Monday, October 20, 2014

How to Produce A Beheading Video

This is only a snippet of the story.  It was produced by TRAC a terrorism research and analysis consortium.  In order to get the full story, one must subscribe to it's website for a fee of (a minimum) $500.00 per year.  The fact that they (TRAC) publish their intent is somewhat puzzling because whoever leaves their so-called forensic footprint could also be a subscriber learning techniques to defeat TRAC's purpose.  If their purpose is to locate the videographer it would seem to me that if each video was made with a new or different camera and camera man, TRAC's search would be endless. ~ Norman E. Hooben

FEATURED CONTENT: How to Produce an Islamic State Beheading Video
Each new release of an Islamic State video generates much analysis on the content of the videos, but until now little has been talked about how the Islamic State is able to produce high-quality videos. Every editor leaves his or her forensic foot print on a video, study the videos and one can decipher which human being(s) edited which video. TRAC had each video "stripped down" and evaluated by a digital analyst, the results lend us much more insight into the group's abilities.

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