Tuesday, November 24, 2015

...those none-thinking Americans who voted for Obama: I got news for you!

Although the caption states that Secretary of State John Kerry introduces the Admiral, it may not (doesn't sound like it to me) be the voice of John Kerry that you hear; Admiral Ace Lyons' voice however, is the one that all Americans should hear...especially those none-thinking Americans who voted for Obama.  Now I know that many of Obama voters are turned off by the negative identifier, "none-thinking", and will most likely skip the following video and its precisely that reason these people with cognitive distortions* are to blame for America's downfall.  For example: When the Admiral speaks of the Muslim Brotherhood (among other anti-American organizations) not one Obama voter has any idea that the Muslim Brotherhood's sole purpose in life is to destroy western ideology...and I should add, by any means possible!  So all you Obama voters that still have some inkling of freedom in your less-than-American blood, if you want to hang onto whatever liberties we now have pay attention to one who knows; Admiral Ace Lyons tells it like it is! ~ Norman E. Hooben

Stunning Video the world was never supposed to see.... Secty. of State John Kerry introduces Admiral Ace Lyons to speak at a private meeting. He probably regrets doing so.
Posted by Adrian Ionescu on Monday, September 7, 2015

*In case you didn't know: Cognitive distortions are thoughts that cause individuals to perceive reality inaccurately.  ...and let me add this to that definition: Denial of reality is a powerful human impulse, as is the tendency to mistake the status quo for the natural and inevitable order of things. ~ by Mitch Daniels

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