Friday, June 19, 2015

Open Letter To R.W. ~ The Democrats have always hated our Independence

Dear Bob,
I just wanted to remind you of last night’s chit-chat after the card game was over.  You’re not the only one that exhibits a certain amount of disdain for a comment that I made regarding one of the core beliefs of the Democrats.  You may have not noticed in yourself the look that become you after my comment but it certainly looked to me as one of disbelief.   But as I said, “You’re not the only one.”  I have friends that I’ve known for most of my life and they exhibit the same ignorance; but I will never let their lack of knowledge reduce the thousands of hours of study that I’ve devoted to these matters to zero…I know in my heart if they equaled my time in the books we would all be on the same page.  Now my comment revolved around one Benjamin Rush from Pennsylvania who was highly respected among the patriots following the years after the Revolution.  Although it may not matter to you that Rush was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, I mention it only to enhance my point that Democrats have always disliked American Independence from the very beginning and Benjamin Rush aptly describes what amounts to be their hatred for the freedoms won by that historic revolution of thirty some odd years earlier.  
In the following quote, Rush is writing to his friend John Adams thirty-five years after the date set as our founding; 1776.   His letter of July 20, 1811 is mostly a catharsis of sorts to a friend and patriot of another time and place that will most likely never again be seen in the annals of history.  In the first part of the quote, Rush is describing to Adams the Democrats hatred of George Washington (“He has treated us as a master would do his slaves…”) followed by a line listing several names of other Founding Fathers “…disliked or hated by them.” And ending with a snide remark about Benjamin Franklin (“But for that fellow, we should never have had independence.”).
Of the farewell addresses you mention in your letter it is hardly safe to speak, they are so popular in our country, but I cannot help mentioning a remark I heard made by one of our Democrats a day or two after the last of them was published. “He has treated us as a master would do his slaves, were he about to transfer them to a new master.  As a servant of the public, he should have been more modest.” How is it that the old tories love him exclusively of all the Whigs of the Revolution?  The names of the Adamses, Hancock, the Lees, and Franklin are all more or less disliked, or hated by them.  One of them a few years ago in viewing the statue of Dr. Franklin in a niche over our city Library door, said with a malignant sneer, “But for that fellow, we should never have had independence.”
Just so that you know, I transcribed the above quote from the book, Letters of a Nation by Andrew Carroll (page 89, Broadway Books 1997)...maybe someone will find the entire letter somewhere on the Internet.
And so it is with today’s Democrats stressing the authority of a central government over the freedoms and individualisms our Founders fought and died for can only be summed up in a another cliché, “Democrats hate America…they always have and always will.” …I only wish Benjamin Rush was around to tell it like it was then while all you have to do look at cities like Detroit and Baltimore to see what it’s like now.  ~  Norman E . Hooben
The following added February 25, 2107


SR said...

As I have stated for MANY years, the Democrats and NOW the "neo-cons" that voted for Reagan, changing their party affiliation from democrats to republicans, are all in charge. If you look at the "laws" congress has passed after Reagan, you will obviously take note the ALL the "laws" passed by congress are 1,000% unconstitutional, period.

The democrats and the neo-cons have aligned themselves with satan and its pathetic Demon Party. You can actually read it for yourselves in the Holy Scriptures called the Bible and not that satanic credo of the ill-fated and demonic koran.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

This post was sent to some Democrats (as so many of my posts have) and I've yet to see a Democrat respond to any of my posts. The only conclusion that I can come to is that when the truth is overwhelming the Democrats lose their voice.