Friday, June 27, 2014

Remember when I said...

The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming!

I had a pretty good lead-in to the above comment when I posted "When you finish your homework get ready for battle... (link)" back in August of 2010, almost four years ago, and if you scour the Internet I'm sure you will find similar warnings of the impending terror.  But who's paying attention?  American citizens (including our politicians!) are so out of touch with reality I think it would take a beheading of their next door neighbor before they woke up...and even that may be considered just a neighborhood disturbance or workplace violence soon to be forgotten after the 6 o'clock news.  Well instead of bloggers like myself shouting the warnings do you think if the Muslims sent out a message directly to U.S. citizens stating that they're going to kill, would such a message vindicate my message?  Apparently they have done just that!  Earlier today a Muslim who goes by the name, Alanbari Daysam, posted a dire warning on a Twitter account... And guess what?  No alarms going off with any of the main stream media, the White House or the Congress, so I guess until the head-chopping party begins we can take these warnings with a grain of salt.  ~ Norman E. Hooben

The following from: Weasel Zippers (images may not appear here as they did there)
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ISIS members are preparing “an event to warn the U.S” to not involve themselves in Iraq.
A person identifying himself as “Alanbari Daysam” has posted a series of threats to the United States homeland via Twitter today.
Calling for ISIS members to attack the United States, Dayaam posts pictures of suicide vests and instructs followers to “enter U.S. cities and marketplaces with these vests and detonate them, killing American citizens”
In other Tweets, “Daysam” advocates advice from Osama Bin Laden telling Muslims not to ask before committing Jihad against America and to poison American drinking water.
After you have consumed the above, digest this ↓


 ...and if the Muslims do not worry you, the Chinese should!

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