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The Coke Controversy ~ Coca Cola vs The U.S. of A. the National Anthym like you've never heard it before

The Coke Controversy (see video below narrative ↓)
Lt Col Allen West
Coca Cola ran an ad during the Super Bowl which featured children singing "America the Beautiful" in seven languages... English, Spanish, Keres, Tagalog, Hindi, Senegalese French and Hebrew rather than in English only...why other languages were omitted Coke only knows.  So the controversy began with various patriotic individuals and websites (two that come to mind are, Allen West and as they would infer that the multi-lingo song is anti-American...and I would agree.   When's the last time you heard the Chinese or Russian anthyms and\or patriotic songs sung in English...not lately I presume.  No other country, not even Mexico, will celebrate their patriotic repertoires in English or any other language not of their own.  Somewhere along the way to becoming a super corporation, Coca Cola has joined forces with the politic elite who desire to run America down until she is no more.  Why? 
The quick answer is, "One World Government."  Its all part of a scheme designed by like-minded individuals destined to incorporate their New World Order...and order, we the people did not order.  A longer explanation will take me away from the theme I'm currently trying to project (but if you did a bit of studying you would convince yourself that I'm 100% correct).  If Coca Cola and the New World Order crowd would only stop for a second and take a look at America, we are the new world order.  That's why so many people wanted to come here in the first place.  But stubborn and ignorant as the powers to be over at Coke headquarters they will continue to promote one of our most cherished songs with an anti-American slant at the Winter Olympics currently being held over in Sochi, Russia.  This from Mediaite:
Rather than back away from the controversy surrounding the multilingual “America the Beautiful” ad that ran during Super Bowl XLVIII, Coca-Cola has decided to double-down on the commercial’s message of multicultural unity by running an extended, 90-second version during Friday night’s Winter Olympics opening ceremony on NBC

Well that's the kind of attitude that should bring on a national boycott of all Coca Cola products but it won't because altogether too many Americans are now under the spell of those that want to destroy us (I don't need to list a bunch of names here but if you start with Obama, you would be on the right tract.  Tell you what, I'll post a picture of a few of them at the bottom of this post). 
Meanwhile (it's so easy to get sidetracked), let see Allen West's reaction to the Coke version of America the Beautiful...and please watch that video, it will make you feel good. ~ Norman E. Hooben

The followinf from
Amazing hotel rendition of National Anthem. Note to Coke: this is how you do it
In the evening after the All State Choir conference in Louisville, Kentucky, competitors returned to their Hyatt hotel to rest up. What ensued is something that will just send chills down your spine and make pride swell in your heart.

These talented singers gathered on the balconies of 18 floors and chose to sing our National Anthem. I defy you not to get choked up watching it. And message to Coca Cola marketing executives, this didn’t cost a single dime to produce. God bless Amerca.

 Here's the promised can add the Coca Cola Company to this group.
 Meanwhile...a few facts to set the record straight.

Military Working Dog...always on watch, even at the airport

Military Working Dog Protects Handler During  Airport Stopover ~
Soldiers need a break just like anyone else.  But if you're traveling with all that extra combat gear its nice to have a buddy watch all your stuff while you catch a little shut-eye.  ~ Norman E. Hooben
Side note: I can't help but what this image brings back memories.  During my twenty-one year career with the United States Air Force Veterinary Services I had the privilege of having two tours of duty at the Military Working Dog Center at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.  In my later years I taught first-aid, infectious diseases, and parasitology to the incoming student dog handlers.

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"...we will not bow down to Islam" ~ 'Brave German Woman' Rebukes Islam's Lie

Make this one more American wake-up call... 

As a friend once said, "To make clear that Islam is in fact a military movement rather than a religion, please consider that Islam does not ask one to emulate the humble, kind, peaceful, compassionate, loving Jesus but rather the arrogant, violent, brutal, lustful, savage military commander and beheading ruler Mohammed. It's all in the staging."
And make no mistake about it, Obama and his ilk are staging Islam to become the dominant force in American politics.  If you want your American way of life you can keep your American way of life by removing freedom's hindrances.  Obama is a hindrance! ~ Norman E. Hooben

Source for the following: CBN NewsWorld
'Brave German Woman' Rebukes Islam's Lie
by Dale Hurd

