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Hearing Voices

"The easily fooled are easily fooled."  But most of us are wiser than the easy folks... (at least I hope so).  Obama somehow continues with his Alinsky*-like speeches as if he were postulating Einstein's definition of insanity, "Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results."  How many times has he said, "If you want your doctor, you can keep your doctor."?  Here (the speech below) he attempts to place what we have heard growing up as incessant (the same thing over and over again).  Well I'm here to tell you I never heard of such incessant lies in my entire lifetime...and no, you don't want to know how old I am...older than most of you, if you have a need to know.  Knowing the Obama mindset, what he is really saying is that he is the tyrannical one while throwing the blame on some unheard voice that he hopes you will reject. ~ Norman E. Hooben

*See: Who Is Saul Alinsky?'s a little run down and/or What is an Alinskyism?

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A Sign Of Hope: Runners Give Spontaneous Tribute To 95-Year-Old WWII Vet

"We can't all be heroes, some of us must stand on the curb and clap as they go by." ~ Will Rogers
"And then there are heroes who stand on the curb and get the recognition they deserve." ~Storm'n Norm'n 
With so much anti-military, anti-American flag, and just plain old anti-American rhetoric coming from the current administration, the courts, the deans of higher education, and the left wing main stream media a sign of hope remains in our youth...or anyone who participated in this very patriotic gesture (see video ↓).  ~ Norman E. Hooben

Runners Give Spontaneous Tribute To 95-Year-Old WWII Vet Who Came To Cheer
The following commentary from:
A 95-year-old WWII veteran just wanted to cheer on the runners who were passing by his house. But to his surprise, they were more interested in cheering for him—with many of the runners leaving the race to shake his hand and thank him for his service.
"They hugged me and kissed me and the young men shook my hands," the 95-year-old later told his neighbor—a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News—who caught part of the spontaneous tribute on her cell phone. "I never knew there were that many people that would do that."
"I never got recognition in my life," he added.
According to his neighbor, Joe is hard of hearing but "sharp." But sadly, his health is deteriorating:
He swims nearly every day at the YMCA or the senior center. Still, ambulances come and go from his house late at night when he feels his heart race and worries he's having a heart attack. He tells me from time to time he doesn't think he's going to live much longer. He's had a good long life, he says, and is ready to join his wife.
The runners were competing in an 8k to benefit the Pat Tillman Foundation in honor of the young NFL player who left his football career to join the Army after the 9/11 attacks. Tillman was killed in friendly fire in 2004. According to Joe's neighbor, swarms of people continued to approach him after she stopped taping.
"I thought the video caught a moment in time that was honest," his son Matt said. "There was nothing staged about it. It was an honest response from honest people. We don't see that too much."
He told the reporter that it was the most excited he's seen his father in a long time.

Another good sign...
A warning sign...

News Anchor Resigns On Air

About Abby Martin, Liz Wahl and media wars
Today RT America anchor Liz Wahl resigned on air, claiming she disagrees with the channel’s editorial stance. And here’s what I have to say about it.
These days it takes a lot of courage to work for RT. Never before have I seen RT and its journalists bullied like this. See for yourselves what they did to poor Abby. First, she openly voiced disagreement with Russia’s stance on air – and was virtually made an American hero. But then Abby reminded everyone how much she disagrees with America’s stance as well, adding she takes pride in working at RT, where she is free to express her views. Less than an hour passed before Abby had her name dragged through something I have difficulty finding a decent name for this late at night. The US mainstream media even went as far as claiming we had orchestrated the whole thing as a publicity move. They labeled Abby a conspiracy theorist, bringing to light her past as an activist. In less than 24 hours, they first sang her praises and then excoriated her. All of this in front of her colleagues, including Liz Wahl. How do you think they felt watching that?

Yesterday I spent quite some time explaining to a New York Times correspondent why I consider Russia’s position to be right. I’m Russian. I support my country and I will fight for the truth for as long as it takes. Neither Abby, nor Liz, nor many other employees are Russian nationals, but foreign. And now their country is likening my country to Nazi Germany. For many years they have worked for RT in good faith, proving every day that a voice that stands out from the mainstream media can be beautiful and strong, attract an audience that grows daily. These are the people who were the first to tell their country about the Occupy movement, who were detained at protest rallies, handcuffed for hours and then tried in court for doing their job. These are the people who were outraged by US hypocrisy in Syria, Libya – you can finish the list yourself – and reminded the world who used chemical weapons most often, even resorting to nuclear bombs. These are the people who did things the Western mainstream media would have never done. But those were peaceful times. And now we’ve got a genuine war going on – no, thank God, it’s not in Crimea. It’s a media war. Every single day, every single hour the guys who work for us are told, “You are liars, you are no journalists, you are the Kremlin propaganda mouthpiece, you’ve sold yourselves to the Russians, it’s time you quit your job, and everybody is laughing at you, so change your mind before it’s too late.”

