Friday, March 28, 2014

Something primal is awakening in Denmark. Will it wake up the Americans?

DENMARK: Copenhagen Police hemorrhaging from having to deal with rampant Muslim crime
Muslim gang crime is draining the resources of the Danish police, so much so, that there virtually is no manpower available to help native Danish citizens when they call.
Islam vs Europe (h/t Susan K) Muslim gangs are rampant in Copenhagen with several shootings every week. The Muslim ghettos in West Copenhagen are also experiencing an epidemic of arson attacks. They may soon have to call out the army and the National Guard to keep the peace.
Police say, ”As it is right now, we do not come when you call for us,” says Morten Rasmussen, who is among officers who answer the phone at the police 112 (911)-central in Copenhagen. Many of the conversations with citizens end up with the police having to explain why no police patrol patrol can be sent to assist a citizen who is calling.  He tells about the lack of few patrols on the street, and that far too many people do not get help when needed. Morten Rasmussen find that the strong focus on the gang war in Copenhagen draws resources from solving ‘ordinary’ crime.
“The police, of course, take care of the big cases, such as stabbings, shootings and riots. But concerning everything else, there is basically no police,” says Morten Rasmussen.” 65% of Danes confirm this problem with police response today. Michael Hviid Jacobsen, gang expert and professor at Aalborg University says, “There have never been more gang members on the streets than now. Police last month has jailed 60 gang members. ”‘The recruitment of new immigrant gang members right now is higher than the number of gang members we manage to put in jail.

You can not punish themselves out of this problem alone. Gang crime is here to stay. “The view is shared by Police Inspector Michael Ash, head of the National Police Research Centre.  GOV “The Jackal Manifesto” started an extended discussion about Hells Angels in Denmark and the role they have assumed as the spearhead of armed ethnic Danish resistance to immigrant violence.

Even in Denmark — which is relatively free of the PC pathology — the mainstream media and polite society recoil in horror from the thought of a biker club targeting immigrant gangs for reprisals. In order to maintain the pristine purity of their ideological posture, they are forced to avert their eyes from what has caused the Hells Angels’ reaction, and from the failure of the civil authorities to address the urgent issue of violent, lawless, unassimilated Muslim immigrants.  But ordinary Danes are not so ready to follow the elite sheep up the ramp into the abattoir.  Something primal is awakening in Denmark.

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