Thursday, March 20, 2014

"...turning the United States into radioactive ash."

Ninety percent (99%) of Americans will miss this point entirely... In case your wondering what the point of all this is, it's just another wake up call.  Obama is leading us straight into WW III and 99% of Americans don't give a damn!

Before reading the story below perhaps you should refresh your memory here and scroll down to:
 "U.S. dismantling its most powerful nuke"
Then watch this:
The following from Huff Post Media
Russian Journalist Warns U.S. About Moscow's Nuclear Capabilities
* Russian media steps up war of words over Crimea
By Lidia Kelly

MOSCOW, March 16 (Reuters) - A Kremlin-backed journalist issued a stark warning to the United States about Moscow's nuclear capabilities on Sunday as the White House threatened sanctions over Crimea's referendum on union with Russia.

"Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash," television presenter Dmitry Kiselyov said on his weekly current affairs show.

Behind him was a backdrop of a mushroom cloud following a nuclear blast.

Kiselyov was named by President Vladimir Putin in December as the head of a new state news agency whose task will be to portray Russia in the best possible light.

His remarks took a propaganda war over events in Ukraine to a new level as tensions rise in the East-West standoff over Crimea, a southern Ukrainian region which is now in Russian forces' hands and voted on Sunday on union with Russia.

Russian television showed images of ethnic Russians in Crimea dancing, singing and celebrating the referendum but followed them with accusations that Kiev's new authorities and the West have allowed ultra-nationalists to attack Russian-speakers in eastern Ukraine.

Kiev and the West blame the violence in eastern Ukraine on pro-Russian groups and say the Crimea referendum is illegitimate. The United States has warned of imminent sanctions against Moscow.
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