Monday, June 2, 2014

Exact Number Of Faces Unknown...maybe they got yours...if not, hold that smile.

Gotcha !
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Your Face: NSA Collecting Millions of Americans’ Images

(NEW YORK) — The National Security Agency‘s mining of personal data goes well beyond emails and phone calls.
According to The New York Times, newly uncovered information leaked by former contractor Edward Snowden regarding NSA intelligence gathering reveals the spy agency has also been collecting “millions of images a day” of Americans and foreigners for use in sophisticated facial recognition programs.
Furthermore, 55,000 of these images mined from social media, private emails and video conferencing were “facial recognition quality images.”
If the report is true, it would take several years before the images of all adult Americans appear in the agency’s database.
The Times noted that the exact number of Americans whose facial images have been gathered by the NSA is unknown. However, current laws about surveillance and privacy apparently don’t apply to the collection of faces from web images.
Increasingly, the U.S. community is turning to facial recognition, fingerprints and other identifiers as important tools in fighting domestic and international terrorism. Meanwhile, privacy rights experts say this is yet another intrusion into the personal lives of Americans.

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