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The 'Real' State Of The Union

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Wow, I’ve just found out that you can be arrested for preaching the Bible…SHOCK!
Posted by Don't Shoot on Thursday, February 25, 2016
Police Find 12 White Female Bodies In Garage Freezer Tagged With ‘Black Lives Matter’
LOS ANGELES –  The Los Angeles corners department came across a gruesome discovery today when several neighbors called concerned about suspicious activity at a home in their neighborhood. Several 911 calls directed police to the 800 block of Woodland Avenue on Wednesday morning. Upon arriving at the scene, police knocked on the door to be greeted by a man who seemed “under the influence of drugs.”
“The man who answered the door seem very disoriented and we asked if we could come in,” said Sgt. Leonard Price with LAPD. “We asked for permission to look around, which he granted us. That’s when we came across an extremely gruesome discovery.” Police say they found a severed hand in the kitchen freezer with the letters “BLM” written across the palm in black marker. They immediately apprehended the resident, 43-year-old Willie Mathis.
Upon further investigation, they found a dozen frozen bodies within 6 freezers in the man’s garage. The bodies had several things in common – they were all white women in their mid-20s, blonde hair and all had the writings marked on them which read “Black Lives Matter” and “BLM.” Mathis, who was known for his involvement in the “Black Lives Matter” movement was arrested without incident and booked into the county jail on no bond. They are not releasing the names of the victims until the families are notified. Mathis tested positive for being under the influence of bath salts, which he says caused him to commit these horrible crimes.

A Video Of Who Singer Beyonce' supports
For those who still don't get why Beyonce is a danger and why the controversy over her SuperBowl Half Time Show where she honored the Black Panthers. Here is a video of a secret meeting of Blank Panthers that has surfaced from 2012.
Posted by Ron Dwyer on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This is the real state of the union...all thanks to the Democrats, Rhinos, and Obama! Have we ever been more divided that what is seen here ↓ ?

Fight in Chuck E Cheese
Who does this in a Chuck E Cheese? #KidsLivesMatter
Posted by Angry Biker on Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Obama Is A Disgrace
Obama, once again you make me, and so much of this country, ashamed you are the president!
Posted by Joe Walsh on Friday, February 19, 2016

Ben Shapiro vs #BlackLivesMatter .......BOOM!
Posted by The Revolution on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Real State of the Union!!! 

I have no logical explanation for this...but neither does the guy holding the sign.  It does, however, explain some of what's happening to American values...then again, maybe the guy is not an American.  If this can be included in the state of affairs our nation is in...whoa, whoa, whoa, it is the 'real' state of the nation!...all screwed up with valueless values and political correctness that has gone too far...too far left!  We have become a nation that is so un-united that we should consider removing the word "united" from the United States of America...but then Obama would love that for he would have succeeded with his "Fundamental Change", and the UN would have won it's battle in declaring us a state of the United there's another oxymoron; what the hell is so "united" about the United Nations? ~ Norman E. Hooben

What do you think of this? The Obama administration has revived the “catch-and-release” policy, ordering Border Patrol agents not to bother arresting and deporting illegals
Posted by Fox & Friends First on Friday, February 5, 2016
Homeless Vet Forced From Shelter And Freezes To Death… Just Across Town ‘Refugees’ Get Free Housing And Food... Read full story here:

Headline Daily Mail
US military has become so depleted under Obama it is now only 'marginally able' to defend nation, scathing report claims
Report released by think tank The Heritage Foundation on Tuesday Claims US military can no longer achieve its objective of being able to fight two simultaneous wars
News story:
Top U.S. General: 'I Do Not Have Authority' to Offensively Attack Taliban.  The U.S. military, since President Obama declared that American troops had ceased their combat mission at the end of 2014, has only been able to attack the Taliban from a defensive position, the top commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan told lawmakers.
Obama on Missile Defense:  Alarming and Dangerous.  President Obama has made a dangerous and alarming decision to shelve our missile-defense system in Europe.  Facing the growing threat from Iran's nuclear ambition, the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency has worked long and hard to secure a site for the system to thwart a potential strike against our European allies.  Developing the missile shield could also have important implications for U.S. security.
Obama scraps Star Wars and gambles on Russia.  Barack Obama took a massive foreign policy gamble yesterday when he scrapped plans for a missile defence shield in Eastern Europe — a major concession to Russia.  The decision to shelve the Bush-era plan for a "Star Wars" defence system was denounced by Republicans as appeasing Moscow and caused dismay among former Soviet satellites.
Abject Surrender In Dead Of Night.  With Iran on the verge of a deliverable nuke, the administration tells our allies in the dead of night that we will scuttle missile defense plans in Eastern Europe to please the Russians.
…more like this here:


