Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton's One Commandment and the Decline of the Christian Democrat

The One Commandment and the Decline of the Christian Democrat
By Norman E. Hooben

I came across a post of two years ago and re-examined the following chart:

Chart from the Washington Post article: The largest religious group among Democrats? ‘None.’

Thinking about the Obama Administration’s war on Christianity…more specifically against Catholics, I have also been aware of Hillary Clinton’s desire to do away with all religions.  Now some of you may dispute that but it only proves that some of you have not been paying attention.
We could probably start with Hillary’s early affiliation with Saul Alinsky, the Atheist who had more respect for Lucifer than God and if one were to look at the introduction to his, let’s call it, “The Progressive’s Bible” aka, “Rules For Radicals” it was dedicated to non-other than the devil himself; Lucifer.  Hillary not only wrote her college thesis on Alinsky, she kept in close contact with him up until his death; all the while, putting into practice that which she studied so intently; that little red book for radicals.
There’s no need to re-hash all her years in public life, from being fired for lying (Watergate years) to becoming First Lady in the White House during her husband’s reign.  It’s enough to know that any show of religious affiliation was just that; for show!  Even her husband Bill made an effort to occasionally attend a church somewhere because that’s what presidents do…if for anything else it gets votes from the denominationally afflicted and maybe even from some dedicated Christians (na├»ve as they were).  I might mention that Bill Clinton once went from church directly to Monica Lewinsky for a session of satanic proportions…and it was rumored that Hillary knew of these un-official White House visits.  But let’s go on from there. 
As recently as April of 2015, while giving the keynote address at the Women in the World Summit, Hillary Clinton expressed her innermost desires; a complete disregard for religious beliefs among the population.  She is quoted as saying, “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will and deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.”  Strong words!  Strong words indeed!  Laws that will change deep seated cultural codes and religious beliefs!  I’d like to say, “She can’t be serious.” But she is!  Do you know who gave us those codes (aka the Ten Commandments)?  And religious beliefs!  They came from God through Moses and Jesus Christ!  Talk about mockery, Hillary Clinton wants to over-rule Christ!
Now let’s get back to that chart of two years ago.  It goes without saying that if Hillary Clinton gets her way we can predict with certain accuracy that the chart will look pretty close to that which I have shown here:
I failed to mention in my chart that as the original chart states, it references members of the Democrat party…no mention of Republicans.  Being neither a Democrat nor Republican my allegiance is to my God and my country and although Obama has stated, “We are no longer a Christian nation.” I take issue with the likes of those who agree with him; Hillary Clinton wholeheartedly agrees with Obama’s assessment only she would take it one step further by writing her own commandment, “Thou shall have no gods before me.”

Afterthoughts… This essay aside, it is strongly desired that this nation, under God, will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that we are indeed a Christian nation when we go to the voting booth this coming November 8th….I don’t care who you vote for as long as it’s not Hillary Clinton.  Say, I’m not a bad guy, write my name in I couldn’t do worse than the last few guys that occupied the White House.


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Ben said...

Any and every vote not cast for Trump is a vote for Clinton. We need to vote straight Republican tickets to give Trump a mandate. Otherwise, the LibTards win.