The storm of articles posted about RT over the last couple of days – literally tons of printed copy - looks as if it were written to dictation. Hardly any respectable media outlet refrained from lambasting and lynching RT journalists in articles or reports. Our employees listen to their colleagues, their fellow citizens, and their potential employers, as career prospects are obviously important to every journalist. How many could withstand this pressure? Well, some will and some won’t. Some sincerely disagree, as they believe their own country more than mine. Others are simply thinking about their future. And it’s hard for me to judge them.  
Liz Wahl
Resigns On Air
(See Video Below)

This is all typical of a media war. We’re not the first and we will not be the last to go through this. During the Arab Spring, Al Jazeera staff in Lebanon made headlines by resigning en masse. Their Egyptian colleagues followed suit. Over twenty journalists resigned citing disagreement with the channel’s editorial line. That this happened without any pressure from the world mass media was due to the fact that, throughout the Arab Spring, Al Jazeera was completely in tune with the global mainstream. So no one sought to criticize the channel, on the contrary, everyone praised its coverage.
A couple of minutes after Liz made her statement, we found all the major news media in the world - as our exhausted spokeswoman put it, “CNN, NYT, pretty much everyone” – glowing with schadenfreude, as they lined up for official feedback from RT. This included those who had ignored the news of the Ashton-Paet phone leak revelation, as if it didn’t happen. A rival media anchor’s resignation is certainly much more newsworthy and more relevant to the Ukraine crisis than two European leaders saying opposition henchmen may have been killing people.

I can see very clearly why I continue to work for a channel that stands alone (!) face-to-face with thousands and tens of thousands of Western news outlets, showing everybody the other side of the story, under daily attacks from the media against which it can hardly fight back. It’s my country. There is no other choice for me. But the foreign journalists who work for RT across the globe do have a choice. Some of them might be asking themselves, “Why would I have to defend Russia at the expense of my career, my future, my reputation, why would I tolerate humiliation by my fellow journalists?” Few can say “Because I’m telling the truth, and there’s no one else to tell it.” Some will fail to find the answer and quietly resign. Others will perform their resignation on air in a self-promotional stunt, perhaps securing fantastic career prospects they wouldn’t have dreamt of before.
Standing out from the crowd is hard, sometimes unbearable. I wish the best of luck to those who can’t take it. To those who continue to do their best for RT, who know they are right even if the whole world says otherwise, I have to say I’m proud of you. IMMENSELY PROUD.
Margarita Simonyan, RT's editor-in-chief

Quote Of The Day

QOTD: "In 2004, nearly 100 soldiers, mostly Marines, died in the battle to take Fallujah from al-Qaida. Today, al-Qaida’s black flag flies above Fallujah.

Bush won the war, and Obama gave it back.

Obama couldn’t be bothered with preserving America’s victory in Iraq. He was busy helping to topple a strong American ally in Egypt and a slavish American minion in Libya — in order to install the Muslim Brotherhood in those countries instead. (That didn’t work out so well for U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans murdered in Benghazi.)

So now, another Russian leader is playing cat-and-mouse with an American president — and guess who’s the mouse? Putin has taunted Obama in Iran, in Syria and with Edward Snowden. By now, Obama has become such an object for Putin’s amusement that the fastest way to get the Russians out of Crimea would be for Obama to call on Putin to invade Ukraine." ~ Source: Doug Ross Journal

An 'iffy' story that never made the front page...
A Parable for Our Reality ~ Source: The Big Picture 
A very insightful tale from Jon Rappoport. (a real, live journalist) Hopefully people will see this for what it is; disclosure of the web of deceit and how it has inextricably woven it’s way into the fabric of society. ~ BP

