added, before wondering aloud, "You know, think of all the opportunities I've missed ... so little time ... so many people had it coming.  Crazy."
Clintonphobia: Why No Democrat Wants to Run Against Hillary.  There are plenty of ambitious but little-known Democratic governors or senators who are a decade or two younger than Clinton.  So why aren't more of them considering a presidential campaign that might set them up to be Clinton's successor?  The answer speaks to one of Clinton's underappreciated assets:  her ability to instill fear.
Benghazi and the Lust for Power.  Ricky Ray Rector is a name you will probably seldom see in the mainstream media.  On January 24, 1992, the state of Arkansas executed Rector for murder.  Rector, however, was mentally deficient.  He was so mentally deficient that he put aside a piece of pecan pie from his last meal and told his guards he would finish it after his execution.  Then presidential candidate and Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton could have stopped the execution.  Instead, Clinton made sure the execution went ahead as scheduled, breaking off his primary campaign in New Hampshire to return to Arkansas to personally oversee the implementation of the sentence. [...] While candidate Clinton killed one person to get Gennifer Flowers off the front pages, President Clinton was willing to bomb an entire country to get Monica Lewinsky out of the news cycle.
Clinton Library Builder's CFO Disappears Amid Audit.  John Glasgow had a healthy salary, with an opportunity to pick up stock in the construction company where he worked.  He was the kind of guy who paid back a $500 bonus he got for completing an anti-smoking program because he started to light up again.  But now Glasgow has been missing since Jan. 28, with his car found abandoned the next day, and family and police say it's impossible to tell whether he killed himself, was abducted or left to start a new life elsewhere.

Search Continues for John Glasgow, New Details Emerge.  Conway [Arkansas] attorney, Frank Shaw said his client, Jonathan Brawner told police not only where John Glasgow is buried, but also who is responsible.  In an interview Shaw said, "I can't comment on who did it, why they did it and those other kind of facts because I'm not privy to all of that and Little Rock homicide is in the middle of an investigation."  When asked if he knew who 'did it' Shaw said, "Yes," and wouldn't elaborate.  He said his client has told law enforcement and that there is more than one person involved.

Jon Brawner, the man claiming to have helped bury John Glasgow, failed to abduct Jim Daven in 2009.  Our partners at Arkansas Business recently took a closer look at Jon Brawner.  The convicted felon claims he helped bury Glasgow's body.  Arkansas Business reports his credibility is obviously suspect. He served time for masterminding the failed abduction of commodities broker Jim Daven in 2009, about 18 months after John Glasgow vanished.

Construction CFO Disappears During Four-Minute Drive.  John Glasgow was last seen just after 5 a.m. on January 28, 2008, pulling out of his driveway.  While it was a few hours earlier than he would regularly leave for work, he was putting the finishing touches on a large financial deal involving the multimillion dollar construction company for which he served as Chief Financial Officer, and another major company in Little Rock.  His commute normally took about four minutes. Something happened during that time, because he never made it to work.

John Glasgow: Missing Since: 01/28/08.  When normally reliable CFO John Glasgow left home but never arrived at work, friends and family were immediately concerned.

Kathleen Willey suspects Clintons murdered husband.  Asked if she suspects her husband Ed, a lawyer and son of a prominent Virginia lawmaker, was murdered, Willey replied, "Most definitely."  "I'm having someone with a forensics background look at this, and I intend to pursue this further, now that these questions have been raised," she told WND, pointing to alleged discrepancies in the autopsy report.  Does she believe the Clintons were involved?  "I do have suspicions," Willey said, "yes."

Hillary Clinton faces sensational claims from another woman in Bill's past.  Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign faced damaging allegations yesterday from one of the women who claim to have been groped by former president Bill.  Kathleen Willey suggests in a new book that the former First Couple could have been involved in her husband Ed's death. … He died from a gunshot wound to the head on the day Willey claimed she was sexually assaulted by Clinton in the Oval Office.  Willey insists her husband's death was murder and not suicide.
Paul Tully Is Dead at 48; Top Democratic Strategist.  Paul Tully, the political director of the Democratic National Committee and one of his party's pre-eminent strategists, was found dead in Little Rock, Ark., today [9/25/1992].  He was 48 years old.  Coroner Steve Nawojczyk of Pulaski County said Mr. Tully's body was found about 3 P.M. today by a maid at the hotel where he was living in Little Rock.  Pending results of an autopsy, the coroner said Mr. Tully appeared to have died of natural causes.
Businessman pardoned by Clinton found dead.  A controversial businessman once pardoned by former President Bill Clinton has been found dead inside his Miami Beach condo, authorities confirmed Thursday [11/2/2006].  Almon Glenn Braswell, 63, was found dead Saturday at 1500 Ocean Dr.  His death has been labeled "unclassified" pending more tests, the Miami-Dade medical examiner's office said.

The "unfortunate coincidences" continue ... Clintons' neighbor dies after roadside shooting.  A woman who lives on the same cul-de-sac as former President Clinton died Monday after a mysterious shooting on an isolated road that left her lawyer husband wounded, authorities said.  Sgt. Marc Simmons, a detective, said 55-year-old Peggy Perez-Olivo died about 3 p.m. at a hospital.  He said there are still no arrests.

Update 1: Gun recovered near scene of Clinton neighbors' shooting.  State police have recovered a gun that was dumped in a lake near the scene of a roadside shooting that killed a neighbor of Bill and Hillary Clinton and wounded the woman's husband.

Update 2: Ex-Clinton Neighbor Goes On Trial In Wife's Death.  Prosecutors allege that a disbarred lawyer who lived three houses down from the Clintons in suburban New York executed his wife in "a seemingly perfect murder."  Assistant District Attorney Christine O'Connor told a jury Friday that Carlos Perez-Olivo shot his wife in the back of the head as she dozed in their car on Nov. 18, 2006.

The Train Deaths:  Countdown to justice

Another witness bites the dust:  The Ron Miller case.

The Clinton Body Count:  There are at least 30 internet sites keeping track of the people in Clinton's orbit who have died under mysterious circumstances since the first year Clinton became Governor of Arkansas.  These suspicious deaths have continued right up to the present.

What a difference a day makes.  In twelve hours I was able to find enough information to turn my blood cold.  In four months, I've been able to find enough verification to compel me to put my name to this editorial.

Charles Ruff  was one of Clinton's attorneys during the impeachment trial and was known to have inside information on the White House emails scandal as well.  Original reports were that he died in an accident in his home although no details were given.  Then the report changed to claim that he was found in his bedroom unconscious, then declared dead on arrival at the hospital.  The authorities will provide no details other than the usual (and quite premature) assurances that there was no foul play involved.