SPEYER, Germany -- Islam continues to grow in power and influence across Europe. But at a recent concert in Germany, one Christian woman decided to stand up to it.
"The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace" by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins was supposed to be an interfaith event to bring Christianity and Islam together.
But when the Muslim imam began his call to prayer during the concert, he was interrupted by a small woman in the balcony proclaiming that "Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany," and shouting, "I break this curse."
She also invoked the name of Martin Luther and warned the audience that what was happening was "a lie."  The video went viral.
'Brave German Woman'
The mysterious Christian lady became known on the Internet simply as the "brave German woman."
It happened on Nov. 10, 2013 at the Memorial Church of the Reformation in the Rhineland city of Speyer, built to honor Martin Luther.
It isn't just any church. It's a monument to the Protestant Reformation and a memorial to the spiritual transformation of Germany.
It was at this spiritual landmark that a Muslim imam was invited to give the call to prayer. When the brave German woman, whose real name is Heidi Mund, heard about the event, she prayed.
"I was asking Jesus, 'Lord, shall I go there?' So, when I have to drive one and half hours, you know, I think, 'Is it worth it to go or can others go?' So, this is human laziness, yeah?" Mund recalled.
She grabbed her German flag emblazoned with the words "Jesus Christ is Lord" and headed for the concert, still not sure what she would do when she got there.
"Until the imam started with his shouting, I did not really know what to do. I was just prepared for what God wants me to do," she told CBN News.
Then the Muslim call to prayer began, and Heidi said she felt something rising up inside her.
A Holy Anger
"I would call it a holy anger," she recounted. "And then I rose with my flag and I was calling and proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord over Germany."
"My purpose was, I broke this curse because [Muslims] say, 'Only Allah is the Lord. He is God, the only God.' And I broke this curse in this church and I broke it over my country," she continued.
And she repeated the words of Martin Luther in 1521 after he refused to recant his faith in scripture alone: "Here I stand. I can do no other" and "Save the church of Martin Luther!"
Video shows another concert-goer trying to calm her by saying, "This is a concert for peace."
Mund can be heard responding in German, "No it's not! Allahu Akbar is what Muslims scream while murdering people! Don't be fooled! Don't be fooled! This is a lie!"
She was thrown out of the church.
"They should have thrown the imam out and not me because I am a believer in Jesus Christ, but he serves another god. This Allah is not the same god. And this is not the truth."
"This 'allahu akbar,' they use it when they kill people," she argued. "This is, for me, worship to an idol, to their god. And when a Muslim calls 'allahu akbar' in a church, that means this church is not a church anymore, it's a mosque."
Church No Place for Imams?
With Mund at the concert was Kamel, who did not give his full name for safety reasons. Before coming to Germany he lived in the Muslim world.
Kamel told CBN News that an imam has no place in a church.
"Islam is one of the reasons for persecution, Muslims have persecuted me. They don´t want me to tell others that Jesus Christ is my Savior."
Also with Mund was Marion, who has also asked that her last name not be included. She belongs to a group calling itself the White Rose, which took the same name as the World War II anti-Nazi resistance group shown in the film "Sophie Scholl: the Final Days."
"Islam is inhuman, the same as in the Nazi time. For me, personally, there is no difference. We want to show Germany and the world that we will not bow down to the slow Islamization of our country," Marion said.
Afraid of Muslims?
Mund said she knows that her first television interview could place her in danger.
"Many people ask me, 'Are you afraid of the Muslims?' And I can only say, 'No, I'm not afraid of them,'" she told CBN News. "I know my God, the living God of the Bible can protect for me for as long as he wants. When my time is over I will go to him."
An evangelist by gifting, Mund grew up an atheist in communist East Germany. But now, as a believer, her burden and her ministry is for the spiritual rebirth of Germany.
"I feel I have to protect my country and my people. I am only a little woman but I feel I have to protect them," she said.
Reviving a Dead Nation?
Some might associate Germany with the Nazis, but Germany was once a base for world missions, sending missionaries to Africa and Korea and to America.
Mund is trusting God for a miracle in what is a very wealthy and, some would say, spiritually dead nation.
"I know nothing is impossible for my God. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing," she said.
"From a human point of view I feel our country is lost. It's already lost. It's done. Because I see so many changes in the country, in every area," she continued. "But I trust God that he has a 'Plan A' and that my country is not lost and that He will reach us and He will come and change the whole situation."
A MUST SEE movie...↓