CNN Host Unapologetically Calls For Increase Of Death Rate Of White Middle American Females  ~ Source: American News
According to recent reports, CNN host of ‘Foreign Affairs’ Fareed Zakaria is facing serious backlash after calling for the rape of white females by Islamic minority groups. This call to action came shortly after gloating about the rise in premature deaths of white males in an article he wrote for The Washington Post.
“The white race is rightfully failing because it is a foolish, arrogant, and self-absorbed ethnicity that has racism infused into its very genes,” Zakaria wrote. “While the sharp incline of the death rate of white males is a good start, the solution to the ‘white question’’ will not be reached until there is a sharp decline in the population of white females as well. Much more needs to be done in this regard if this country is ever to advance from its ignorant backwardness towards being an inhabitable nation.”
“Thankfully, the Prophet Muhammad has given us a foolproof way to speed up the decline of a vanquished nation by treating their women as our sex slaves,” he continued. “They may try and fight the unstoppable tide, but their resistance will grow only weaker as the white race loses its ability to keep its head above water.”
“We may yet see some final convulsions before white Middle America is decreased to a manageable number where it can be more easily controlled,” Zakaria concluded.
The blog post was taken down within hours, after Zakaria received almost immediate backlash. Still, CNN officials have done nothing to punish him for his actions.
What do you think? Should CNN fire Zakaria for his outrageous views?
Other Headlines:
Foreign 'terrorists' breach U.S. border
Illegals coming from Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen
Thousands of illegal aliens apprehended along the 2,000 mile border stretching through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas aren’t even from Mexico. The U.S. Border Patrol calls them “Other Than Mexicans,” or OTMs, and many are citizens of countries that are sponsors of terrorism.  …continued here:
More Illegal Aliens from Other Nations Crossing Southern Border than Mexicans
For the first time, more immigrants illegally crossing the southern border of the United States came from countries other than Mexico. Central Americans from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras accounted for 239,229 of the FY 2014 apprehensions while the number of Mexican nationals being apprehended during the year was 229,178. …continued here:

PARENTS BEWARE: Some Virginia students in 8th grade will soon be receiving lessons on "oral and anal" sex. Fourth...
Posted by CBN News on Thursday, June 11, 2015

