Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Working Where The Sun Don't Shine


Meanwhile...one more time!
What/Who do you suppose the writer is referring to in the following narrative?
Friends, what you see happening in America is a series of "Silent Weapons" being applied to our society They are designed to create chaos and stress on a population in order that the population cannot detect these silent weapons, leaving them unable to resist them. There is a Quiet War being waged against the American people by the VERY SUBVERTERS that our Founders warned us about, and that Stalin promised would destroy America from within. ALL of this chaos is organized. This technique is called "Problem, Reaction, Solution". The controllers use their Media to either create a "problem", or use an existing "problem", to create Chaos. They then use their Media to guide a certain "reaction" from the masses. That guided "reaction" is normally a DEMAND from the People for a "solution" to the "problem". Then, the Media is used to plant a few selected "solutions" for the masses to choose from. The Media then guides the masses toward the "solution" that the Elite wanted in the first place. An Agency, Congress, or the President then implement that "solution" which the People demanded. And its always a swap of our rights for the promise of greater security!
The key is to make the People ASK for the "change", then we will be more willing to tolerate its negative results.
Our enemies are very smart, brilliant people!
They just happen to be evil as hell!
Would it help if I gave you a hint?

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