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How to improve your intellect at Wellesley College

A person possessing a highly developed intellect.
highbrow, learned person, academic, bookworm, man/woman of letters, bluestocking

synonyms: thinker, brain, scholar, genius, polymath, mastermind;
informal egghead, Einstein, brains, brainiac, rocket scientist
"there’s an elitism among intellectuals that turns many “common” folks off"

If the intellectual process is any process that goes on in the brain and one were to contrast that process with the definition and/or synonyms of the word intellectual we would expect there would be some similarities.  Not so with President H. Kim Bottomly and Museum Director Lisa Fischman at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.  Their intellectual process has more in common with the president's last name than anything related to the brain.  We've all heard of the old axiom that some people have manure (its really the 's' word but this is a family show) for brains and now there's strong evidence that this is true. Both Bottomly and Fischman have released statements that in a way, glorifies a man in his underwear and calling it that has no known social or otherwise redeeming value. 
It is not clear what is meant by, "The very best works of art have the power to stimulate deeply personal emotions and to provoke unexpected new ideas..." regarding the life-like sculpture of the man in his underwear which was on display at busy area of the campus... outdoors, nonetheless!  But one could surmise some kinky vicarious experience when you hear the latter part, "The sculpture "has started an impassioned conversation about art, gender, sexuality and individual experience,..."  Its all in there; passion, gender, sex and individual experience.  How much more kinky can you get with a statue?  They must get their jollies with the "unexpected new ideas" that I'm sure are "provoked" by the near nakedness of the man in his shorts.  Just as guns don't kill people...people kill people, sculptures don't start impassioned conversation, two so-called intellectuals start the conversation.  Further, sculptures neither show emotion or talk whereas impassioned conversation comes from the mindset of people who may be suffering from rectal cranial inversion.  Bottomly and Fischman exemplify this malady.  ~  Norman E. Hooben
Oh, I forgot one thing... How does one get deeply personal emotions over a sculpture?
Sounds pretty kinky to me..

The following from: FOX News

Mass. college man-in-underwear sculpture causes stir

A remarkably lifelike sculpture of a man sleepwalking in nothing but his underpants has made some Wellesley College students a bit uncomfortable, but the president of the prestigious women's school says that's all part of the intellectual process.
The sculpture entitled "Sleepwalker" of a man in an eyes-closed, zombie-like trance is part of an exhibit by sculptor Tony Matelli at the college's Davis Museum. It was placed at a busy area of campus on Monday, a few days before the official opening of the exhibit, and prompted an online student petition to have it removed.
The sculpture is a "source of apprehension, fear, and triggering thoughts regarding sexual assault" for many, according to the petition, which had nearly 300 signees on Wednesday.
The petition started by junior Zoe Magid called on President H. Kim Bottomly to have the artwork removed.
That appeared unlikely, according to a joint statement issued Wednesday by Bottomly and museum Director Lisa Fischman.
"The very best works of art have the power to stimulate deeply personal emotions and to provoke unexpected new ideas, and this sculpture is no exception," the statement said. The sculpture "has started an impassioned conversation about art, gender, sexuality and individual experience, both on campus and on social media."
The sculpture was placed outdoors specifically to get a reaction and to connect the indoor exhibition with the world beyond, Fischman said.
"I love the idea of art escaping the museum and muddling the line between what we expect to be inside (art) and what we expect to be outside (life)," she wrote.
Reaction from the campus community was mixed.
Freshman Bridget Schreiner told The Boston Globe ( ) she was "freaked out" the first time she saw the sculpture, thinking for a moment that a real, nearly naked man was lingering on campus.
"This could be a trigger for students who have experienced sexual assault," she said.
Others were more understanding.
"I find it disturbing, but in a good way," English professor Sarah Wall-Randell said. "I think it's meant to be off-putting. It's a schlumpy guy in underpants in an all-women environment."
More intellectual improvement can be seen here↓


What EVERY voter should know... (Everything you hear in this video is 100% accurate)

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Attack dog gets his man...

Video may take a moment to load.

Post by Jerry L Hatfield.
There's another attack dog story here↓:

Gone back in about 13...13 months!