Posted by Ron Dwyer on Sunday, November 8, 2015

SHOCKER: OBAMA GIVES SYRIAN REFUGEES $1000 CASH, WALMART GIFT CARDS, SOCIAL SECURITY, APARTMENTSSyrian Refugees would receive a settlement bonus of nearly $1000 US TAXPAYER DOLLARS along with extensive training on English, job placement, apartments , and even social security.
Posted by Ron Dwyer on Sunday, November 8, 2015
When a sitting President, demonizes a section of the citizenry, he/she is setting the stage for tyranny
By Jim Ross Lightfoot October 10, 2013
I have been out of the news circle for a few weeks and was relaxing today when they cut into TV with Obama’s news conference.
I also realize that FB is more about kids, dogs, family news and etc. and political stuff is pretty much ignored except by other than political junkies. But as I watched Obama, it became much clearer to me that we may not be on FB talking about dogs and kids and such in a couple of years as this country will be in such a shape we will be struggling for just the basics like food, shelter and a meager living. That’s how it is under a Marxist government.
It is easy to make comments that Obama is just an empty suit; however, it is much more important to realize he is a slick manipulator of the truth. This man tells lies with a straight face that would make Pinocchio blush!
I would also venture to guess that 75 to 80% of what this man has done, as president, has not been reported on by the national media.  His executive orders alone have changed the face of this country, not to mention all of the extreme left wing people he has appointed into the various agencies.
He is a 100% far left wing politician through and through.  If you listen carefully to what he says his words are chosen with care to insight certain ideas that are preconceived in people’s minds.  For example, he repeatedly kept talking about saving the middle class.
Who is the middle class?
In most people’s minds we all ARE the middle class.  As a result, everything that he says that sounds positive is meant for us.
But let’s look at it a little differently.  One of the great tools that politicians have used for years is class warfare.  Obama is a master at.
For example, if I ask you who are the rich?  You’re most likely response is, “the person that makes a few dollars more than you do.”  Or at least that you THINK makes a few dollars more than you do.  The net result is if you are a CEO or someone working for minimum wage you think everyone is richer than you are. Thus, a comment to “tax the rich”, does not apply to you.  As a result, everyone including the real rich go along with the idea.
Obama is also a master at racial warfare
Obama is also a master at racial warfare.  Because of what I will call “white guilt” he has been allowed to get away with more than anyone that’s ever been elected to a public office.  If you criticize one of his programs, you are racist. It’s just that simple.
Another tool Obama uses effectively is accusing people who disagree with him of doing exactly what he is doing.  In his press conference today he took great pains to explain how Republicans were the beneficiaries of millions and millions of dollars that no one knew anything about.  His intent was to infer that large corporations and so forth have bought off Republicans.  He even went as far as to say that he and Democrats do not do that.
I do believe it was Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats who took millions and millions of dollars illegally from contributors overseas.  They used a portion of the election law that allows for small contributors to not have to report who they are or where they live.  Additionally, I do believe that it is Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party that is pushing for virtually open voting where no one has to show an ID.
This has been carried to the point that here in Texas, where we are required to show a driver’s license or some other ID at voting time, Mr. Obama and his DOJ has filed suit against our state saying that what we’re doing is unconstitutional!
Of course, in Chicago where Obama lived for a few years, they vote the graveyards and everything else.  So I guess requiring someone to prove that they are really who they are is a rather unique idea to him.
Another point that Mr. Obama went to great lengths to emphasize was to demonize the people in the so-called Tea Party.  He called them a radical bunch, a splinter of the Republican Party, people destined to have it their way or no way.
Now, hold on a minute.
It is my observation that there are a lot of people who could be classified as members of the Tea Party, have never gone to a Tea Party meeting or signed up for membership in any group.  These folks are parents, small business operators, people that work for a living, people that go to church, and people that believe the standards America was established on are being trampled today.
The more he demonizes this group; those who, by choice, are living off of the government will become more and more incensed. Their demands will become louder and the lifetime politicians will answer. After all, that’s how they keep their jobs.
In fact, we have a demographic in this country that is very frightening.  There are now more people dependent upon the government for their living than are now working in the private sector.  This number includes the welfare system, as well as federal employees.  And, as most of us know, the welfare system and the number of federal employees that support it are growing at a staggering rate.
When a sitting President, demonizes a section of the citizenry, he/she is setting the stage for tyranny.
Mr. Obama is a master at creating chaos out of which he hopes to build a much bigger government, a socialized government, a government that controls everything.
I suggest that we put God back in His place in this great land, pray hard and do everything we can to remove these people that are destroying our beautiful country.
James R. Lightfoot served in Congress six terms, starting in 1985 and retiring in 1997. As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal and General Government (TPS) of Appropriations, he had jurisdiction over 40% of Federal Law Enforcement (Customs, Secret Service, ATF, FLETC, and IRS enforcement.
Obama Tracking Muslims For Military And Pentagon Positions, To Replace Patriotic American Commanders
Obama is seeking to attract more Muslims to join the Military and Pentagon – the former officially having 4500 Muslims currently. The number of Muslims in the Pentagon hasn’t been released.
“Our nation and our entire military family remain stronger because of the service and sacrifice of people of all faiths, including the thousands of patriotic Muslim Americans who have served and still serve in this long period of war,” Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work stated earlier last year.
But getting more Muslims to join isn’t the only objective, hiring them into upper level positions that were cleared out as part of Obama’s ‘litmus test’ is also on the agenda.
Across the board, Obama has been placing Muslim Brotherhood members in key positions within the government, as detailed by 3-star General William Boykin.
4-Star Admiral Lyons, who presided over the largest military command in the world, has come out more than once America that our entire government has been completely infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.
We have already busted Muslim infiltrators sending military secrets to Egypt.
In the military specifically, Obama has not only been hiring Muslim Brotherhood members as chaplains, but has been firing many of our higher and middle level commanders, such as the 1,100 captains and 500 majors towards the end of 2014, in order to replace them with his Muslim brethren.
It’s already well-known that Obama has fired 200 of the military’s top commanders for very flimsy reasons over the past few years. The main objective being to get rid of those who won’t act against the American people. This ‘litmus test’ as identified by Pentagon officials, ex-CIA, ex-military, etc., is quite simply “Would you fire on the American people.”
Furthermore, Obama is firing 30,000 soldiers while hiring illegals directly into our military. While this is currently limited in number, you can bet that when it gets close to hitting the fan he will step up the pace. Obama will need to surround himself with his own loyal SS.
As the Washington Times reported last year, Obama has plans to use the military against U.S. citizens.
While many would still balk at this idea, one only has to look at his actions to see that he is indeed creating a military made up of those who would have no problem shooting Americans.
The U.S. military currently has 4,500 uniformed Muslims, the Pentagon said on
July 3. It was not clear how the Pentagon identified the Muslims. The department
has not given statistics on members of other religious faiths.
In 2009, a U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, shouting “God is great,” opened fire and killed 13 of his colleagues. Later, authorities acknowledged that Hasan, a psychiatrist, was linked to Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.
Critics have accused the administration of promoting Islam as the preferential faith in the United States. Over the last year, a senior adviser to the Homeland Security Department, Mohamed Elibiary, issued a statement that said the U.S. Constitution was “Islamically compliant” and that a Muslim caliphate was “inevitable.”
“I said America was an Islamic country not a Muslim country,” Elibiary said in a Twitter post on June 30.
On July 3, Work attended the annual Pentagon ceremony of Iftar, or the evening dinner after a day-long fast that continues throughout the Muslim month of Ramadan. The Pentagon has been conducting the ceremony since 1998 in commemoration of Islam.
“Tonight is an opportunity for people of different faiths to come together in the spirit of respect and tolerance to share the richness of our beliefs and to enjoy the traditions of hospitality that are such an important part of the Muslim community,” Work said.
The Pentagon, which hired Saudi-sponsored groups to raise awareness, has reported the employment of 1,000 Muslims. Officials said they included civilians and contractors for the Defense Department.
In his address, Work quoted Obama as saying that Ramadan reminded Americans of the principles of peace, justice and equality. The deputy secretary also urged those at the Iftar to remember their responsibility to the defense of the United States.

