Sunday, August 7, 2016


By Norman E. Hooben

Someone posted the following headline on Facebook:

Frustration grows among EU-member states over handling of immigration and refugee crisis.
The sub-headline mentions the growing frustrations by EU-member states but it’s not until you read the entire editorial where emphasis is placed on the make-up of the refugee population.  An emphasis, I might add, almost ignored by America’s main stream media (MSM) and almost unheard of by America’s main stream voters.

About halfway through the commentary you come across the line: “The high levels of dissatisfaction reflect a growing anxiety over the rapid escalation of immigration and the preponderance of young men, who make up the bulk of asylum seekers.

The preponderance of young men!  Now there’s an observation!  You won’t see it anywhere in the MSM or national television…  Why is that?  I’ll tell you why!

The leader of the world’s Muslim movement is none other than the guy some people call their President.  I don’t have to get into all the details about any proof I have because 90% of the proof is written all over his face…in everything he has done since arriving at the White House.  From his initial statements about fundamentally changing America, to his apology tour to Muslim countries and supplying weapons to sworn enemies of America…the Muslim Brotherhood!

Now let’s face it, at what time in our history has Islam (Muslims, if you will) shown up on our shores as a national problem…and it’s a big problem!  Hint, hint… Islam became a problem with the arrival of Barack Hussein Obama…and you know it MSM!

Getting back to the Facebook entry you will find other disturbing lines:
“Nor are the migrant asylum-seekers demographically balanced, with the overwhelming majority being fighting-age males.
A total of 73% of all asylum seekers in Europe in 2015 were men, including 71% of Syrians, 75% of Iraqis, and 80% of Afghans.
Among migrants from other countries, the figures were even more lopsided, with 95% of migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh being men, and a whopping 97% of migrants from Gambia.”
“The overwhelming majority being fighting-age males, a total of 73% of all asylum seekers in Europe in 2015 were men, 95% of migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh being men

Are you beginning to get the picture? Now let’s revert back to Obama’s well known speech about needing a Civilian National Security Force…stronger than our military.  Where do you suppose he’s going to get these people that might want to be stronger than our military?  Well many of them are here already (See partial list at bottom of this page), they’re called migrants!  Oh, how can a bunch of migrants do us any harm…tsk, tsk, they’re not even armed!  Well what ever happened to the billions of rounds of ammunition Obama purchased with your tax money.  And why has he made it difficult for Americans to buy ammunition?  He’s even got the EPA involved such that all the lead use in the manufacturing of bullets has moved out of the country…that is, there are no more lead smelters in the U.S. of A.
The Commander-In-Chief of the Civilian National Security Forces will at some point assemble his armies and until then these fighting age males will lie in wait and torment the rest of us…just as they’re doing right now in Europe.  Here’s a few headlines in case you need some reminding:

If you still don’t get the picture just wait until the additional 65,000 fighting age men arrive …per Hillary Clinton’s request!
I was once an ISIS member, now I'm a refugee.

↓ Some of these people were migrants ↓
3 Dec 2015San Bernardino, California1623TER-islmtwo attackers killed 14 and injured 21 at a county employee meeting and Christmas party; both attackers were killed hours later in a shootout with police in which 2 police officers were injured
7 Jan 2016Philadelphia, Pennsylvania02TER-islmgunman shot and injured a police officer; attacker was shot and injured
11 Feb 2016Columbus, Ohio14TER-islmattacker injured 4 in machete attack at a restaurant; attacker was shot and killed by police when he attacked police at the end of a car chase
12 Jun 2016Orlando, Florida5053TER-islmshooting attack at nightclub
7 Jul 2016Bristol, Tennessee13TER-leftshooting attack killed one civilian, injured one police officer and three civilians
7 Jul 2016Dallas, Texas59TER-leftsniper attack killed 5 police officers, injured 8 police officers and two civilians at protest rally

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One More Thing! Real refugees include women and children of all ages and not just a preponderance of fighting-age males.

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