Video Courtesy CNN

Storm'n Norm'n
Man says he ate birds, turtles in 13 months adrift
Associated Press
H-T D. Greener @ FaceBook
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) - It's a story that almost defies belief: A man leaves Mexico in December 2012 for a day of shark fishing and ends up surviving 13 months on fish, birds and turtles before washing ashore on the remote Marshall Islands thousands of miles (kilometers) away.
But that's what a man identifying himself as 37-year-old Jose Salvador Alvarenga told the U.S. ambassador in the Marshall Islands and the nation's officials during a 30-minute meeting Monday before he was taken to a local hospital for monitoring.

Alvarenga washed ashore on the tiny atoll of Ebon in the Pacific Ocean last week before being taken to the capital, Majuro, on Monday.
"It's hard for me to imagine someone surviving 13 months at sea," said Ambassador Tom Armbruster in Majuro. "But it's also hard to imagine how someone might arrive on Ebon out of the blue. Certainly this guy has had an ordeal, and has been at sea for some time."
Other officials were reacting cautiously to the Spanish-speaking man's story while they try to piece together more information.
If true, the man's ordeal would rank among the greatest tales ever of survival at sea.
Mexico's Foreign Relations Department says the man told Mexico's ambassador to the Philippines, Julio Camarena, that he set out from an area near the coastal town of Tonala in southern Chiapas state, which would mean his journey covered a distance of more than 6,500 miles (10,460 kilometers), if he drifted in a straight line.

Jose Salvador Alvarenga
Armbruster said the soft-spoken man complained of joint pain Monday and had a limp but was able to walk. He had long hair and a beard, the ambassador said, and rather than appearing emaciated he looked puffy in places, including around his ankles. Otherwise, he added, Alvarenga seemed in reasonable health.
Armbruster, who speaks Spanish, said the survivor told the following story:
He's a native of El Salvador but had lived in Mexico for 15 years and fishes for a man he knows as Willie, catching sharks for 25 pesos ($1.90) per pound.
On Dec. 21, 2012, Alvarenga left Mexico in his 23-foot (7-meter) fiberglass boat for a day's fishing, accompanied by a teen he knew only as Ezekiel, who was between 15 and 18.
A storm blew the fishermen off course, and soon they were lost and adrift.
"He talked about scooping up little fish that swam alongside the boat and eating them raw," Armbruster said. "He also said he ate birds, and drank birds' blood."
After about a month, Ezekiel died, the survivor told officials.
Alvarenga also talked about eating turtles. Once near Ebon, he swam ashore.
"He thanked God, initially, that he had survived," the ambassador said. "He's very anxious to get back in touch with his employer, and also with the family of Ezekiel. That's his driving motivation at the moment."
In Costa Azul, a fishing hamlet near Tonala, fishing boat owner Villermino Rodriguez Solis, who assumes his son is the "Willie" that Alvarenga referred to, said Alvarenga and a companion had gone missing on Nov. 18, 2012, which would imply the sea odyssey lasted 14½ months.
"Here, his colleagues went out in boats to look for them. They spent four days looking for them," said Villermino, who expressed surprise that Alvarenga had been found alive in the Marshall Islands.
Residents of Costa Azul said they didn't know Alvarenga's real name. He had shown up looking for work years before, but worked from fishing camps along the coast. They knew him only by a nickname, "La Chancha," used to describe heavy-set people. It was clear he was an experienced fisherman, they said.
Armbruster said the man said he had no family in Mexico but he does have three brothers who live in the U.S., although he could not immediately provide officials with contact details. The Mexican government also quoted the man as saying he had no family in Mexico.
Gee Bing, the acting secretary of foreign affairs for the Marshall Islands, said he was somewhat skeptical of Alvarenga's account after meeting with him Monday.
"It does sound like an incredible story, and I'm not sure if I believe his story," Bing said. "When we saw him, he was not really thin compared to other survivors in the past. I may have some doubts. Once we start communicating with where he's from, we'll be able to find out more information."
Bing said the man had no identification with him, and other details of his story remained sketchy. Camarena said Alvarenga gave his hometown as Garita Palmera, in El Salvador's Ahuachapan province. Mexico said it was coordinating with the Salvadoran government to provide assistance to the man.
The survivor's vital signs appeared good except that his blood pressure was a bit low, Bing said. After doctors give him the all-clear, Bing said, officials hope to repatriate him to Mexico or whatever country is appropriate.
Erik van Sebille, a Sydney-based oceanographer at the University of New South Wales, said there was a good chance a boat drifting off Mexico's west coast would eventually be carried by currents to the Marshall Islands. He said such a journey would typically take 18 months to two years depending on the winds and currents, although 13 months was possible.
"The way that the currents in the Pacific work is that there is a very strong westerly current just north of the equator and that basically drives you directly from Mexico all the way toward Indonesia and in the path, you go right over the Marshall Islands," he said.
There have been other cases of people surviving for months adrift in the Pacific. In a case with similarities, three Mexican shark fishermen in 2006 said they were lost at sea for nine months before being rescued near the Marshall Islands. In 1989, four men survived nearly four months in the Pacific Ocean near New Zealand after their multi-hulled boat capsized.
Associated Press writer Rod McGuirk in Canberra, Australia, contributed to this report
If I posted this on its own page most Americans would ignore it...maybe you could interest some of your friends into the real goings on in the White House... (There's not a whole lot of time left!)

