Monday, June 27, 2016

Illinois Lawmakers Take Steps to Decrease American Influence ... IN AMERICA !!!

This is what happens when you vote for a party!  Democrat or Republican!
Illinois Lawmakers Take Steps to Increase Islamic Influence
CBN news 6 22 16

The Illinois legislature has approved a bill that would give unelected Muslim-Americans a formal voice in state government.
If the governor signs the bill, Illinois would be the first state to pass such a law. The measure creates a 21-member advisory council of Muslims to give them influence on state policy.
The governor and legislative leaders would appoint the Muslim council members.
The Chicago Tribune quotes one Islamic leader who's pushing for the new body and says all governors in America should have an Islamic council.
"Given all that is going on with the misinterpretation about Islam and the interests and concerns of the Muslim-American community, it's almost obligatory on behalf of a governor of this state and all governors to have such a body," Chicago lawyer Kareem Irfan said.

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