Friday, April 4, 2014

Dr Jane and the greatful chimp... (get out the kleenex)

80 Years on a Journey of Hope
“I am hoping that for my 80th birthday this year, we can raise enough money to give chimpanzees the freedom to live in their new forest island home” -Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE
Video Source YouTube - Story Source Trending Monkey
What This Chimp Does to Thank Her Rescuer Moved Me to Tears. This is Definitely Worth Watching!
I was incredibly moved by this video. Wounda is a chimpanzee who came back from the dead. When she regained her health she was released back into the forest by Jane Goodall. You have to watch what happens at 3:00. It is so powerful!

The rescue work that Jane and her Institute does is so incredible. Jane is hoping for her 80th birthday in 2014 that she can release many more chimps like Wounda back into the wild. For more information on her sanctuary and the work visit Jane Goodall Institute of Canada website.
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