USA economic freedoms again slip in global survey

Special to
UNITED NATIONS — While recessionary winds continue to buffet the world economy, many countries are still prospering due to innovative policies which have embraced economic growth and expanded economic opportunities and grown the middle class in places as disparate as East Asia and South America.
Yet, the United States, the world’s largest economy, has slipped downward yet again in economic freedom according to a significant new survey.
In a review of world economies, the Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based think tank, and the Wall Street Journal asserts that the American economy has declined in relative economic freedom and now ranks eleventh globally, just behind the United Kingdom. The survey used an extensive list of comparators which effect Entrepreneurship such as Regulatory Efficiency, Rule of Law, Limited Government, and Open Markets,
According to Anthony Kim, a policy analyst at Heritage, “The U.S. has fallen from the 6th freest economy in the world, when President Barack Obama took office, to 11th place today in 2016. America’s declining score in the index is closely related to rapidly rising government spending, subsidies, and bailouts.”
EcFreedomRegarding the survey Heritage says, “For over two decades, the Index of Economic Freedom has measured the impact of liberty and free markets around the globe, and the 2016 Index confirms the formidable positive relationship between economic freedom and progress.”
So let’s look at the numbers. The top five freest economies are Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland and Australia. Hong Kong, despite being a Special Autonomous Regions of the People’s Republic of China, still excels at entrepreneurship and retains the coveted number one ranking. Singapore, not surprisingly, comes in second and New Zealand third.
Canada, Chile, Ireland, Estonia and the United Kingdom fill out the top ten. In all these countries a commitment to open markets and rule of law has reinforced economic freedom. Estonia, the tiny Baltic nation once ruled by the former Soviet union, is a particular success as a market economy given that the country had suffered so long under a static socialist system.
The USA ranks in eleventh place. The report adds, “Americans continue to lose economic freedom. Following declines in seven of the past eight years, the United States this year has equaled its worst score ever in the Index of Economic Freedom. Ratings for labor freedom, business freedom, and fiscal freedom have flagged notably, and the regulatory burden is increasingly costly.” The survey adds however, that on the positive side, the U.S. prospers from open markets. Yet, free market capitalism, the elixir of growth, is under assault on many sides.
The report cites massive government spending and the rise of a regulatory state as hampering American efficiency and growth potential.
Following the two top ranked Chinese ethnic “city state” economies of Hong Kong and Singapore, Taiwan, a thriving and prosperous East Asian democracy ranks 14th , followed by Japan who comes in at 22nd and South Korea at 27th.
The index cites South Korea as expanding economic freedoms thus allowing for open markets and monetary stability.
Columbia at 33 is the second highest ranked country in Latin America.
Looking at what’s often viewed as the BRICS economies, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, the index takes on a different dimension. Almost all fall under the “Mostly Unfree” category largely due to uneven reforms, rife corruption and over dependency on commodity prices. Brazil ranks 122, while India comes in at 123.
The Indian case it instructive. Despite the election of Prime Minister Modi’s pro-business and reformist government, India still suffers from entrenched political and economic corruption. Equally, a burdensome and complex regulatory environment still serves as a counterweight to a smooth and efficient business environment. Nonetheless, India’s economy has come a long way since the legacy of state socialism and its anemic “Hindu rate of growth.”
Russia’s prospects remain “bleak” according to the survey given that despite being resource rich, the country lacks an “efficiently functioning legal framework” and “government continues to interfere in the private sector through myriad state-owned enterprises.” Corruption is pervasive.
China which ranks 144, is undergoing an economic slowdown. Despite government efforts to curtail pervasive corruption, nonetheless since 1978, China’s economy, despite crony capitalism, was increasingly lifted from the morass of socialism into years of impressive if unequal growth.
Ranked highest among the BRICS, South Africa ranks as Moderately Free and to its credit comes in at 80 out of the 178 comparators. Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea stand at the bottom of the list. That’s hardly surprising.
John J. Metzler is a United Nations correspondent covering diplomatic and defense issues. He is the author of Divided Dynamism the Diplomacy of Separated Nations: Germany, Korea, China (2014).

