Saturday, September 19, 2015

We Muslims cannot tolerate this Un-Islamic event, because it offends us and all Muslims on the earth.

The following from: America's Freedom Fighters
Offended Muslim Refugees Now Demanding That THIS Historic Event Be Banned!
If you needed any more proof that the MUSLIM INVASION is coming LOOK NO FURTHER!  A Muslim moron has put up a petition on the internet to BAN Oktoberfest in Munich.  ...Continued here.

The following by N.E.H.
Ban the Oktoberfest?
Well that would be a shame...  I once attended the Munich Oktoberfest and really enjoyed the friendliness of the two week long affair...(actually it is several days longer than two weeks but not three.)  It's a celebration of German Unity Day and they have a word for it. Gem├╝tlichkeit.  That would translate to "coziness" or "snugness" or "friendliness" or "comfortableness"...
Any way you look at it when you have that many adjectives describing an event while serving a zillion (at least a few million anyway!) mugs of authentic German brew, everyone has a great time...oh, did I forget the music... Yeah, that's great too!  Many also wear local alpine garb, but I find leather shorts (lederhosen) a bit un-comfy after a few beers...but that's another story.
"Moron" Almuradi
Now we have some guy who wants to cancel this two or three-hundred year old event because it offends Muslims.  Gimme a break! Muslims are not offended by rape, slavery, pedophilia, beheadings, honor killing, hostage taking, genital mutilation, suicide bombings, burning people alive... Did I miss anything?  Not to be offended by anything in the preceding sentence surely must qualify one to be a moron so I would agree with AFF 's commentary.  This Muslim is a Moron!  His actual letter to the Munich city council can be found here: Ban the Intolerant and Anti-Islamic event of Oktoberfest

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