Falling To Earth... What a rush! ~ Historical Space Jump New Video

GoPro Releases Baumgartner’s Historical Space Jump’s New Video
Submitted by Annika Linser
Felix Baumgartner became the first person in the world to break the speed of sound during his record-setting descent. GoPro, the firm which has provided the cameras attached to the daredevils, has released a new footage of Baumgartner's space jump.
The terrifying new video shows what Baumgartner has gone through during the jump and especially the time when the out of control of spin had almost cost him his life. He has jumped from his balloon 24.5 miles above the Earth and has reached speeds of up to 834 mph before his parachute opened.
Everything went well and 'Fearless Felix' was on the ground after five minutes. By safely reaching on the solid ground, Felix became the first person to complete the highest and fastest skydive in the history.
There are a number of things that happened during the event and hence, making it a historical one. Felix has made records for the highest balloon ascent and even the highest parachute jump.
From a tiny capsule that took Felix up to the edge of space, he attempted the jump. After attempting many high jumps, Felix does not believe that the jumps are no more about breaking records. It is only about coming back alive.

Video from YouTube

Whether its John Kerry or Hillary Clinton, American Forign Policy is inane at best

I could never understand why the people of Massachusetts would vote for John Kerry as their senator when he has never done one good thing for the good of the country...and you argue with some of the folks who still support him and you get aswers like, "I'll go look it up."  Huh? Look it up? Hell if you voted for the SOB you shouldn't have to look up anything... you should know!  Aah, there's the rub, the people in Massachusetts only know one thing about Kerry, he's a Democrat! Perhaps they should know a thing or two about him, albeit a bit too late now that he's no longer their senator. Maybe the devil is in the details → see →
Norman E. Hooben

