Monday, July 13, 2015

The Truth No Longer Matters...even FOX News can't stand the truth!

Ponder this:
There was no real victory for civilization in 1945. And Germany was not uniquely guilty prior to 1945. All of civilized mankind is implicated in a disaster that is still ongoing. The destruction of our intellectual and spiritual life has continued up to this very day, only we have failed to recognize the symptoms. As Voegelin explained more than a quarter of a century ago, “There is yet no end in sight so far as the disintegration of society is concerned, and consequences that may surprise are possible.”
Simply look around you. Ours is a world in which men are women and women are men, in which youth knows better than old age, in which ancient principles are undermined by half-baked new principles. What was formerly disgraceful is now ennobled. What was formerly immoral is now moral. Nietzsche once described the dénouement of antiquity as “Nero on the throne and God on the cross.” It would seem that the finale of our civilization is trending in the same direction. ~ JR Nyquist

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