If an elite television anchor confessed to everything
- a short story

by Jon Rappoport
September 27, 2013

“Nothing’s been done about that story [the Seal Team raid on the Osama bin Laden compound], it’s one big lie, not one word of it is true.” (Seymour Hersh)
This is the thing. They thought they could rush John Smith, the most famous television anchor in the world, to Bellevue, after he went off on his news broadcast. They thought they could sneak him through the back door.
But the hospital was surrounded by reporters with camera crews when they got there. And Smith wasn’t drugged yet, nor was he was in a straitjacket.
He stepped out of the ambulance and saw…an audience. He immediately perked up. He smiled. He stood there in the driveway, ran his hands through his hair, and gestured at the men in suits who flanked him.
“These security people,” he said, ” believe I’m crazy. I’m not and I want to make a brief statement before they take me inside and do God knows what to me.”
Applause broke out. And some laughter.
The guards looked at each other and froze.
A tall blonde standing 20 feet away from Smith tore off her blouse and stood naked from the waist up in the dying light of the summer evening.
Cheers. Some of cameras swiveled to pick her up.
(She was a backup plant in the crowd.)
WE LOVE YOU, SMITH, she said in a clear voice.
“Well,” Smith said, “I’m sure this is a wonderful moment of distraction for all of us, but in the history of the world, breasts are nothing new. Check that. I’d say yours look like Marty Cohen’s work. I should know. My first wife was his patient. Marty’s an artist. He has an office in McLean. Does some of the CIA wives.”
Big laughter.
The blonde suddenly looked worried. She put her blouse back on and melted into the crowd.
“So,” Smith said, “now that we’ve got the commercial out of the way, let’s get to the heart of things.”
The laughter died down. The crowd went quiet. The cameras were rolling.
“About an hour ago, I was doing the news and I said, ‘This is ridiculous, I can’t go on with this, it’s stupid and I don’t want any more deceptions.’ They cut to commercial and before I knew it I was in an ambulance headed for this funny farm.
“I operate as a mouthpiece. The way I speak on television sets up frequencies and rhythms that are hypnotic. It’s a skill you hone if you want to rise in this business.
“My tone is flat, it’s objective, it’s a bit tough and tender, as if I’m concealing, but just barely, a sympathy for the common people and their plight.
“In fact, I know very few common people, and my sympathies lie with myself, my position, my career, my front. Of course I love my family, and I have close friends, but what I do, what I’m paid very good money to do is shape consensus.
“It may seem strange to consider it, but reality…public shared reality is a fiction. I ought to know. I invent that fiction every night on the news. That’s my job.
“If I do it well, I’m a star, and the people behind the people who pay me are happy.
“I’m not suffering from a nervous breakdown. The stress of the job hasn’t gotten to me. I don’t have a mental disorder. I’m not crazy. I’m just tired of inventing the fiction.
“I don’t like it anymore.
“First of all, I give you news without context. I never fill in the blanks that would make the stories of our time have meaning. I don’t tell you about the natural gas pipeline through Syria or the long-time plan to destabilize Syria and the whole Middle East. I don’t come right out and say the US government is arming and backing the very same terrorists they claim to be fighting. I omit that. I omit context.
“Therefore, you don’t have a chance in hell of understanding the news.
“Then I also omit altogether certain stories that would shake you to the core and crack the pillars of our way of life. For example, I don’t come out and say the Federal Reserve is actual a gang of private bankers pretending to be part of the government, a gang that manipulates the value of money and creates money out of thin air.
“I don’t say that the medical apparatus in this country kills, at minimum, 225,000 people a year. I don’t do simple arithmetic and tell you that means doctors are killing TWO POINT FIVE MILLION AMERICANS PER DECADE.