This material came from
Caution:  This article includes thinly redacted vulgarity. Why The Clintons Belong in Prison:  An interview with Melrose Larry Green.  (Q:) What are the top crimes perpetrated by the Clintons for which they deserve to be in prison?   (A:) I feel that Bill Clinton committed treason when he sold American military secrets to the Red Chinese government.  I think that Bill Clinton is guilty of rape (of Juanita Broaddrick).  I think that there are numerous examples of bribery committed by Bill and Hillary Clinton during the final round of Presidential pardons (especially the case of Marc Rich and his ex-wife Denise Rich.)  Let's not forget the dozens of unexplained deaths surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton — Ron Brown, Vince Foster, Mary Mahoney — for which there have been no proper investigations.

D.C. Police Silent on Murder of Former White House Intern.  On July 6, 1997, a brutal triple murder took place at a Starbucks restaurant in an upscale Georgetown neighborhood.  The victims were Aaron Goodrich, 18; Emory Evans, 25; and Mary Caitrin Mahoney, 25.  According to a July 13 Washington Post story, ballistics test indicated that 10 shots were fired from two different guns, sometime after 9:15 p.m.  The Post story characterized the crime as an "execution-style" murder. … Making the story particularly interesting is the fact that Mary Mahoney was shot as many as five times, according to some press reports.

Mary C. Mahoney and Eric Butera:  Mary Mahoney, 25, was murdered at the Georgetown Starbuck's coffee bar over the 4th of July '97 weekend.  She was a former White House intern who worked with John Huang.  Apparently she knew Monica Lewinsky and [knew about] her sexual encounters with Bill Clinton.  Although not verified, it has been said that Lewinsky told Linda Tripp that she did not want to end up like Mahoney. … Eric Butera was an informant who came forward offering information regarding the murder of White House intern Mary Mahoney.  He was then sent into a known crack house to make an undercover buy for the police and was beaten to death.

Here is the connection. Too Many Dots.  [Mary Caitrin] Mahoney had landed an internship working in the office of the Secretary of Commerce, Norman Mineta for Doris Matsui.  Matsui is the wife of California Democrat Representative Robert Matsui. ... Matsui worked closely with John Huang, with the title of deputy assistant to President Clinton.  Together they raised over $3 million in campaign funds from Asia and Asian-Americans.  $1.2 million had to be returned because it came from corporations and non-citizens.

More about the Mahoney murder:  Washington police have never been able to solve this triple murder in a posh section of the nation's capital. … Yet, no one — not Kenneth Starr, not Congress, nor any other investigative agency in government or the press — has bothered to look into this suspicious murder.

The Starbucks Murders:  Of the 40 to 90 people surrounding the President who have died mysteriously, the story of Mary Caitrin Mahoney, 25, is only just now being resolved (or covered up).  Mary was an intern in the White House.  She was gunned down in July of 1997 inside Starbucks in Washington DC where she worked.  No money was taken.  This Starbucks was frequented by Monica Lewinski and Chelsea Clinton.  If you read the Starr report and notice that Monica was afraid and said that she did not want to end up like Mary, this is the Mary in which she refers.

Did He Cry for Caity Mahoney?  July 7, 1997:  The Starbucks Massacre.  Former White House intern Mary "Caity" Mahoney and two co-workers are killed execution style at the Starbucks Coffeeshop in Georgetown. ... Caity was singled out for the most horrendous fate -- as if she'd been the killers' prime target.  Of the ten shots fired, she was hit five times at point blank range, including at least once in the face.  The final bullet was delivered to the back of her head after she'd already fallen.  In one hand, in a death grip, Caity clutched the keys to the store's safe, which held the weekend's receipts of more than $10,000.  D.C. cops were mystified by the apparent lack of motive in the crime.

Starbucks Fall-Back Fall Guy:  [Scroll down]  Also heightening suspicion is the extremely sparing and incidental mention of the fact that the apparent primary target of the shooter or shooters wrath, night manager Mary Caitrin (Caity) Mahoney, had been one of the original interns in the Clinton White House and that she was a Democratic Party activist.  Since Monica Lewinsky's name became a household word, there has never been any mention at all in the mainstream press, to this writer's knowledge, of the two former interns names in the same breath….

The murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry:  August 23, 1987, in a rural community just south of Little Rock, two teenage boys were murdered because they witnessed a police-protected drug drop.  The drop was part of a drug smuggling operation based at a small airport in Mena, Arkansas.

1st Amendment wins victory in court.  [Patrick] Matrisciana was sued for libel in 1996 by two Arkansas law enforcement officers mentioned in a documentary video the filmmaker produced.  The video, "Obstruction of Justice:  the Mena Connection," focuses on the unsolved deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry.  In the documentary, Pulaski County Sheriff's Department Lts. Jay Campbell and Kirk Lane were listed among six law enforcement officers that alleged eyewitnesses said could be implicated "in the murders and the subsequent cover-up."

Little Rock Airport to be renamed for Bill and Hillary Clinton.  The Little Rock Airport Commission has scheduled a discussion at its meeting Tuesday [3/20/2012] to rename the airport the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.

The Editor says... Better yet, how about the Kevin Ives and Don Henry airport in Mena, Arkansas?

Arkancide.  Here's what to do if you disagree:  Make a list of all the deceased.  Google them.  Verify that they were real people with real connections to the Clintons and who really died violently -- and were not just imaginary people invented by anti-Clinton propagandists.  Find out how they were connected to the Clintons and what information they were going to divulge.  Find out when the Clintons became aware of this.  Find out how soon afterwards each potential witness was bumped off.  Explain why so many of these murders had similar MO's (bullets fired into the back of the head, exploding planes etc.).  Explain why so many of these murders were described as suicides by the coroner.  Find out who appointed the coroner.
Somewhat related: Hillary Was Key Partner in Clinton Attack Machine.  With the paperback version of Clinton's memoirs set to hit bookstores in early June, World Ahead Publishing has unveiled Their Lives:  The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine by Candice E. Jackson.  Billed as the stories that Clinton left out of My Life, Jackson uncovers the trail of bribes, threats and intimidation that Clinton's inner circle leveled at the women who got in their way.
Hillary's First Big Lie.  Among the people the Clintons reached out to [in 1992] — in this case, through a proxy — was Sally Perdue, a former Miss Arkansas and Clinton paramour.  "[The proxy] said that there were people in high places who were anxious about me and they wanted me to know that keeping my mouth shut would be worthwhile," Perdue would later relate.  "Worthwhile" meant a GS-11 or higher job with the federal government.  If she turned down the offer and talked to the media, "He couldn't guarantee what would happen to my pretty little legs."  Perdue was the least of the Clintons' problems in 1992.  More potentially troublesome were the women that Clinton had criminally assaulted or humiliated — Juanita Broaddrick, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, and Paula Jones among others.  Jones, though not raped like Broaddrick or attacked like Gracen, would prove Bill Clinton's undoing.

