Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dear Michelle Obama, I enjoy learning about the great choices the USA has made. And then there was your husband's election.

Source for the following:Crossed-posted from The Weekly Standard (H-T Doug Ross Journal @ Director Blue )
‘A Concerned 8-Year-Old Citizen’ Writes Brutal Letter to Michelle Obama

A friend sends along an email attachment—a handwritten letter by his 8-year-old son, Peter. It’s addressed to First Lady Michelle Obama. “It all started because he saw something about school lunches [and] how ketchup is bad for you, and that Michelle Obama wants to limit the amount of ketchup” in schools, my friend explained. When the boy’s mother reminded him he attends a private school, making the ketchup rationing a nonissue, “He said something about wanting to ‘give a voice to the voiceless.’”

But ketchup is actually the least of the boy’s concerns, as he then continues onto foreign policy, the crisis in the Middle East, and the need for boots on the ground. (“He also disipionted millons of Americans by not bombing Syria.”) In addition, Peter recommends that the president urge the United Nations to send peacekeepers to Ukraine.

On the lighter side, the departure of Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau seems to be noted, as Peter points out, “I also think your husband needs to work on his speeches.”

“We found it on his desk,” said his father. “He started it in October, but did not finish it until a couple weeks ago. He said he was ‘too angry’ to go on.” (Peter does, however, conclude his letter by asking the first lady, “Is the White House comfortable?”)

You can read the entire letter below.

On another note...
If you do not know about Agenda 21, you better hone up on it... Our days are numbered!

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