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America, what's happening? If one state can do it, so can they all!

↑ The militarization of America ↓

I'm not entirely familiar with Naomi Wolf in the following video, in fact I don't know her political party affiliation, but suffice it to say that she does express, to a small degree, the idea that both political parties (that is, Democrats and Republicans) are both to blame for the breakdown of our Constitution and American way of life.  She mentions early on in the video that Obama is worst than Bush although an earlier video put most of the blame on Bush.  This video is rather long for most people to sit through (including me, but I prevailed to the end).  Wolf takes a long time to get her point across and seems somewhat hesitant, almost apologetic, in making it.  To tell you the truth I cannot see why it is she is so popular (the earlier video received over one-million views).

There are literally hundreds of websites that post patriotic editorials that exposes the changes going on within our government and suggestions for correcting all that is wrong.  For what is wrong is also reported as right from the Leftist point of view but that view generally does not stand the test of logic.  Having studied the issues over 24,000 hours in the past ten years (an that's an under estimate) I believe that I have one suggestion that will work if applied wholeheartedly.  Now that's just one suggestion, not an overall solution; but it's a beginning.  Many will say that my suggestion is impossible to enact because of the wide diversity of the population and the allegiance to the major political parties.  That allegiance by the way is due to total ignorance rather than fact...if not ignorance then plain stupidity (you can argue the point some other time not now).
There is a definite need to do away with the political parties and start electing individuals based on their allegiance to the United States Constitution...without the Constitution as a starting point we might as well give up now and start all over from the beginning.  By the case you're wondering, the Democratic party does less to uphold the Constitution than do the Republicans...and given the last seven years the Democrats have done nothing to uphold the law of the land (again, that's just a little fact I like to throw in there). 
While we are doing away with the parties we need to revise the federal election laws.  The FEC rules were written to make it difficult for individuals not associated with a party to run for high office. 
So far I have defined a couple of needs and simultaneously while that is going on there should be a national campaign to prevent voter fraud of which there are many.  I for one have witnessed first hand what voter fraud can do but that's another story for some other time.  Voter identification cards are not entirely fool-proof so there must be a way of assuring that one does not vote more than once (thousands voted more than once in the 2012 elections).   Sticking a finger into an ink jar seemed to work pretty well for the people in Iraq.  Then why not here?  (Already I can see Eric Holder screaming, "That's racist!")
While this national campaign to prevent fraud at the polls everyone should be reminded of their right to vote without any undue influence by outside forces (i.e. politcal parties).  This means that you and you alone should decide who you are going to vote for and there is no better way than the write-in vote.  By using the write-in vote we could remove ourselves from the corporations and other organizations that wish to destroy our once proud country.
These groups want nothing more than a complete globalization of all societies molded into one homogenous clump of degenerates willing to obey their every order (Bill Clinton wanted this New World Order more than anyone else, that is until Barack Husein Obama came on the scene.  Bill wanted to be president of the world while Obama just wants to be Dictator Number One.)
So I can already hear everyone out there saying the write-in vote will never work.  My first response is, "How do you know it won't?"  You never know anything until it is tried.  And if you use some American ingenuity you can  spread the word far and wide, "Write-in", "Write-in", "Write-in".  Advertise, advertise, advertise...pretty soon the ignorant masses will wake up and grab a No. 2 pencil before heading to the polls.  By the way, Senator Strom Thurmond from South Carolina was voted into office by using the write-in vote.  If one state can do it, so can they all! ~ Norman E. Hooben
How many times do I have to post this ↓ before the message sinks in?
Side note:  Many people go to for clarification of certain so-called facts.  Well they were 100% wrong on their one-sided view back in 2008... here, all you have to do is check this out ~ Boy! Were they ever wrong!
Want more proof that the Democrats are intentionally destroying the country...check out the following video...if you still don't believe it consider yourself brain-washed beyond hope.

And it is the Democrats who want to take away your right to free speech ...see video↓

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