The Mysterious Death of Ron Brown
  ... and 34 other people, including Shelly Kelly.
Clinton Presidency:  The Most Corrupt in American History.  [O]fficials of the Clinton administration have personally profited from their offices.  Most notable is former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy, who resigned in the face of allegations that he had taken illegal gifts from Tyson Foods and who, according to the recent findings of a federal jury, received illegal gifts from Sun-Diamond Growers, who apparently sought favors from his Department.  The late Ron Brown, former Commerce Secretary, before his death in a tragic air crash in Bosnia, also was being investigated by a special prosecutor for various offenses, including receipt of bribes and falsification of his financial disclosure report.
Ron Brown's House of Cards.  [Scroll down]  Kathleen Janoski was the chief of the forensic photography team detailed to photograph the bodies of the deceased when they arrived back in Dover, Delaware.  When ready, Janoski mounted a stepladder and began to photograph Brown's body starting at the head.  She had scarcely begun when she saw something that took her breath away.  "Look at the hole in Brown's head," she exclaimed.  "It looks like a bullet hole."  Going public with that that observation would cost Janoski and three military pathologists their careers.  Brown's family was never informed of the hole.  By order of the White House, there was no autopsy.  Janoski fared better than Niko Jerkuic, the man responsible for the airport's aviation systems.  Three days after the crash, a day he just happened to be off work, he was found with a bullet hole through his chest.
It's time for Obama to talk about Brown.  In early December 1997, after eighteen months of successful damage control by the White House, the black community in Chicago finally learned of the anomalies in the death of Ron Brown.  Bill Clinton's Secretary of Commerce, Brown had dreamed of becoming America's first black president from the time he was a little boy.  And although he was, as Joe Biden might have put it, as "articulate and bright and clean" as Barack Obama, he never got the chance.

The Left's Blind Eye to the Obvious.  The Air Force concluded that the controlled descent of [Ron] Brown's USAF plane into a Croatian mountainside was "inexplicable."  The maintenance chief responsible for the airport's navigation system showed up with a bullet hole in his chest the day before his Air Force interview.  Brown's fatal head injury struck the forensic photographer and attending pathologist as having the size and shape of a gunshot wound.  He was nonetheless buried (over the protest of the pathologists) without an autopsy.  The photographer and three Armed Service pathologists would sacrifice their careers going public with their discontent.  The major media reported close to none of this.

What really happened to Ron Brown:  In Argentina, during the dark days, they called them "los desaparecidos," the disappeared.  On April 10, 1996, Ron Brown was buried with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery and then joined his fellow desaparecidos.  So thoroughly has Brown disappeared from view that the only articles I could find on Google News about the 10th anniversary of his death were those that I had written myself.

Did Bill Clinton order Ron Brown killed?  [Scroll down] All 35 people aboard are dead except for stewardess Shelly Kelly, who, riding in the tail, sustained only minor cuts and bruises. So far. ... Four hours and 20 minutes after the crash the first Croatian Special Forces search party arrives on the scene and finds only Ms. Kelly surviving.  They call for a helicopter to evacuate her to the hospital.  When it arrives, she is able to get aboard without assistance from the medics.  But Kelly never completes the short hop.  She dies en route.  According to multiple reports given to journalist/editor Joe L. Jordan, an autopsy later reveals a neat three-inch incision over her main femoral artery.  It also shows that the incision came at least three hours after all her other cuts and bruises.  Further necropsies will not happen.  Clinton has ordered the cremation of all victims.  It is hard to perform autopsies on ashes.

Ron Brown's Loose Lips Seal His Fate.  Ron Brown — who at various times has been under investigation by the Commerce Department Inspector General, the FDIC, the Justice Dept., the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, and the Senate Judiciary Committee — was only two weeks away from being indicted with respect to a bribe paid by Oklahoma company Dynamic Energy Resources.  "I am too old to go to jail," Brown loudly proclaimed.  "If I go down, I'll take everyone else down with me."  Brown assumed the threat would force Democratic bigwigs to rally around him, to make sure that the charges he faced were buried in an appropriate fashion.  But Brown miscalculated.  His own words buried him instead.

Ron Brown's Death Still A Mystery.  Maj. General Charles Coolidge, who headed the Air Force investigation of the accident, won't explain why his report failed to mention the radical course correction by the plane that sent it into the mountain.  When the Air Force plane carrying Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown crashed in Croatia in April 1996, rumors immediately circulated that the beacon that was supposed to guide the plane to the airport had been set to guide the plane into the mountain nearby.  This was allegedly done by an employee at the airport who was found shot to death three days later.

Was Ron Brown Assassinated?  Experts Differ on Ron Brown's Head Wound.  A circular hole in the skull of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown could have been a gunshot wound and certainly should have prompted an autopsy, according to an Air Force lieutenant colonel and forensic pathologist who investigated the jet crash in which Brown died.  "Even if you safely assumed accidental plane crash, when you got something that appears to be a homicide, that should bring everything to a screeching halt," Lt. Col. Steve Cogswell, a doctor and deputy medical examiner with the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, told the Tribune-Review.

10 years after Ron Brown:  After the crash in Croatia, the bodies were brought to America and examined by a team from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. … The chief of the photographic unit, Chief Petty Officer Kathleen Janoski, saw there were no lethal injuries to Brown's body — other than what appeared to be a bullet hole in his head.  She showed the wound to two colleagues, both colonels, who agreed with her.

The assassination of Ron Brown:  [Ron] Brown had gone to Croatia to broker a sweetheart deal between the neo-fascist strongman who ran Croatia, Franjo Tudjman, and Enron Corporation.  This was all part of the Clintons' desperate drive to raise money for their 1996 re-election campaign.

Did Ron Brown die for Enron's sins?  An explosive new expose on the man "who knew too much".

Book review:
Ron Brown's Body:  How One Man's Death Saved the Clinton Presidency and Hillary's Future.  Considering the highly disturbing implications of his explosive book's title, investigative reporter Jack Cashill's work deserves a better fate than the silent treatment it has thus far received in the establishment media.

Was Ron Brown murdered, and, if so, how and by whom?  "At the end of day," says Jack Cashill who began the project a skeptic, "it is not irresponsible to talk about murder, nor to ask what Hillary Clinton was doing in Bosnia a week before Brown's death."

The Sun Peeked Through the "Worst Storm in a Decade".  Jack Cashill notes that he dedicates his book to the six Air Force crew members "who died in honorable service to their country through no fault of their own."

The bullet hole that should have shaken Washington:  Jack Cashill shows why there is no innocent explanation for what happened to Ron Brown.

