Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The best chocolate story ever!

From time to time we run across stories on the Internet that may have attracted our attention  from some keyword or phrase and then we look at it and go on about our business.   Well I have no idea what led me to the following video but maybe it was my connection to chocolate...  For you see I retired from the food manufacturing industry where I was a consultant for the entire industry and for a few years worked in a chocolate factory where thousands of pounds of chocolate bars (and other chocolate novelties) were produced every day.  Being in the business I thought I heard all the stories revolving around chocolate including it's nutritional qualities.  In fact I used to tell some of these stories whenever the opportunity presented itself (sometimes I would fill in as the factory's tour guide whenever the official guide was unavailable).  But nothing in what I'm saying tells me why I picked this particular video when nowhere in the title does it mention the word, "chocolate".   And yet its the best chocolate story I've ever heard. ~ Norman E. Hooben (former Director of Quality Assurance for a large chocolate producer)

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