“If I did say these things on the nightly news, I’d be ripping apart the fictional reality I invent for you.
“Then, when it comes to what are politely and inaccurately called scandals, I don’t press the issue. I don’t pound on these stories night after night, going deeper, finding the criminals who are responsible, who should be locked up for rest of their lives.
“If I set my hounds loose, my reporters, if I took the leash off them, on, say, a story like Benghazi, and if I issued updates every night for three or four months, I’d tear a huge hole in the consensus-reality fabric. Murder, weapons transfers to terrorists. Naming names. Relentlessly.
“I don’t do that. I wouldn’t last a day on the job if I did.
“My whole life has been a lead-up, a preparation for a grand simulation. Do you see? From the time I was a boy, I realized there was this thing called simulation.
“It’s like a cartoon, but it’s a serious cartoon. And I realized I could narrate these animations, I could make people believe them.
“My voice. The cultivation of a voice. A believable telling of a tale. It was easy for me. I found out how I could relate to people and get them to trust me.
“I saw INTO what they wanted. A feeling of security, a feeling that things are all right. And, I thought, why shouldn’t they want that? If I can give it to them, I’m performing a valuable service. Everybody wants that.
“From this core, a long time ago, I shaped my persona, my attitude, my way of speaking and responding. To use an old phrase, I was ‘other-directed.’ From all appearances, I wasn’t interested in myself.
“That became my motto and my religion. DON’T BE INTERESTED IN YOURSELF.
“But somewhere along the line, a confusion set in. I was doing good, I was giving people what they wanted, I was keeping my own desires in check. I was narrating stories. And yet, the outcome…the outcome was twisted.
“I wasn’t a therapist or a chaplain or a teacher trying to help people get their lives back. I was a broadcaster, a news man. I was supposed to take a direct line to the truth, and when I found it, I was supposed to travel even deeper, into the dark places where the lies are manufactured.
“But you see, I was in a dark place, and I was manufacturing lies.
“It’s taken me many years to admit this contradiction and see it squarely.
“In the process, I’ve seen more and more of what we call reality and how it’s MADE.
“I’ll tell you this. If I could somehow retain the public platform I’ve built, I would spend the rest of my life doing nothing but showing HOW IT’S MADE. That would be my job.
“But of course, that’s impossible.
“These men beside me are going to take me into this hospital, and a psychiatrist is going to interview me and diagnose me with a mental disorder.
“And most of you will believe the news reports about me. You’ll accept the reality that psychiatrists invent out of thin air. You’ll shake your heads and say, ‘It’s too bad what happened to Smith. I always liked him. Now I’m going to have to find another person, another voice, another face, another anchor to make reality for me every night.’
“Well, you won’t put it that way. But that is the situation.
“Who is going to make reality for you? The eternal search.
“How many of you will realize that you, individually, can make it for yourself, that the whole notion of a collective consensus is fatally flawed, that CONSENSUS is a gigantic teaser for the upcoming news?
“There is one thing you can do for me now. In this country, we still have a few freedoms, a few protections. I don’t have to submit to someone, a psychiatrist, telling me what my state of mind is.
“I can declare my own state of mind.
“On the off-chance that I might not be crazy, that I do have the right to assert and judge my own thoughts, you can intercede at this moment.
“Do you understand?”
The crowd was silent.
Everything was suddenly very still.
Then…one beat. Two beats. Three beats.
A few hundred people moved forward and got between Smith and his guards.
The cameras kept rolling.
The crowd formed a cordon around Smith.
And that was the way they walked back out of the driveway and into the street.
The sun had set.
It was night.
Uncertain, developing, breaking…
Jon Rappoport
The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