CIA Documents on Ron Brown Declared SecretCentral Intelligence Agency documents on Ron Brown's involvement with the Chinese army are secret in the interests of "national security," according to an April 30 CIA letter.  The Clinton commerce secretary died in 1996 in a plane crash while under investigation for illegal financial ties to Beijing.

Everything but the News!  CNN is famous for having a scoop on a breaking story, then, very oddly, the next hour it is discontinued.  This happens on other news sources also.  For example, the first announcement of Ron Brown's plane crash was said to have happened in the Adriatic Sea and that divers were preparing to go down to search for bodies.  The next announcement, an hour or so later, was that the plane had crashed into the mountains!  There was one survivor, a female flight attendant.  She walked to a rescue helicopter but was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.  Was that in the news?

Ron Brown:  Evidence Of A Cover up.  When the rescuers arrived, they found one survivor, an Air Force Sergeant named Shelly Kelly, one of two stewardesses assigned to the T-43 (a modified Boeing 737) which had only recently been converted from a navigation training aircraft equipped with all the latest navigation aids to a VIP passenger transport.  The rescuers spotted Shelly Kelly moving about the wreckage, several hours after the crash itself.  Shelly was placed on a helicopter and evacuated to the hospital, but strangely, was dead on arrival….

Where are the Black Boxes?  Within hours of the crash, the Croatian Ministry of Transport announced that they had the black boxes.  One and half days after the crash, Croatian TV (plus Russian and French TV) announced that the FDR (flight data recorder) and the CVR (cockpit voice recorder) were safely in the hands of U.S. Marines.  The U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany, also stated that a black box was on board.  Later, the Pentagon brass stoutly disputed all this, stating that there were no black boxes aboard.  It is difficult to imagine that America's #2 VIP plane had no black box.  Veteran Air Force mechanics claim that they never have seen a T-43A without a black box.

Why the Lies About Ron Brown?  It is clear that the government lied, destroyed evidence that proved it, and punished those who disclosed it.

"Too many lies are being told.  Too many lives are being destroyed.  And I think it's time for the truth to come out."
— Kathleen Willey  
quoted from Potshots  
Vince Foster's case seems to be the most obviously suspicious.

