Sunday, March 30, 2014

Police Catch and Release ... Hey, if it takes more than 90 minutes to ID this child rapist, we'll just let 'em go.

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Accused Child Rapist from Troy New York Caught in Florida, Then Released
Posted by: Matt Boster
Pinellas Park police say authorities in Troy, N.Y., contacted
them regarding 25-year-old Jesse Sawyer Jr., who is accused
of raping three young children and then posing in pictures with
them earlier this month. (Photo courtesy BigJohn )
The alleged child rapist police have been hunting for more than a week was captured in
Florida overnight, only to be released by police there a short time later.
Police in Troy received a tip late Thursday night that Jesse Sawyer Jr. was spotted in Pinellas Park, Florida. They alerted the authorities there, who found Sawyer in the parking lot of a church-run shelter.

Sawyer is accused of raping three little girls -- one age 6 and the others each age 5. He's also accused of taking pictures of the encounters.

The case came to light when a woman discovered the graphic photos and reported them to Troy police.  The local authorities enlisted the aid of the FBI to try to track Sawyer down.

The Pinellas Park police took Sawyer into custody, but released him 90 minutes later when they were unable to confirm the federal warrant issued for him.

Troy police say their counterparts in Pinellas Park did receive confirmation of the warrant a short time after letting him go. They say that when the police there tried to apprehend him a second time, he escaped through a window.

Sawyer remains on the loose
With the assistance of a church program that helps the homeless in Pinellas County, Sawyer turned himself. ....Full story here
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