Saturday, August 9, 2014

Splat !

I was just watching a special on television that concerned me...especially when it comes to privacy.  It was all about drones and how anyone can now purchase one equipped with camera and gps.  It was clearly demonstrated that these new high-tech drones can be used by anyone willing to shell out several hundred to over a thousand dollars. Certainly a video/picture taking drone can be used for wide variety of uses such as taking overhead scenes of pictorial places.  The thought of taking a video of my sailboat out in the middle of the ocean seemed like a great idea.  But the thought of someone else taking a video while peering into my window was a bad idea.  During the television demonstration a U.S. Senator was interviewed and when asked about privacy issues the senator replied, "My neighbor has one and if I see it hovering over my back yard I'll bring out the ole shotgun."  ...and in a jokingly manner said he would blow the drone out of the sky.  Well the shotgun idea may have been suggested by Vice President Joe Biden when he recommended women get themselves one for self-protection.  Well I don't have a shotgun but I have an idea that might be less dangerous than brandishing a shotgun in my neighborhood.  Normally I would refrain from using the demise of another human being in any attempt to get rid of the intrusive device but I will make an exception in this case... I would put on the gloves and do this ↓ ... see video below ~ Norman E. Hooben

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