FBI Interview with Hillary Clinton About Vince Foster's Death Vanish from National Archives.  The Daily Mail exclusively reported that documents stored at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, about Hillary Clinton's involvement in the death of former White House counsel Vince Foster have vanished.  On July 20, 1993, Vince Foster was found dead at Fort Marcy Park along the Potomac River in Maryland, from an alleged suicide.  Two former FBI agents involved in the investigation told The Daily Mail Online that they issued reports linking a Hillary Clinton tirade to Foster's alleged suicide; "after filing a Freedom of Information request, it was determined that the agents' reports have gone missing."
Documents don't disappear from the National Archives if there is nothing harmful in them. FBI files linking Hillary Clinton to the 'suicide' of White House counsel Vince Foster have vanished.  On two separate occasions, this author visited the National Archives and Records Service in College Park, Md., to review the reports generated by FBI agents assigned to investigate the 1993 death of Bill Clinton's deputy White House counsel.  On the first visit, archivist David Paynter provided the box of records that he said contained the FBI reports of interviews conducted by FBI agents on Foster's death.  On a second visit, archivist James Mathis provided what he said were those same documents.  While the box contained dozens of FBI reports concerning Foster's death — including interviews with the medical examiner, U.S. Park Police officers, and White House aides about the contents of Foster's office — the reports on Hillary Clinton's role in his death were absent.
Hillary Clinton - Vince Foster Documents Mysteriously Missing.  The FBI's reports linked to Hillary Clinton's role in the death of Vince Foster, a White House counsel and her friend, have allegedly gone missing.  A journalistic investigation says it could be Clinton's humiliation that pushed Foster to suicide.  According to Daily Mail, documents containing interviews of Clinton conducted after Foster's death in July 1993 have vanished from the National Archives.
12 reasons Hillary's a crook.  [#4] The shameful Vince Foster cover-up:  While there have been numerous attempts to link Clinton to White House attorney Vince Foster's suicide in 1993, one thing is clear — a massive cover-up occurred.  A Secret Service agent claims that on the night of Foster's death, a top aide for Hillary Clinton removed files from Foster's office.  There was such strong evidence of a cover-up that a lead investigator on the Foster case resigned in protest.
Questions around Vince Foster's death still haunting Hillary.  [Scroll down]  [Ken] Starr wanted to know what White House officials took from Vince Foster's office in the hours after he died, who authorized them to take files, and whether Hillary — who was in Arkansas when the death became known — was choreographing the show.  They seemed especially keen on learning about personal financial documents related to the Clintons' real estate investments, including Whitewater, that Foster — as the Clinton's lawyer and sometimes partner — had kept in his office.
The untold horrifying tales of Hillary's time in the White House.  [Scroll down]  Lisa Foster told the investigator that Vince "couldn't laugh, couldn't smile" during his time at the White House.  "He was from a law firm [the Rose Law firm] where they would handle one thing at a time.  Suddenly, he's got 40 things going on at one time," the investigator told me.  Among those multiple things on his plate were probes of the Clintons' firing of workers in the White House travel office, the Whitewater transaction, other financial transactions of the Clintons and likely testimony before Congress.  Vince Foster even made an appointment with a psychiatrist shortly before he died, but he killed himself before that meeting.  A suicide note was found — but not until six days after he died.  And it was suspiciously located in his briefcase, torn to pieces with one piece missing.  The briefcase was supposedly searched right after his death and — again presumably — no suicide note discovered.  The contents of the note was never released and Lisa refused to discuss the matter with an investigator.
Something Stinks:  The "Fishy" Vince Foster Case.  Donald J. Trump has brought up the case of the mysterious death of former Clinton aide Vincent Foster, calling it "fishy."  Trump is right.  Foster is the man who knew too much.  He had knowledge of various Clinton scandals, including Travelgate, the Waco tragedy, and possibly some illegal activities involving national security.  His body was found in a Virginia park on July 20, 1993, and the media accepted the verdict of suicide.  But as AIM founder and late chairman Reed Irvine and I reported on the case, there were so many anomalies that the Special Division of the Court of Appeals ordered an appendix added to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report on the death of Vincent Foster.  The appendix exposed serious flaws in the report that cast strong doubt on the suicide finding.  These anomalies included:
  •   No bullet was ever found in Fort Marcy Park, even though Foster supposedly shot himself there.
  •   The gun that was found in his hand has never been positively identified as his.
  •   Foster's fingerprints were not found on the gun. [...] Some other critical facts:
  •   Foster's car, a 1989 gray Honda, was not at Ft.  Marcy Park when he died.
  •   The .38 revolver found in his hand was not the gun that killed him.  It was not his gun.  The caliber of the gun was too large to be consistent with the small hole in the side of Foster's neck.  A memo by Rodriguez found at the National Archives stated that "the corpse was staged with the revolver brought by" investigators.
  •   Foster's so-called suicide note was a forgery.  It said nothing about suicide.  Handwriting experts say the note, which had no fingerprints on it, wasn't even written by Foster.  The note was found in a briefcase that had previously been searched.
Evidence Proving Foster Was Murdered.  Of the 12 or 13 persons known to have been at the Fort Marcy parking lot between 4:25 and 6:00 p.m. on July 20, 1993 only five have told why they were there and what they saw.  The behavior of those who haven't done so indicates that some of them were involved with Foster's death.  Four of the five who talked, have provided evidence proving that Foster did not drive his car to Ft.  Marcy and kill himself.  They are Patrick Knowlton, Mark Feist, Judy Doody and Jeanne Slade.
Hillary Clinton's Continuing Lack of Interest in Cover-up of Vince Foster's Murder.  [Reed] Irvine studied the official government documents concerning the death of Foster and tried to get journalists and media executives to report the facts.  He lent his support to grand jury witness Knowlton, who was a key witness at Fort Marcy Park because did not see Foster's car.  The U.S. Court of Appeals ordered Starr, over his objection, to include evidence of the cover-up as an appendix in his Report on Foster's death.  The evidence of the cover-up submitted by Knowlton's attorney John Clarke became the final 20 pages of Starr's Report.  The evidence Irvine told Kavanaugh his investigation ignored was included, and more.  The appendix includes copies of 25 federal investigative records proving:  Foster's car was not at the park, there was a bullet hole in Foster's neck, photos of the neck wound vanished, x-rays of the neck wound vanished, the gun did not belong to Foster, and Knowlton suffered grand jury witness intimidation.  The appendix of the Report is still suppressed by the American press.  It also includes evidence of the grand jury witness intimidation and crime scene photos.
Donald Trump Is Right To Think That Something Is 'Very Fishy' About The Vincent Foster Death.  According to long-time independent Foster death researchers Hugh Turley and Patrick Knowlton, in 2009 the NARA allowed the public release of copies of various documents from the OIC files.  Among the documents Turley and Knowlton posted to their website are documents they identified as having been written by Assistant United States Attorney Miguel Rodriguez, who was the lead prosecutor investigating the Foster death for the OIC before he resigned and went back to his job in Sacramento, California as an Assistant US Attorney.  A resignation letter, dated January 17, 1995, states that "the existing FBI interview reports and USPP interview reports do not accurately reflect witness statements," and that after "having refreshed their recollection with new photographic evidence," "four emergency medical personnel identified ... trauma each had observed on Foster's right neck area."  A memorandum dated December 9-29, 1994, on the subject of "November 29, 1994 Meeting Concerning Foster Death Matter And Supplemental Investigation Prior to Grand Jury," states that one of the Polaroid photos "clearly depicts a dark, burnt appearing, blood area on VF's neck."  The memorandum states that Rodriguez was "confident" that this was caused by a stun-gun or Taser.  The memorandum states that an autopsy photograph (not a Polaroid taken in the park) shows two puncture wounds on the right side of Foster's neck, and that the District of Columbia Medical Examiner "observed the appearance of crater-like indentations on the right side of the neck."
Assuming that Foster's death was NOT a homicide... Hillary and the Vince Foster suicide.  As he often does, Trump is barking up the wrong tree, and irresponsibly so (if you don't know enough to discuss it, don't discuss it). [...] But, as is often the case with Trump, there's a nearby tree worth barking up.  Did Hillary Clinton's behavior contribute significantly to Foster's suicide?  The question has two components.  First, did she contribute directly through the way she behaved towards Foster?  Second, did she contribute indirectly by engaging in indefensible conduct that Foster had to defend?  Both questions go to her character.
Hillary Clinton Bullied Vince Foster Before Suicide, Said Ex-Clinton Friend in Final Interview.  Hillary Clinton relentlessly browbeat her clinically depressed former law partner Vince Foster shortly before he committed suicide in 1993, according to notes from a final jailhouse interview with a former close business partner of the Clintons.  Jim McDougal, a long-time member of the Clintons' Arkansas inner circle and a central figure in the Whitewater scandal, passed away from a heart attack in prison in 1998.  But he said in a final interview before his death that Hillary Clinton had a "hard, difficult personality" and was "riding [Vince Foster] every minute" about Whitewater before Foster took his own life.
Trump's Vince Foster attack backed by new evidence.  As Donald Trump revives the two-decade old Vince Foster case, the charge that the cause of death of the top aide and close friend of the Clintons may not have been suicide has once again been dismissed as the stuff of "right-wing conspiracy theory."  But less than three months ago, WND reported a resignation letter surfaced from the lead investigator in independent counsel Robert Fiske's investigation of the Foster case, Miguel Rodriguez, outlining evidence of his charge that the case was fixed.
How Hillary Clinton triggered Vince Foster's suicide.  Overlooked in the recent controversy over the death of Bill Clinton's Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster is the fact that FBI agents investigating the case found that Hillary Clinton triggered his suicide when she attacked and humiliated her mentor from their former Rose Law Firm in front of other White House aides a week before he took his own life.  The FBI investigation was conducted for independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's probe of the Clintons' investments in the Whitewater real estate development.  While the exhaustive investigation found conclusively that Foster committed suicide, for unknown reasons, Mr. Starr elected to conceal the FBI's findings about Hillary's role in his death in his final report.
Why was Hillary trying to reach Vince Foster on day he died?  A look at Foster's final day shows Hillary Clinton was desperately trying to reach him before his body was discovered by Park Police.  She asked her chief of staff three times to contact Foster and have him call her.  But she has never been asked why she was so eager to talk to him on the day his body turned up dead in Fort Marcy Park outside of Washington, D.C., on July 20, 1993.  But now Trump has raised the issue and placed the long forgotten ghost of Vince Foster under the bright lights of the 2016 presidential campaign.  Trump said Foster "had intimate knowledge of what was going on.  He knew everything that was going on, and then all of a sudden he committed suicide."
'Very Fishy': Trump Comments on Vince Foster Clinton Conspiracy Theory.  According to The Washington Post, during one recent interview Trump was going off about Clinton when he said, "It's the one thing with her, whether it's Whitewater or whether it's Vince Foster or whether it's Benghazi.  It's always a mess with Hillary."  So, of course, he was asked about his thoughts on Foster and how his suicide may have been a staged killing by the Clintons.
Trump Labels Death Of Former White House Aide Vince Foster 'Very Fishy'.  Donald Trump called the death of former Clinton White House aide Vince Foster "very fishy" and labeled theories that it was something other than a suicide "very serious," in an interview last week with The Washington Post.  Foster served as deputy counsel to President Bill Clinton and was previously a partner and close colleague of Hillary Clinton's at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Ark.  A federal investigation ruled that he took his own life in Fort Marcy Park in Northern Virginia in 1993, but some Clinton opponents have theorized that the Clintons were behind his death.
Trump raises Vince Foster's death as possible murder.  Bill Clinton no longer carries the aura of likability and the presumption of innocence that protected him as president.  And a substantial portion of the Democrats' base, Sanders supporters, see Hillary as corrupt.  This is in stark contrast to the situation during the Clinton presidency, when Democrats united behind an imperiled office-holder.  Many Sanders supporters are young enough that they have never heard of Foster.  The inevitable re-airing of the evidence and the anomalies involved in the suicide theory will be new to them.
The Continually Dishonest Media.  Apparently the U.S. media has chosen this week to once again reassert itself as the epitome of broadcast propaganda; Pravda must have been giving them a run for the ruses.  One of the examples today comes from the nascent Jake Tapper of CNN who rallied the proverbial troops around a claim that Donald Trump "brought up Vince Foster" while campaigning for President.
Hillary and Vince
Hillary Clinton's Continuing Lack of Interest in Cover-up of Vince Foster's Murder.  As Hillary Clinton moves closer to securing the Democratic Party nomination for president, her critics and supporters might wonder why she has no apparent interest in the ongoing cover-up of the murder of her close friend and confidant. [...] Twenty-nine year old Brett Kavanaugh replaced Miguel Rodriguez when he resigned from Kenneth Starr's Office of Independent Counsel.  Associate Independent Counsel Rodriguez, an experienced prosecutor, thought he "was scoring big points" for Ken Starr investigating the death of Vince Foster, President Bill Clinton's deputy White House counsel.  Rodriguez's assistant Lucia Rambush thought they "would be getting pats on the back" for uncovering evidence Foster had been murdered.  Instead, according to Deputy Independent Counsel Hickman Ewing's notes, Rodriguez said that Deputy Independent Counsel Mark Tuohey "cancelled everything [he] was doing" and "undermined everything [he] had done."

