Sunday, November 30, 2014

Comment of the Day don't want to miss this one...on a second thought, maybe you do.

Quoted from comment below: "Every able-bodied red-blooded American should drop everything they are doing to go when and where freedom is threatened... " IMHO, we may have some able-bodied Americans and we may have some red-blooded Americans but too damn few with a mixture of both! ~ Norman E. Hooben

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Posted by G Barrett
Paraphrased from founding Father; “The only requirement for tyranny to thrive, is for good people to do nothing.” We not only have good people doing nothing, we are short of good people. It’s all talk, we want change, but we just talk. americans are too scared, too spoiled and too lazy, to ever rise up off our respective asses and do what has to be done. The ones that would are too few to make a difference, or completely disorganized and would be picked off one by one. So all we’ve got is a bunch of whiners that will continue on as usual. Time for talk is long gone, yet we are still too damn delusional to accept that simple truth. It’s , “oh, I can’t miss my job or I’ve got a family to look after.” Really?, allowing your country to be systematically destroyed and weakened is taking care of your family? Really? I’ve been in the company of some mighty fine bullshitters in my time, and sites like this or facebook and people that just complain aren’t even convincing in their feeble attempt to act indignant. Every able-bodied red-blooded American should drop everything they are doing to go when and where freedom is threatened, ESPECIALLY in our own country. Just one case in point, Bundy Land Management standoff, what were you willing to accept?, another Waco, or Ruby Ridge? And then just bitch about it. Americans in mass should have descended on the area with a show a force and put an end to these hypocrisies once and for all. It’s obvious “they” don’t care about us and talking won’t change it. They continue to lie and we continue to give multiple chances. It’s just like this, “hey, you lied”, and then, ‘oh, I won’t do it again”, and it’s repetitive and nothing changes. It’s time to unleash the caveman, for might to makes right, it’s the only way there will EVER be change. Since that won’t happen due to our learned weakness and dependence for what we do still have, it’s obvious we’ll do with less and less as time goes on. Forget about freedom, we don’t have it, we’ve never had it and we sure won’t fight for it. So, just give up the thought, we’ll worry less and learn to be more accepting of our cowardice. after all, there has been more than enough time that’s passed on various atrocities by the gov. (Banghazi, ect.) and nothing has been done, so, it leads to the conclusion that we don’t deserve freedom. I recall our Forefathers saying something about that, and that’s that if we give up one for the other than we deserve neither security or freedom. And it’s plain to see, we won’t have it. The American way of life has gone the way of santa, the tooth fairy and every other lie we have believed at one time or another. FREE America has become the fairy tail and one day we will wake up and see that. Prove me wrong, PLEASE !!!

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