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Have we developed a thirst for evil ?

16 Examples That Show The United States Has Become A Seriously Messed Up Country
by Michael Snyder
In recent years, it has been quite common to hear our politicians and top media personalities talk about the need for America to use military force to impose “our values” on the rest of the world. But what “values” could they possibly be talking about? The truth is that we don’t have any “values” worth sharing with anyone at this point.  America has become a festering cesspool of garbage and filth, and it is getting worse with each passing day. As a nation, we need to humble ourselves and turn away from our wicked deeds and rediscover the values that once made this country great. But instead, we seem to have developed a thirst for evil that can never be satisfied. The entire nation seems to be slowly going insane, and not that many people are even alarmed by this. I hope that you will share this article with others, because the American people desperately need a giant wake up call. The following are 16 examples that show that the United States has become a seriously messed up country…
#1 The American flag is starting to be banned in schools all over the nation, and federal courts are backing them up on this
Last week in Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School Dist., the 9th Circuit ruled that a public school can actually ban the American flag. Making matters worse, the decision allows the school to ban the American flag and still allow students to display flags of other countries.
#2 Speaking of our courts, many of them appear to have literally gone insane. Just check out what the highest court in Massachusetts recently ruled
Massachusetts’ highest court has ruled that a man accused of secretly snapping photos up a woman’s skirt on an MBTA train did not break the law.
The State Supreme Judicial Court on Wednesday dismissed charges against Michael Robertson of Andover, who was arrested in August 2010 by transit police.
Officers had set up a sting on the Green Line after getting reports that Robertson was using his cellphone to take photos and video up female rider’s skirts and dresses.
#3 Parents are starting to lose the natural affection that they should have for their children. For example, a pregnant mother that already had three children recently tried to kill them all by driving her minivan into the ocean
“The two in the back seat was crying, with their arms out saying ‘Our mommy’s trying to kill us, please help,’” said Tesseneer.
A bystander’s video of the rescue shows a rescuer carrying two children away from the sinking van when the children tell them there was another child inside.
“The kids are like, ‘No there’s a baby. There’s a baby,’” Tesseneer said. “She (the mother) wouldn’t say a word. She didn’t tell us nothing about a baby.”
The men are seen on video frantically trying to get to the small child through the hatchback and the driver’s side door.
#4 In the old days, some people would cruelly abandon their pets in the woods, but now this is actually happening to children
A Florida couple was arrested for allegedly abandoning their three young children in the woods, authorities said.
Michael and Sarah Butcher, both 30, were first arrested Friday after illegally parking their red truck in a private RV park in Punta Gorda.
Cops later found crystal meth in their car’s glove compartment, along with a syringe and a burnt spoon, according to the arrest report.
After the pair was taken to jail –- where they repeatedly claimed to be brother and sister –- the police received a call that three children were found walking in the woods, “very dirty, hungry, and cold,” according to a police report.
#5 Teenagers in America just continue to become even more cruel. Perhaps we should rethink the way that we are raising our children…
Four teenagers are accused of carving a swastika into the forehead of a 16-year-old boy.
The Oregonian reports that Jenna Montgomery, 15, Jess Taylor, 17, Blue Kalmbach, 15, and a 14-year-old boy attacked the boy in a shed, shooting him with a BB gun and hitting him with a crow bar, on top of carving a swastika into his forehead.
#6 The FDA is actually considering making it legal for doctors and scientists to create “three parent babies” in the United States.
#7 Our financial system appears to be more corrupt than it ever has been before. And yet nobody ever seems to go to prison
In a nearly $13 billion settlement with the U.S. Justice Department in November 2013, JPMorganChase admitted that it, along with every other large U.S. bank, had engaged in mortgage fraud as a routine business practice, sowing the seeds of the mortgage meltdown. JPMorgan and other megabanks have now been caught in over a dozen major frauds, including LIBOR-rigging and bid-rigging; yet no prominent banker has gone to jail.
#8 Sexual perversion of all types is running rampant in America. Just consider what one Florida man recently did with a dog
Police have arrested a Tampa man after his neighbors reported that he was having sex with a dog.
According to Tampa Police, officers were flagged down by the man’s neighbors on N. Marks Street Tuesday afternoon.
“When officers arrived on scene, they were greeted by a small crowd of residents who were disturbed by their neighbor’s activity with the dog,” a police spokeswoman explained. “Several of the witnesses stated that they yelled at the suspect to stop, but he ignored their commands.”
#9 An all-time high 59 percent of all Americans believe that the traditional definition of marriage needs to be changed.
#10 The popularity of “throuples” has surged so much that a new dating website has been launched that will cater to them specifically.
#11 Authorities around the nation are alarmed at the rise in occult-inspired crimes that appears to be happening. Most of you have probably heard about “the Craigslist Killer” by now…
A woman in Pennsylvania who has been charged with murder for killing a man she met on Craigslist has told reporters that she has committed over 20 murders as part of a satanic cult.
“When I hit 22 [murders], I stopped counting,” 19-year-old Miranda Barbour told the Daily Item on Saturday.
#12 The United States already has the highest rate of divorce in the entire world, and now the divorce rate is on the rise again. Some pundits are blaming the “improving economy” for this.
#13 In America today, there are 60 million people that abuse alcohol and there are 22 million people that use illegal drugs.
#14 As I wrote about recently, there are 747,408 registered sex offenders in the U.S. according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. That number only includes the ones that have been caught and convicted.
#15 Planned Parenthood has produced a video “that promotes bondage and sadomasochism” to teens…
Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE)–which received more than $2.75 million in government funding in 2012–has produced and posted online a video specifically aimed at teenagers that promotes bondage and sadomasochism (BDSM) and proposes “rules” to follow when engaging in these activities.
“People sometimes think that those who practice BDSM are emotionally scarred or were once abused—not true, it’s a total myth,” the host of the video, Laci Green, informs its intended audience of teens.
“BDSM relies upon and creates trust,” she says.
By the way, the U.S. government gives hundreds of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood each year.
#16 Speaking of Planned Parenthood, more than 56 million American babies have been slaughtered in this country since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.
What should be done to a nation that does such a thing?
Aborted Baby - Photo by drsuparna

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
If #1.  If you've not followed this blog before everything I've ever mentioned is summarized in the following video. 
If #2.  If you have no clue what's going on in the world the following video will bring you up to date... incudes everyyhing from why JFK was assassinated, NSA spying, the global warming hoax, and much more!

