Sunday, March 22, 2015

Climate Change: When Obama says, "Its the science." Don't believe him, its God! and excellent narrative by Dr. Patrick Moore...don't miss it!

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As you go on to read this excellent commentary and hopefully watch the videos that follow please keep in mind that when Patrick Moore speaks of the hollow statements made by Obama that those hollow words are retained by the majority of hollow minded Obama supporters who haven't the brains listen to anyone that knows what they are talking about.If Barack Husein Obama is the leading word twister Alinskyite (here and here) then Patrick...that's Dr. Patrick Moore is the leading authority on climate change skepticism.  You can learn more about climate change right here in several minutes than you can sitting all day listening to Obama or for that matter, Mr. climate change himself, Al Gore.  Although I enjoyed Dr. Moore's commentary not enough has been said about the United Nations and why it is they are adamant about keeping us in fear of the weather, aka climate change.  I do believe that I have credibility to add to this conversation and that is an accumulated amount of hours studying all aspects of this controversy that has already exceeded thousands of hours that I can sum up in a few words.  The main reason(s) Obama, the Democrats, and the United Nations continue to use hollow statements that sound great to hollow minds is for control...control over the entire world (you have to study everything about the New World Order before attempting a debate here) and taxation.  All of the aforementioned want to tax every living soul in order to control climate change; something that has been occuring since day one!  On day one God created the heaven and the earth (and that included the weather).  Let me leave you with one question: Who are they going to give your money to?  God?  ~  Norman E. Hooben
ps: When Obama says, "Its the science."  Don't believe him, its God!
pps: Almost all taxes are designed to enrich the politicians who impose them. There are a few taxes that are designed to protect us, i.e. the military, but Obama has already weakened our military to pre-World War II levels while he has encouraged our enemies to expand theirs...leave that for another day.
From The Heartland
Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic
by Patrick Moore

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