Dave Barton addresses the lies of Barack Obama made at the Mosque in Baltimore on February 1, 2016, where he said "Islam...
Posted by David Barton/WallBuilders on Monday, February 8, 2016


Although the first picture at the top of this page defied all logic, this picture
is undeniably, "All the truth fit to print!

Florida Man Leaves Slab Of Bacon At Mosque, He Gets Arrested And Is Charged With A Felony Hate Crime And May Go To Prison For Life
By Andrew Bieszad on March 2, 2016 in General  (posted here on March 4, 2016)
Muslims can practically do whatever they want these days and no western government will prosecute them. They can rampage and literally burn down their homes and the civilization around them and nobody cares. They can attack and attempt to murder people who give them free food, water, and clothes. They can break into other people’s countries and then demand free things, and people submit to them. They even have their own government-backed Muslim only job fairs. Somehow, not only are these not crimes, but everybody else has to give their hard-earned money to these invaders.
But put a piece of bacon in a mosque? Hurt a Muslim’s “feelings?” Jail for life.
At least, that is what one Florida man is potentially facing for the same act.
Michael Wolfe, 35, was arrested and charged with criminal mischief of a religious building, a third-degree felony, in January.
State Attorney Phil Archer said the vandalism was clearly hate motivated and it will not be tolerated. Archer’s office added a hate crime enhancement to Wolfe’s charges earlier this month. The new charge carries a possible life sentence.
Prosecutors said the enhancement was added because they believe Wolfe left a slab of bacon at the mosque, which is offensive to Muslims.  He also slashed at windows and other property with a machete, prosecutors allege.
Archer said the charging decision is an indication of how seriously his office takes crimes of this nature.
Wolfe is being held without bail at the Brevard County Jail.
If this is America 2016, what will America 2026 look like?
Wake up America!  Stop voting for the same people!
Sooner or later you won't be able to vote...and at the
rate we're going, it's most likely to be sooner!
Update June 27, 2016
While only 13% of the population in the USA is black
> 93% of all black murder victims are murdered by another black
> 85% of all violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks
> 80% of all shootings are committed by blacks
> 79% of all robberies are committed by blacks...
> 59% of all murders are committed by blacks
> 52% of all violent juvenile crimes are committed by blacks
> 49% of all murder victims are black
> 45% of all drug offenses are committed by blacks
> 42% of all cop killers are black
> 8% of America’s population are black men, yet they account for 40% of America’s total prison population.
> 99% of all major riots involving property damage, looting and civil disobedience are committed by blacks as opposed to ANY OTHER minority in America.
> Blacks Commit 25X more Violent Assaults against Whites than Whites against Blacks.
> And the most amazing statistic of all;
> 33% of all crimes in America are committed by 3% of the population; blacks between the ages of 16 and 36
> 40% of blacks are on welfare (US Census)
> Only 59% blacks graduate high school (only 20%
  in Detroit)
> Over 60% of black households have no fathers present
> 72% of black mothers are unwed, 72%!
  (Dept. of Justice, FBI and USA Census)

Have you seen?
Watch Close!
Posted by Diane Ransom on Sunday, February 21, 2016
 Now that's the Real  State of the Union!


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This nation that was once upon a time a GREAT nation is no longer a nation at all. We have thrown God asunder and the ONLY way out is REPENTANCE. Without it, this nation is dead...period.

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People still believe, the Democrats are for the working class. LOL