Vince Foster Murder Cover-up.  Welcome to our website about the murder of Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel under President Clinton.  A federal court ordered Independent Counsel Ken Starr to include evidence, found in government records, of an FBI cover-up, to Starr's own Report.
US Supreme Court Appendix Volume 2 of 2.  Because Patrick [Knowlton] did not heed the warning regarding his grand jury testimony and continued to tell the truth, including his account of the bizarre harassment he suffered, his testimony was discredited.  Patrick was harassed in an effort to make him look unbalanced or dishonest.  Since that time, he has been defamed by numerous individuals, most of whom are journalists.  He has been attacked as a delusional conspiracy theorist, a homosexual, and as an outright liar.
19 Times the Government Withheld Documents It Didn't Want You to See.  [#2] In 1993, according to a Secret Service official, first lady Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Maggie Williams, removed records from the office of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster the night of his suicide.  Other Clinton officials, including White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum, later testified that they conducted an improper search of Foster's office.  At least one file was marked "Whitewater" and another was marked "taxes."
Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster Prologue Excerpt.  Hillary and Bill Clinton are being re-crafted as moderates, and speculation for a Hillary 2016 presidential run endures whether or not she remains serving as President Obama's Secretary of State.  It's upside down.  Americans deserve to know what happened in their White House and they have been lied to.  Americans deserve to know what is happening in their White House now and always and they are still being lied to with no accountability or consequence in sight.  This must end — now.
Court to review Foster photos:  The Supreme Court agreed Monday [5/5/2003] to review whether photographs relating to the 1993 suicide of White House deputy counsel Vince Foster were properly withheld by the independent counsel's office.  A lower court has ruled the photos are subject to the Freedom of Information Act, and should be released.

Vince Foster:  What really happened?

Clinton's Calendar and Vince Foster:  Foster, a lawyer from Arkansas, was in the same kindergarten class as Bill Clinton and worked at the same law firm as Sen. Clinton.  After President Clinton was elected in 1992, Foster joined the White House as deputy White House counsel and handled many of the Whitewater-related tax returns.  In July 1993, he was found dead in a park in Virginia with a gunshot wound.

101 Peculiarities Surrounding the Death of Vincent Foster:  Vince Foster's death was almost immediately labeled a suicide by the U.S. Park Police.  Normal procedure in the case of a violent death is to treat it as a homicide until all doubts are resolved.  Despite this, a homicide investigation was never launched.  Even before the death scene or the body had been inspected, a suicide confirmation process was under way.  In her sworn Senate testimony, senior Park Police officer Cheryl Braun said, "We made that determination [of suicide] prior to going up and looking at the body."  From that point on, all police and FBI efforts were directed toward collecting evidence that would support the suicide verdict.

Thomas Sowell remarks about Vince Foster:  Any number of things might have happened on July 20, 1993, when Vincent Foster's body was discovered in Marcy Park.  The hardest thing to reconcile with the evidence is that he committed suicide in that park.  He may have committed suicide somewhere else, where it would have been embarrassing to have the body discovered, so that it was moved to the park.  Some experienced police detectives have suggested this, partly because the small amount of blood found with the body in Marcy Park is wholly inconsistent with what they have seen happen when someone puts a .38 revolver in his mouth and pulls the trigger.  Moreover, there are many other inconsistencies.

l Vince Foster and the Peripatetic Gun.  [Representative Dan] Burton asked the Confidential Witness to give sworn deposition.  He agreed.  When asked under oath if he was sure about the gun, he replied:  "As sure as I am standing here.  I am absolutely and totally, unequivocally [sure] the palms were up.  I looked at both palms.  There was nothing in his hands."  Nothing came of it.  The Confidential Witness retreated back into the shadows.  Reflecting on the event three years later, he suspected that he had disturbed the crime scene before it was "ready" and thought that he was very lucky to be alive.  "The whole thing stinks, he clearly didn't shoot himself there.  You can't shoot yourself without a gun.  The man had no gun.  End of story."

101 Peculiarities Surrounding the Death of Vince Foster.  I merely want to highlight what I see as a large number of gross "peculiarities" surrounding the Foster case.  I hope to convey to the reader some sense of the sheer weight of over 100 discrepancies and unanswered questions.  Also bear in mind that the number "101" is itself a modest number.  As a practical matter, I was forced to omit dozens of striking anomalies.

Summary of Impeachable Offense Allegations Against Janet Reno.  Janet Reno fired William Sessions and replaced him with Louis Freeh on July 19, 1993, the day before the body of Vince Foster was found in Fort Marcy Park.  Under Freeh, the FBI has entered the most incompetent, unaccountable period in its history...