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The Way Things Used To Be ~ "...unafraid of my own government"

Dear America, I Miss You
Posted by fuzislippers

Dear America,

I look at you sometimes, lately, and I wonder who you are. Remember when God, family, flag and country mattered to you? Remember when you were a melting pot, welcoming legal immigrants into your expansive embrace? Remember when that meant that people who chose, of their own free will, to come here had to assimilate into their chosen adopted country? When such immigrants were happy, even proud, to adopt the language and customs of their new, chosen home (or at least to encourage their children to do so)? Remember when your name inspired pride and unity among your own people and, equally importantly, when that same name inspired (albeit sometimes grudging) respect (and, sometimes, deterrent fear) among the peoples of hostile lands? Remember when your presidents weren’t longing for a “post-American” world?

I do. I remember it well, and I miss it, I miss you. I miss sleeping soundly at night, unafraid of my own government. I miss awaking (from my now restless sleep) to a world that was relatively (relative to now, that is) peaceful, to a world in which the American president’s “red lines” were actual red lines and that crossing them had consequences, real and dire consequences. Consequences, let’s face it, that were more rhetorical than actionable . . . though if pressed. . . . .I miss knowing that your enemies were ours, that those who would hurt you, hurt me. Now, it seems, unbelievably, that I am your enemy because I neither agree with nor support the horrible policies of your current president. Me, an “enemy” of America, land that I love? It’s just mind-boggling. How did that happen?

I miss you, America. You once stood strong beside our allies in Europe and Israel, but now, you do nothing but signal weakness and submissiveness to dangerous nations that once listened very carefully to our soft speech and understood all too well our big stick.

What happened to you, America?

Why are your own people angry and afraid? Why is there so much despair and heavy sadness across the land? Why are your people allowing themselves to be pitted one against the other? Why, America, are you not standing tall?

My America–the old, trite version, apparently–would never fold, would never accept (much less embrace) defeat. My America, the real America, is not a petri dish for communist ideals and totalitarian tendencies. No.

Scratch that.

Hell no.

My America, the real you, celebrates unity, not division; encourages patriotism and doesn’t damn it as nationalistic or dangerous; my America believes in its people and doesn’t treat them like half-witted children or pets; my America rejects totalitarianism and embraces liberty and personal responsibility; my America trusts the people.

But . . . well, I have to wonder, is my America still there? I look at you, today, and I am saddened beyond words. So many of your people don’t look at and try to understand the failure, for example, that is the welfare state; instead, they blindly seek to expand it. As if making larger something that doesn’t work will, perhaps miraculously, make it work, you know. . . once it’s big enough: Gee, my amazing flying machine doesn’t work not because of the laws of physics but simply because it’s not big enough.

Uh huh.

We’ve fed the seemingly bottomless welfare state, catered to every “minority” from blacks to Hispanics to women, and we’ve not made a single dent in poverty since Johnson declared his “war on poverty.” Instead, we’ve done the opposite and made more poor people, generationally poor people (i.e the people who are, by government’s explicit design, excluded from ever achieving the American Dream). And at no time is this more evident than during Obama’s “management of America’s decline.” Your poor are getting poorer, America, no matter their race, but among blacks and Latinos/as, the rate of “new” poverty under Obamanomics is staggering. The first black president is lining the pockets of his political allies, bankers, and health insurers, and his multi-pronged attack on your poor and your middle classes is unprecedented.

But of course this is so, America. Obama wants to make you over, to “fundamentally transform” you, from the richest, strongest, best nation on earth to just another country steeped in corruption, fueled by fear, destined to fail.