The Inane Policies of John Kerry on (for example) Syria           
I’m flabbergasted as I watch the ineptitude with which John Kerry is conducting the foreign affairs of the United States. I could start with his flippant dismissal of the possibility that Syria would give up its chemical weapons short of NATO bombing, his preferred solution, but I won’t. I could mention how he insisted the Syrian opposition had no access to chemical weapons only to have the UN report that the opposition had almost certainly used such weapons on multiple occasions, but I won’t. I’ll refer only to the latest absurdities surrounding the Geneva negotiations for a transitional government in Syria. First the US dropped the ball on Iranian participation, allowing our clueless UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to invite the regional power-broker officially into the talks. The South Korean is right, of course — how can you get any kind of realistic or enforceable agreement without Iranian participation? In any case, I guess the Obama administration forgot to give Ban Ki Moon his marching orders, because after the invite went out and became public, Kerry demanded that the invitation be withdrawn. At the same time, in the name of the US Emperor, he decreed that Assad had to agree that he was a goner and no longer could serve as president of Syria if there were to be an agreement. That’s quite an incentive to offer Mr. Assad in return for his cooperation. It reminds me of how we treated Moammar Qaddafi after he swore off weapons of mass destruction under US pressure. (We killed him, for those who forgot.) The cowardly Ban Ki Moon withdrew his invitation, no doubt with much annoyance and embarrassment and resentment, and now, suddenly, Kerry is thinking maybe having Iran in the negotiations is not such a bad idea. This is a case of Kerry being against the invitation to Iran before he was in favor of it. But he still tells Assad he’s finished (not adding, “and a prisoner in the Hague”). He presumably thinks this tempting offer will attract the full good will of Assad and his allies.
syriaOf course the Syrians have said, get outta here. Transitional government doesn’t mean removal of the head of government. To follow Kerry’s logic, a Cabinet shuffle in DC would require the president’s removal, as well. While our figurehead Syrians sit at the negotiating table with their preconditions (give us power), the real power, the jihadists, are out there warring with the “moderates” and slitting throats right and left, anticipating the removal of Assad and their own ascent to power. The US charges of regime brutality may be true, but the opposition is guilty of the same crimes. That pretext won’t fly. These negotiations look unlikely to end up successfully.
kosovoThe problem is that the US has grown far too complacent in our massive power. In the past we successfully used negotiations to rubber-stamp foregone conclusions. A good example of how this works were the Rambouillet negotiations in France. These talks were used by the US/NATO to provide themselves with the pretext for war against Serbia over alleged “massive violations” of the ethnic Albanian and largely Moslem community’s human rights. But the negotiations were a sham designed to earn the Serbian president’s rejection, including among NATO’s key demands that Milosevic accept a NATO occupation of Serbia. When the talks collapsed, as hoped, the NATO bombing of Serbia began. In the end, NATO partitioned Serbia, giving away its historical region to the Moslem-dominated Albanian population, which is now making trouble in southern Serbia in an attempt to wrest more territory from the Serbs.
putinchinaIt appears our government wants the same results with these Syrian talks. We want what we couldn’t get through bombing and we want it cost-free — regime change. Unfortunately for the US neo-interventionists, things are different. Russia is no longer the 90-pound weakling it was in 1999, less than a decade after the fall of the Soviet Union. Today Russia’s influence is growing well beyond its borders and it is finding its voice. The US, by contrast, is in dismal decline. Our president’s international prestige is definitely on the wane and the idea of the US as the world’s only superpower is long out of date. China is a threatening presence, too, and the Chinese seem to scoff at US pretensions to dominance, just as does Iran. Even our one-time allies are turning their backs to us in disgust at our incompetence. The US looks weak, uninformed, wavering and lacking convictions or even fundamental interests. The remains of our forays into the military occupation of the Moslem world in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and where we have abetted the overthrow of secular regimes (Egypt), are testimony to our broken dreams and ultimate impotence in democracy-building. Sectarian warfare rages. People are dying by the thousands and Christians and many others are sacrificial lambs. To what end our military adventures?
Instead of telling Mr. Assad to leave power (or what?), the US Secretary of State should give a good think to what the US fundamental interests are and then try hewing to a consistent line. Listening to Assad’s side of the story might be one way to start. We don’t want Al Qaeda to win there, or do we?
Conservatives on Fire
“The US, by contrast, is in dismal decline. Our president’s international prestige is definitely on the wane and the idea of the US as the world’s only superpower is long out of date. ”
First, Hillary, and now Hanoi John. The Bamster sure knows how to pick them. Thanks to the Leader From Behind our friends don’t trust us and our enemies don’t fear us. Way to go, Barry!

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Ladies Man No More!

Source: MS News Now
Police: Gunman shoved gun in waistband, shot himself in testiclesBy FOX 12 Staff
A man police said is responsible for a shooting in a downtown parking lot ran from the scene, but shot himself in the testicles as he shoved the gun into his waistband Tuesday night.
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson, 40, has been released from the hospital and booked into the Multnomah County Jail on charges of first-degree robbery, second-degree assault and felon in possession of a firearm.  Robbery detectives said Johnson and the victim, 32-year-old Jordan Merrell, knew each other well and lived in the same apartment building near Southwest 10th Avenue and Columbia Street.
Johnson apparently confronted Merrell in the parking lot behind the building, demanded he hand over his property and then shot Merrell in the leg, police said.
While Johnson was making his getaway, he shoved the gun into the front of his pants and shot himself in the groin.
Transit police eventually found Johnson trying to get into a woman's car at Southwest Sixth Avenue and Mill Street.
He tried to run, but fell down and officers took him into custody. They recovered the gun, which had been stolen during a car prowl in the Rose Quarter in November 2013.
Johnson and Merrell were both taken to the hospital after the shootings. They both survived.
Meanwhile...  On another note...