Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The ‘shoot-on-sight’ order worked. (Too bad the Mayor of Baltimore didn't use this tactic, then only the guilty would get the punishment for their actions.)

Should Looters Be Shot On Sight?
In September 1989, Hurricane Hugo, a Category 4 storm, made landfall in South Carolina with wind gusts clocked as high as 120 mph. The storm left a wake of destruction along the state’s beachfront and to the so-called Low Country areas, leaving hundreds of thousands without power, and either completely destroying or inflicting major damage to more than 20,000 single family homes throughout the state.
As part of preparing for the storm, then-Gov. Carroll Campbell Jr. issued a ‘shoot-on-sight’ order to the South Carolina National Guard.
A few days after the storm had passed, Mary T. Schmich, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, wrote about the devastation to the area and the heart wrenching scene, as “7,000 residents of the Isle of Palms and neighboring Sullivans Island were unable to return to their houses,” as the connecting bridge from the mainland was badly damaged, and too dangerous to cross.
Schmich wrote:
…they were only vaguely consoled by the news that martial law had been declared on the island to deter looters.
The National Guard are firing shots in front of boats to keep them from docking…And they`re shooting at looters.
Well, guess what?
There was little to no looting in the aftermath of the almost Biblical hurricane, though structures were left opened with riches for the taking.
The ‘shoot-on-sight’ order worked.
Now, fast forward 25 years to Ferguson, MO, and a few months later to Baltimore, MD…
Because the police had been given orders in both cities to basically stand down, hundreds of businesses were both looted and destroyed by fires. Of course, many of those shops will never re-open, as was the case after the wholesale sacking of South Central Los Angeles, after the ‘Rodney King Riots’ in 1992.
If we continue to tolerate such brazen, barbaric behavior…we will eventually see many of our cities become uninhabitable.  As it stands…the inmates are running the asylum.

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