Friday, March 20, 2015

An Enemy Of The Nation Sitting In The White House

If you call yourself a Democrat, Republican, or Independent and do not agree with everything pointed out by Generals McInerney and Vallely then you are either ignorant (just don't know version), ignorant (stupid version) or stupid (the exact version)...and any attempt to argue a different position places you in an anti-American-you-don't-belong-here and I-don't-want-you-here-traitor.  Harsh words you say?  Not harsh enough!  If you don't know by now that we have an enemy of the Nation sitting in the White House (now I don't cuss very often) you're an ass-hole!
By the way, videos such as you are about to see/listen (if you dare) have a odd way of disappearing over time...especially if people start catching on to what really is going they say, this is not a movie, this is really going on.
Before I run off anymore assaults on the personality of those readers who felt slighted by my remarks let me re-emphasize just how important this conversation is by adding, "If you don't believe any of this, I hope you're the first SOB to get beheaded by the enemy that wants to destroy wake the hell up!  Repeat the cuss word here!   ~ Norman E. Hooben ~ "Not on my watch will I let this happen."
ps: Listen to this long as once was very carefully! Three or four times if you're that dense!

Norman Hooben's photo.

Norman Hooben's photo.

And why every American is not repeating ↓this man's↓ words is astounding!

Obama is a "horror" and the Congress is gutless!
...and the United States will be destroyed because the citizens are asleep!

Impeached?  He should be imprisoned!

Every once in a while we get a politician to tell it like it is
But more often than naught the American voter never hears about this

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Obama's Civilian National Security Force Gains Strength (calls for the murder of cops)...Holder does nothing to stop them.

When Barack Husein Obama uttered those infamous words about the need for a civilian national security force there was an abundance of applause from those in the audience...especially from the goons who stood behind Obama during the speech.  Not a one of them understood the meaning of the words just as those ignoramuses who voted for the guy with the slick snake-like tongue understood what we were getting for a leader...excuse me, but I really don't like using that word 'leader' to describe the dictator we got.  The world has become more dangerous since the new guy arrived at the White House and that includes that part of the world called the U.S. of A.  That guy has caused the rise of racism in America to raise its ugly head in a manner not seen in many, many years.  And when Obama talked about surrounding himself with the right kind of people, he did just that!  What is right for him is wrong for America.  He placed a like-minded racist as Attorney General and what did we get...more racism!  Attorney General Eric Holder is no friend of equality and justice for all...his main goals seems to get revenge at white people for the past injustices of slavery.  We settled that issue with a great Civil War but apparently the Obama-Holder regime would like to start Civil War Part II, else why won't they put a stop to outrageous/criminal behavior of the members of Obama's civilian national security force which goes by the name of the New Black Panthers (see video below).  I don't know when it was that I first read those words, "Divide and conquer." but I do recognise that this country is very much divided (probably more than it ever was during the last 100 years).  Could it be that the dictator we got wants to conquer America?  Is that what he means by fundamentally changing America? - Norman E. Hooben
Armed Black Panthers Call for Murder of Cops at Open Carry March – DOJ Silent - Freedom Outpost
Armed Black Panthers showed up at an open carry march on Monday at the South by Southwest festival in Texas. But they didn't show up to affirm a right to keep and bear arms, but rather to incite insurrection by calling for the murder of police officers. Yet, not only were local law enforcement silent on the matter, but so was the Obama Justice Department.
Among some of the slogans that were chanted as they made their way to the Texas Capitol were, "Oink, Oink, Bang! Bang!" and "A pig is a pig that's what I said, the only good pig is a pig that's dead."
Obviously the references to "pigs" are to police officers. Some of these degenerates were from the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, according to a patch on seen on several of the jackets.
Additionally, some of the language used in their public display should warrant their arrest and prosecution (yeah, that's not part of free speech).
They also made reference to "Marching down the avenue, twenty more pigs and we'll be through."
While we have seen many protests against police officers in Ferguson, Portland and New York, the blatant inciting to murder by the Black Panthers should be dealt with swiftly, lawfully and severely.
I am one for holding police officers who abuse their authority responsible. I am also for protecting those who stay within their sphere of authority against these punks.
Last year, the New Black Panthers were used by the Obama DOJ to incite insurrection in Ferguson, following the shooting of Michael Brown. In an article I wrote on that, I also provided the following video of King Samir Shabazz, who called to kill all white people, including their babies. *Warning* Graphic language.

Again, someone should be lawfully taking care of these criminals.
The Black Panthers, which are comprised of many converts to Islam planned to bomb the St. Louis Arch, kill the prosecutor in the case of Michael Brown and the Ferguson Police Chief. Does this sound like lawful behavior or vigilantism and criminal activity?
We also know that Malik Zulu Shabazz put out his new year's resolution for 2015 was to "build up that army" and "go to the gun range." While he touted it as "self-defense," the previous statements of members of the Black Panthers indicate that they are not preparing for self-defense. They are preparing to bring a war to America against those with white skin. By the way, you'll notice in the video above there are white people in the march. They are completely clueless.
I am all for the keeping and bearing of arms. I am all for going to the gun range. I'm for training in a militia for defending a free state. However, I am not for the calling of the murder of police officers. I am not for the calling for genocide or violent activity that is unlawful.
So, the question then must be asked, who is allowing this kind of lawless behavior to continue? Who is emboldening these criminals? It's been none other than the criminal Obama administration's own Justice Department, who have rendered anything but justice in this country.
The failure of the Justice Department to deal justly with the Black Panthers for their intimidation at voters and their criminal calls to murder white people has just emboldened them, much like Barack Obama has emboldened sodomites in our midst and the Islamic jihadists both in and outside of America.
It was known that a former FBI informant was responsible for not only teaching the Black Panthers to use guns by also supplying them with weapons before the deadly shootouts that took place with Oakland police in the 1960s.
This Justice Department knowingly and willfully supplied thousands of weapons across the US/Mexico border in Operation Fast and Furious in order to not only supply them to Mexican drug cartels, but also to use it as a pretense to go after law abiding American's guns. Is there anyone under any illusion that there is a real possibility that they are supplying arms to the New Black Panthers? It's just a question of ethics, right? And anyone that understand the radicals in the White House must understand their criminal background. Keep in mind that Barack Obama is good friends with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and that Attorney General Eric Holder was involved in an armed takeover of a former Columbia University ROTC office.
How in the world are men such as this allowed to hold any federal office? How are they able to obtain any security clearance? Corruption, my friends. Plain and simple, corruption.
Sadly, this is only going to continue because America seems to be more pleased with rhetoric they agree with coming from politicians than they do actually getting resolve and justice from them.
Now the following would be funny if they were not so serious...we have a nut running the nut house (the nut house being the White House Press Room).

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Why didn't you pay attention the first time?

Don't ignore this...
When these videos are no longer available it will be too late.


Listen to this one...LISTEN Damn it LISTEN

And if you can't figure out how much trouble we're in from the following, you're too damn stupid to to vote...and that's a FACT! (if video does not load click on the link)