Remember when the “norm” after a disaster was for your people to pull together and rebuild (ala Joplin, MO) and not to stand, helpless and scared, waiting for the feds to “solve” everything? The free people of your country rebuild, on their own, competently and together; the people who’ve been re-enslaved by Democrats sit, wait, become the victims of violence and their own lethargy. It’s really sad. Whole neighborhoods were destroyed by Katrina . . . and are still destroyed all these years later. Look, too, at Hurricane Sandy. Again, these people depend on the feds. They are, of course, ill-served, even mocked by Christie. Americans, real Americans, don’t sit around waiting for the feds; they get to work and rebuild, they thrive.

We used to know this, America.

I miss you, America. I miss the you who would look at what is happening now, see it for what it is, and reject it. I miss the fearless you, the you who refuses to be cowed, silenced, oppressed by fear (of being called RAAACIST or imperialist or whatever). I miss you, America, and I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever see you again.  ~ Fuzzy Logic
The assimilation you speak of is truly the essence of America.  Alistair Cooke touched upon this unique mix in his book, ‘On The Homefront’ (written, by the way, in 1942 but not published until after his death several years ago). Previously to that, Ernie Pyle devoted a paragraph (or maybe it was a page) in his weekly column to Amercia about the integration of the masses. The Irish marrying the French, the Catholic with the Jew, one race with another and so on. And Ernie put his version on paper in the 1930′s! To quote a future world leader, Gordon Brown, “The new world order was (he actually said, “is”) emerging.” All this assimilation was acting on its own, without government interference…by we the people, if you will! But along came the Woodrow Wilsons, John Deweys, Margaret Sangers, Franklin Roosevelts, James Carters, William Clintons, Barack Obamas of the world that pulled the plug on the natural order of the mix and by imposition reverted us back to the things our forefathers ran away from. ~ Norm

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lt. Vance, Have you ever listened to yourself? History is full of guys like you...

Messager to Lt. Vance and all those appointed or elected over him:
 “The very purpose of a Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials and to establish them as legal principles to be applied by the courts. One’s right to life, liberty, and property, to free speech, a free press, freedom of worship and assembly, and other fundamental rights may not be submitted to vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections.” ~ Justice Robert H. Jackson of the Supreme Court 1943

Let that sink in. By saying that the Bill of Rights withdrew certain subjects from vicissitudes of political controversy and placed them beyond the reach of majorities and officials, he meant that the rights protected by the Bill of Rights could not be legislated upon, and it did not matter that the entire nation clamored for laws infringing upon a certain right, they simply could not do so.

Un peu plus de recul...↓ A little more perspective ↓
"The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people."



"Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive."
Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution (Philadelphia 1787)


"Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American...[T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people."
Tenche Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.


"They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety
Lt. Vance take a lesson from Officer Dale

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A group of gun enthusiasts took to Grand Rapids streets Sunday openly carrying guns.
“We are law-abiding people that are just looking out for ourselves,” march organizer Tom Lambert said.
The march to support open carry in Grand Rapids followed Johann Deffert’s lawsuit against the city and the Grand Rapids Police Department.
Deffert alleges his right to openly carry a gun was violated when he was ordered to the ground at gunpoint and his weapon was taken on March 3, 2013. In the federal lawsuit, he claims that he was walking along a public sidewalk near a church openly carrying a handgun in a holster at his hip when officers confronted and then detained him for about 10 minutes before he was released.
Michigan law does not prohibit open carry.
“We believe very strongly that he was detained unlawfully. We want to march and protest and say that was wrong,” Lambert said.
Lambert is a gun rights activist who has also been attending the Grand Rapids City Commission meetings while carrying openly – something Mayor George Heartwell disapproves of.
“Hopefully we clear up confusion on all levels. Hopefully we make sure that GRPD makes sure and understands what is OK and what is not OK ,” Lambert said.
The march started at Fuller Park and ended on Lakeside Drive, near where Deffert was detained.
A march to support Johann Deffert, who claims he was illegally detained and his gun was illegally taken from him by Grand Rapids police officers. (March 2, 2014)Deffert’s lawsuit says the incident constituted a violation of his First, Second, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights. The suit also claims the city failed to properly train the officers on Michigan gun laws.
Deffert is suing for a $100,000 judgment and another $500,000 for punitive damages, as well as attorney fees.
Dashcam video of Deffert’s detainment via YouTube:
Sometimes it takes awhile for the message to sink in...
They always regret it years later...

Sunday, March 2, 2014