Wikipedia: Death of Vince Foster.  With respect to this case, conspiracy theorists are largely divided into two groups.  Some suspect that Foster committed suicide in a location that was embarrassing to figures connected to the Clinton administration and that government agents dumped his body in the park.  Others suspect that Foster died from a shot from a small-caliber pistol to the neck and his body was dumped in the park.

Barbara Olson to Hillary:  Come Clean on Vince Foster.  If Hillary Clinton wants to write a book that would justify the $8 million advance she won from Simon & Schuster late last year, she should clear up the mystery of her own relationship with the late deputy White House counsel Vince Foster — and explain what her most trusted aides were doing rifling through his office on the night he died.

Some forgotten details of Foster death.  According to a recent [1998] Zogby Poll, commissioned by the Western Journalism Center, an overwhelming majority of Americans no longer believe the official story of suicide.  With good cause, Americans suspect much remains concealed.

Brief on the Merits of Respondent Allan J. Favish:  Although the official government story holds that Foster was found with a gun in his hand, the first person that officially found Foster's body said that there was no gun in his hand.  This witness, known as the "confidential witness," testified that Foster's hands were palms-up and empty. ... But [Kenneth] Starr failed to tell the public that one of the body site photos shows a gun in Foster's right hand that eliminates the possibility of there having been a gun at the back of Foster's hand that went unseen by the witness.  This photo, leaked to ABC-TV and published in Time and Newsweek magazine, shows Foster's gun-hand palm down, while the witness said the hand was palm-up and empty.

Nobody can explain Foster inconsistencies.  The FBI Field Office reported on Page 3 of the memo that "preliminary results include the finding that a .38 caliber revolver ... was fired into the victim's mouth with no exit wound."  The official report on Foster's autopsy described an exit wound in the back of his head, 1x1.25 inches in size.

Will Starr Find a Smoking Gun in the Vincent Foster Case?  Former Independent Counsel Robert Fiske wrote in his report on the death of Vincent Foster that Mr. Foster's widow, Lisa, said that the official death gun "looked similar to one that she had seen in their home" although official government documents show she had not made any valid identification of the official death gun.  These documents suggest that persons conducting the Fiske investigation deliberately tried to manufacture a misleading gun identification from Mrs. Foster in order to make it appear that Mr. Foster owned the official death gun prior to the day he died.

The Death of Vincent Foster:  Evidence Of A Cover-up.

Vince Foster's death:  An FBI cover-up?  We've been told incorrectly by the American press and our officials that there have been numerous investigations of Foster's death when, in reality, every investigation that has been done was conducted by the FBI.

Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying.

... Which includes Thirteen Questions Concerning the Vince Foster Mystery.

Numerous additional documents about the Vincent Foster Death.

News magazines overdo Cheney-gate.  Texas lawyer Harry Whittington getting peppered by Cheney was a cover story in both magazines.  White House lawyer Vince Foster shooting himself dead in 1993 was not.

The FBI – A Legend Decays.  Without the seeming immunity granted [to the FBI] by virtue of long-past successes, they would have lost most of their credibility by the time of the TWA 800 disaster and the mysterious death of Vincent Foster, and their activities in both these matters would have been subjected to the most rigorous scrutiny.

Tape of U.S. attorney:  Foster probe was a fraud.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Miquel Rodriguez is no longer speaking to the press, but a newly released audio recording purportedly contains excerpts of his candid comments on the case.  …Rodriguez claims the FBI threatened him, not only targeting his career reputation, but his "personal well being."  "The FBI told me back off, back down," Rodriguez said.  "I have been communicated with again and been told to be careful where I tread."

Did Hillary Clinton Order the Waco Assault?  According to Linda Tripp it was Hillary and not Bill Clinton who directed the final assault on Waco.  During an interview in early February 2001 the former White House aide alleged that Hillary Clinton pressured the late Vincent Foster to resolve the Waco standoff. … Foster himself was found dead, from a gun-shot wound to the head, in a Virginia park three months later.  Could he have known too much about Waco?

Tripp:  Hillary Directed Waco, Bill Abused Monica.  Hillary Clinton pressured the late Vince Foster to resolve the 1993 Waco standoff in a move that led to the deaths of more than 80 men, women and children, former White House aide Linda Tripp charged in an interview Friday night [2/9/2001].

FBI Cover-up dot com  [re: Vince Foster] We have meticulously studied over 50 volumes of official documents related to this matter.  The information contained here is the most complete source of facts and evidence on this subject.

Vince Foster Death Photos Bring Access Battle to High Court:  Nearly 10 years after White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster died in a Northern Virginia park, a contentious battle over public access to death-scene photographs is before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Patrick Knowlton saga continues.  Patrick Knowlton, a lifelong Democrat who voted for Bill Clinton in 1992, stopped in Fort Marcy Park to relieve his bladder just hours before White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster's body was found.  Little did he know that his life would never be the same.  Knowlton saw another car with Arkansas license plates in the parking lot, but not Foster's.  He also was alarmed by the menacing-looking occupant of that vehicle.

Patrick Knowlton's lawsuit speaks for itself.

Vince Foster Was Murdered.  [Scroll down]  Later, Leslie Rutherford, 19, reported an unusual confrontation as having happened on July 19, the day before the murder.  She had been playing tennis in the afternoon and was walking home on the back road in the woods behind the park.  She noticed a man in a suit and a tie standing in the woods.  Peculiar enough, in a remote part of the woods and 95-degree heat, but when he saw her approaching, he turned his head in an attempt to hide his identity, and walked the other way into the brush.  After learning of the body being found in that area, Leslie called the Park Police to report what she had seen.  They took her statement over the phone wherein she explained that this was in the northwest corner of the park.  Clarke says that this became a very telling piece during the Fiske probe when the report was changed to read "...the southeast corner of the park.  "Obviously," he says, "someone was out there the day before checking out the scene, but nobody ever came to interview the young lady."  Nor is there any mention of this road anywhere in the 20,000 pages of the public record.
Mystery Still Remains in the Death of Vince Foster.  A careful FBI microscopic investigation of Foster's shoes found not a trace of soil or grass stains on them, though he supposedly walked several hundred yards through wooded Fort Marcy Park to where his body was found. ... Foster was found with a 1913 revolver no one in his family could claim, with two serial numbers, made from the parts of three or more guns.  None of Foster's fingerprints were found on the gun.  The bullet that supposedly killed Foster was never found, despite intensive searches.  The first witness to find the body insisted that there had been no gun near the body.  The memory in Foster's pager had been erased.  Critical evidence began to vanish. ... All of the X-rays taken during the autopsy are missing.

Death of Vince Foster:  Since July 20, 1993, when the body of deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster was found at Fort Marcy Park, the American government, and more importantly, the American press, have concealed the true facts of the death from the American people.  Now, ten years later, we hear from the leading government investigator that Foster did not die the way officials have said.  We now learn firsthand — from the person in charge of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's Foster death investigation — that Starr's investigation was a sham and that its conclusion was determined even before the investigation even began.  Investigators altered the crime scene, and a few people controlled the outcome of the investigation.  The press controlled how it would be reported.

Coroners vs. Medical Examiners:  The investigation of [former White House deputy counsel Vincent W.] Foster's death was entrusted to the U.S. Park Police.  It should have been handled by the FBI, but the White House was not sure it could control the FBI, whose director Clinton had just fired.

Did The OIC Obstruct Justice?  Did the FBI, the Independent Counsel's office, White House lawyers and staffers work together to conceal information concerning the death of former White House Counsel Vincent Foster, Jr.?  Documents relating to the investigations are missing or are being withheld in violation of Federal law.  The courts may crack the case open due to an AIM lawsuit.

The Media Must Expose The Lies:  July 20th was the eighth anniversary of the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.  For eight years nearly all our media have refused to examine the evidence in this case.

Government Concedes "Mistakes" on Vince Foster's Death.  The government is now saying discrepancies in testimony of witnesses in the murder of Vince Foster were merely "mistakes."  "It is not a crime to make a mistake," declared Karl N. Gellert, associate independent counsel in a federal court session considering Accuracy in Media's lawsuit against the Office of Independent Counsel.  The group charges the office of former Independent Counsel Ken Starr of criminal activity and cover-up in the murder of Clinton White House aide Vincent Foster in 1993.  The death was officially ruled a suicide.

A Broken Promise:  Psychologist Alan Berman was one of three consultants hired by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr to help him convince the public that Vincent Foster committed suicide.  Berman wrote a 21-page report in which he said:  "In my opinion and to a hundred percent degree of medical certainty the death of Vincent Foster was a suicide.  No plausible evidence has been presented to support any other conclusion."

More information about the Foster case:  On the eve of 1994 congressional hearings into Foster's death, Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., obtained permission from the then-Democratic-controlled Senate Banking Committee to dispatch a team of investigators to Little Rock to determine if Foster had learned of the search of Hale's office before taking his own life.  But at the last minute, committee Democrats withdrew their authorization and ordered Bond to call his investigators back to Washington.

The Unanswered Questions in the Foster Case.
The Biggest Story They Won't Report:  The most important breaking news story that has been suppressed in recent times is the murder of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr. in 1993.  A leading Republican senator said seven years ago that the reason they were not investigating Foster's death is that if he did not kill himself, the president was somehow involved and the democratic process could not survive such a disclosure.  The media seem to share that view, because no major news organization has ever investigated or reported the flaws in the official investigations.

Vince Foster might save America from Hillary:  On July 20, 1993, Vince Foster was found dead. His death officially was termed a suicide but is suspected by many to be a murder — if not a superbly planned assassination. The cover-up that followed Foster's death is one of many compelling reasons Hillary Clinton must be defeated if she ever again runs for public office.

Unsolved Mystery Hampers All Starr's Probes.  Five summers ago this week the body of Vincent Walker Foster, Jr. was discovered by an antique cannon in an out of the way Virginia park.  Two independent counsels, two congressional probes and one federal police investigation have determined he died by his own hand.  Still, in national polls taken in 1995 and 1997, the American people by overwhelming margins say they do not believe Foster died as officials say.  Yet even with this popular mandate, no investigator was willing to act on serious evidence of a White House cover-up of Foster's death.

The White House Lawyer and the Clipper Chip:  On May 2, 1993, Vince Foster, Benard Nussbaum and Webb Hubbell went to Ft. Meade Maryland to meet with the National Security Agency.  The topic of the secret meeting would be an effort to "mandate" government computer security and ban all other products.  The proof of his meeting at NSA HQ would come in written form.  Foster had two notebooks from the NSA in his office at the time of his death.  Two notebooks that mysteriously disappeared.

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Publisher Spikes Whitewater Tell-all by Key Witness:  A planned book by key Whitewater witness David Hale, who may be set to reveal new information about the death of Clinton lawyer Vincent Foster, has reportedly been spiked by publishers.

"Vince Foster's Gun" serial number was searched before his death Serial number 355055 was found on the frame of the gun.  That number was searched by the Park Police, on the evening of Foster's death, more exactly at 22:45 EDT on July 20, 1993.  Searches were conducted on the same serial number no fewer than three times earlier that year, before Foster's death, on March 3, March 7 and April 29.  Is it a coincidence that in the year of Foster's death, four searches were conducted on the serial number found on the old gun - none ever before or after?

Vince Foster haunts Hillary?  Independent counsel trying to retrieve files from late White House lawyer's hard drive.

Ken Starr's Secret Reports When independent counsel Kenneth Starr released his report on the death of former White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr. in October 1997, he refused to make public reports written by three consultants that he had hired to study the case.  Those who concealed that evidence should be called to account no matter what positions they now hold or hope to get.

The Parks Murder:  "I'm a dead man," whispered Jerry Parks, pale with shock, as he looked up at the television screen.  It was a news bulletin on the local station in Little Rock.  Vincent Foster, a childhood friend of the President, had been found dead in a park outside Washington.  Apparent suicide.  He never explained to his son Gary what he meant by that remark, but for the next two months the beefy 6'3" security executive was in a state of permanent fear.

Critiquing Berman's report on Foster:  [Dr. James] Janecek says, "Homicides masquerading as suicides are rare but do occur."  He cites three cases in which deaths were ruled to be suicides even though the physical forensic evidence strongly indicated they were homicides.  All three have something in common with the Foster case.

Does Lee favor new Foster probe?  The best-known of the Foster death investigators reportedly wants the case reopened.  His new book cites stronger evidence of murder than of suicide.  He may believe may believe it was murder, but doubts the case will be reopened.

Summary of the suspicious circumstances of Vince Foster's death
Excerpted from

   1.  The "blowback" material was minimal even though Foster apparently fired the gun deep in his mouth;
   2.  No powder burns were found in the mouth and no teeth were broken from gun recoil;
   3.  Very little blood was found at the scene, either on his body or on the ground;
   4.  The body was found in a highly unusual position for a self-inflicted gunshot wound into the mouth: too neat with his arms at his sides;
   5.  The fatal bullet was never recovered;
   6.  Foster owned a modern silver revolver, but the one found in his hand was black and composed of parts of two 80-year-old guns;
   7.  A paramedic reported seeing a small-caliber wound on Foster's neck under the jaw, which some say is confirmed by a crime scene photo;
   8.  Suspicious-looking people were seen around a car with Arkansas tags that was parked in the spot where Foster's car was found an hour later when the police and rescue workers arrived. The official investigations say this was Foster's car even though three eyewitnesses said it was a different color and model.

"In a world of deceit,
telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell