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Blessed are the ignorant,for they shall die (America is falling into an inescapable deathtrap).

American citizens should make the necessary preparations for the horrors to come. Obama's reckless policies continue to lead America down a path of Economic Collapse and Destruction.

Source: FaceBook
Specific events unfolding in America have been strategically and deceitfully designed to leads its people into an inescapable deathtrap.
Many wonder why so much interest and media attention is given to Gay Rights and Pro-Choice [Abortion] yet little or no attention to what matters most - the Economy. Its only logical that a total collapse of the Economy will lead to greater and far more important things such as shortages of food and fuel; and a starving family does not have abortion, gays and lesbians at its forefront but rather 'FOOD' to stay alive!
As regular citizens concern themselves with these important questions, one question stands out the most: "Why is the Obama Administration's priority Abortion and Gay Rights when the primary duty of a President is to ensure the welfare [via Economy] of ALL Americans?". This Article will answer that question and also give you a preview of turbulent days to come.
In today's America, it seems like the thought process of our leaders has flipped upside-down and reasoning is being guided by twisted logic. While all along many Americans go about their daily lives with little awareness of a storm brewing in the horizon, and its these people who will suffer the most when the storm arrives in its entirety. Consider this article an "Alert" and "Warning" to prepare for what will surely come. Why? Because there's no stopping he who is brewing the storm - Barack Hussein Obama.
The storm is also being fueled by a certain movement in America -- the Democrat and Liberal Movement.
Have you ever been in a group and engaged in political conversation whereby the subject "religion" is mentioned? Many individuals quickly try to defuse the subject by claiming "Religion" has no place in "Politics". The question is, "Are they right?". Its clear that individuals destined to reign are first raised with a certain belief system, and that system springs to life when the King [or President] makes decisions that effect an entire Nation. Its also clear that our Founding Fathers had a certain belief system and that system can be seen in the many Historical Documents. As matter of fact, it was that belief system that guided our Founding Fathers to establish the Most Powerful Nation on Earth, both Economically and Militarily.
The so called 'Politically Correct' [individuals] insult people of faith by calling them superstitious freaks. Based on their logic, they suggest our Founding Fathers were ignorant people who knew not what they spoke. Well, one thing's for sure, America became the Greatest Nation on Earth based on their Faith [Beliefs]. So the "Politically Correct" have been proven wrong by the History our Fathers launched into motion. The word "God" is mentioned numerous times in the "Constitution" and in many other important documents as well. So when our Fathers spoke of a "God", what god did they speak of? The god of Islam, Budha or Scientology? Absolutely Not! The Facts speak for themselves. If America as a Whole Celebrates Christmas, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, its obvious of which god they spoke of. Those Holidays are rooted in Christianity. So its the Christian God, the God of Israel that led their wisdom. The Politically Correct don't have to like it, but its a FACT that can't be denied.
So once again, does "Religion" play a key role in "Politics"? YES!
More evidence can be found in World History. Dictators have caused the deaths of Millions through out the Ages due to their lust for power, selfish and murderous beliefs. The pattern can be seen from thousands of years ago with Egyptian Farrows to Julius Ceasar, Eerxes, and Nero -- [decades ago] to Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Adolf Hitler and Mussolini --- and recently with Saddam Hussein and many other Dictators in Latin America, Africa, Middle-East and Asia.
This brings us back home - America.
America is known as the 'Beacon of Freedom' around the world.
So how did America get there?
Its the belief system that led our Founding Fathers to construct the foundation of a Great Nation.
Our fathers recognized that 'NO ONE MAN' should be given total and absolute power. That in order to have TRUE FREEDOM the Nation would have to be BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.
But now, It seems like half the population in America has lost its mind. They have relinquished their RIGHTS and FREEDOM to support the destructive ambition of ONE MAN -- Barack Hussein Obama.
Obama made it NO SECRET what his intentions were from the beginning.
He captured the hearts of many 'low information voters' with his so called, "Hope and Change".
From the moment Obama spoke, America was in trouble. Why, you may ask.
America was, and is, the Greatest Nation on Earth - prior to - and now with Obama.
The so called "Politically Correct" argue that after President Bush, America needed "Change".
But its clear that Obama's "change" means to destroy the entire Foundation of America; and not necessarily to "change" and correct the so called "damage" Bush may have done. There's a difference!
Plus, the Politically Correct have made no attempt to stop Obama's attack on their freedom but instead are willful participants in their own destruction.
And in regards to Obama's "hope"; America provided - and provides - 'HOPE' to Millions of immigrants who now call it Home.
It was clear from the beginning that Obama's ideology and belief system is foreign to America!
Obama has repeatedly attacked everything that makes America great.
So why is he hell bent on destroying America?
The Department of Homeland Security [DHS] under the leadership of the Obama Administration have purchased OVER 1.6 BILLION Rounds of Ammunition including THOUSANDS of Armored Military Vehicles and Tanks.

Concerns about the apparent arms build-up are growing, with retired United States Army Captain Terry M. Hestilow sending a letter to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) warning that the ammo purchases represent “a bold threat of war by that agency (DHS), and the Obama administration, against the citizens of the United States of America.”
A solicitation on the Federal Business Opportunities website details the DHS’ plan to purchase 360,000 rounds of “Commercial leaded training ammo (CLTA) Pistol .40 caliber 165 grain, jacketed hollow point.” The bullets are to be delivered to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico, the same destination for 240,000 hollow point rounds which were purchased only last month.
This is disturbing especially when one considers that the Obama Administration is conducting a Full-Blown Attack against the 2nd Amendment's Right to Bear Arms. With sheer hypocrisy Obama and the Democrats are purchasing Weapons and Ammo while all along asking for a disarmament of Law Abiding Citizens. Their attacks have led to a Massive Shortage of Weapons and Ammunition that create a substantial risk to Hundreds of Law Enforcement Agencies [Local & State] around the Nation. Police Agencies require ammunition and certain High-Powered Rifles - not only for necessary training - but to Defend and Protect Citizens from Criminals who have already armed themselves with such Weapons.
With hypocrisy, arrogance and lawlessness, Obama in a Dictatorial Style Fashion continues his attacks on The Constitution [Highest Law of the Land], Law Abiding Citizens and all those who oppose him which lead to a Disturbing Conclusion. Is he preparing a Civilian Man Army to fight within America? Remember the following words from Barack Obama:
"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."
The stunning comments from Democrat Sen. Barack Obama that the United States needs a “civilian national security force” that would be as powerful, strong and well-funded as the half-trillion dollar United States Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force have mysteriously disappeared from published transcripts of the speech
American citizens should make the necessary preparations for the horrors to come. Obama's reckless policies continue to lead America down a path of Economic Collapse and Destruction. A Collapse will not only mean the end of the Dollar, but to full-blown chaos and violence in America's streets due to shortages of food and fuel. This will create the perfect storm Obama requires in order to Institute Martial Law. And with Martial Law comes Soldiers [Civilian Military Force?] and tanks patrolling the streets in order to establish so called "Law and Order". Except this time it will be "Obama's Order" - Oppression under the Rule of a Dictator. After all, Members of the Obama Administration have said, "Never let a Crisis go to waste", in Recorded Media Interviews. Like True Tyrants - the current Administration creates the Crisis via Lies and Deception -- and then capitalize on their Evil Creation by instituting Dictatorial and Oppressive Laws that are Alien to the U.S. Constitution and American way of life.
Time is running out! THIS IS A WARNING:
America is under attack by a New Enemy.
An Antichrist [Barack Obama] who's beliefs and way of life are Alien to the Foundation of this Great Nation.
America's economy will collapse due to the Storm brewing within.
Democrats and Liberals in conjunction with the State Run Media [MSNBC, PBS, CBS, etc.] will prefer to destroy America rather than loose their beloved Wicked Messiah - Barack Hussein Obama. The events unfolding in America are no coincidence nor wild chance - these events were spoken of long ago. The following article is based on solid evidence and proof - much of which has already come to pass. Failing to grasp the content of this message may result in serious, and possible life threatening repercussions for you and your family.
It is safe to assume that if Obama is against Christianity, he is by definition - Antichrist.
And what does an Obama America mean to the world!
[Article below was documented prior to Obama's Second Term Election]
Many people have given their opinion as to whom the antichrist may be; Or, where he (antichrist) may come from. But there is only ONE WAY to reach the BEST CONCLUSION!
The Word of God!
What you are about to read, will give you an entire new outlook of what is currently going on in America and the world.

Opinions lead people astray; And therefore, become deceived. ALL SCRIPTURE IS GOD-BREATHED (God-inspired)... "2 Timothy 3:16".

You may ask, "Who gives you the right to be right, when thousands of professing Christians claim to know the truth?"
Well, by the time you've finished with this article, you will understand. In fact, you may already be looking at the Biblical End-Times ANTICHRIST and not even realize it.

First; if we are to believe in God, we must believe in His Word. All of it! In other words,... anything and everything there is to know about life, how it began, what it contains, and how it will end, has already been written. God did not leave it to speculation.

When we read the bible, we learn how all things began. This is written in detail in the book of Genesis. As we reach the ending of the Bible, another important thing is revealed, "The End of the AGE". This is also explained in detail in the book of Revelation. In essence, God has established a "TIMELINE".

God's "Timeline" is important. By understanding the "Timeline", we realize at what point in time we are in currently in. This will prepare the 'reader' for the "End-Times", and the "Coming antichrist".

Now, based on Scripture, God gives us the necessary clues that reveal His "Timeline". And these important clues are:
1. God works in "SEVENs". God establishes this in the Creation Days of Genesis. God made ALL things in SIX DAYS, and RESTED on the SEVENTH DAY. (Genesis 1 & 2). We continue to see God's pattern in the books of Exodus, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Daniel, and Revelation. Further proof of God's "SEVENs" pattern is established when he Commanded the Israelites to work for SIX DAYS, and REST on DAY SEVEN. He further commands that the SEVENth day be kept HOLY (Exodus 20:8-11).

2. Another important clue of God's "Timeline" is found in "2 Peter 3:8"... "Don't forget this dear friends, to the Lord, a DAY is as a THOUSAND YEARS, a THOUSAND YEARS are as a DAY." ... It is important to remember this CLUE as we move forward!

3. The Bible gives a complete GENEALOGY (generations) of descendants. It provides the name(s) of the person(s), and his/her life span. One example is found in "Genesis 11:10-32". Through these accounts provided in the Bible, we learn the following:
(a) From Adam & Eve, to Noah (The Flood), TWO THOUSAND YEARS went by.
(b) From Noah (The Flood), to Jesus Christ, TWO THOUSAND YEARS went by.
(C) From Jesus Christ, to now (present), TWO THOUSAND YEARS have gone by. We are in the year 2014 A.D...

Now, if we apply "2 Peter 3:8", we learn that SIX DAYS in the sight of God have gone by, From Adam & Eve, to now (present).
If God continues the pattern He has established in regards to "SEVENs", we have ONE missing DAY. And where do we find this DAY?... In the book of Revelation. The ONE THOUSAND YEAR reign of Christ... (Revelation 20). During that ONE THOUSAND YEAR reign of Christ, he (Christ) will bring a period of peace (REST) to the earth. This continues the pattern established by God. THE SIX DAYS, AND SEVENth DAY of REST.
In essence, we are about to end DAY SIX, and about to enter DAY SEVEN (the ONE thousand year reign of Christ). WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS; or, END OF THE AGE! (BASED ON SCRIPTURE)
We must not forget an important part of the "Timeline". The reign of the antichrist. And we know based on scripture, that the antichrist will come before Christ. Why? Because Christ will destroy him (antichrist) with the brightness of his coming..."2 Thessalonians 2:8".

From what we have learned thus far, we are in the "Last Days". But these aren't the only clues God gave us in regards to His "Timeline".
In the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke, we learn about more signs concerning the "End Days", or "End of the Age".
Christ said, "The generation to see Israel recover Jerusalem, would be the generation to see the end of the age".... Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21.
FACT: Israel became a nation in 1948. Coincidently, Hitler wanted to wipe the Jews from existence a few years earlier (WWII, 1939-1945). Could the forces of Satan have influenced Hitler to try to stop the plan of God revealed to Ezekiel? Remember, Satan knows God's plans, "Revelation 12:12".
God told Ezekiel, He would gather His people from around the world (among the nations) and settle them back in their land (Israel).... (the Valley of Dry bones prophecy..."Ezekiel 37"). Israel did what no other nation on earth has ever done...the original residents RECOVERED their LAND after thousands of years of foreign occupation which include the PALESTINIANS. The Hebrews possessed the Land thousands of years before the Palestinians set foot upon it, making the Palestinians claims false.

FACT: Israel recovered Jerusalem in the "Six Day War" of 1967. This fulfilled the prophecy Jesus Christ foretold to his apostles. (NOTE: In SIX days Israel defeated several nations. Was God with them? God has made it clear HE works SIX days and rest on the SEVENTH day. ALSO NOTE how the Land of Israel serves a special role on Major Biblical World Events.)

Bottom line, based on Physical, Tangible and Visual Evidence,.. THE WORD OF GOD! (BIBLE), and Historical Events,.. we are currently (present-now) in the "Latter Days".

Now that it's established, via the Word of God, and not OPINION; That we are in the "Last Days", we can begin to look for the CLUES that reveal the antichrist.
It is important that the 'reader' understand the following:
(1st) The World is unfolding, and will unfold, based on the Word of God (bible), and not on man's opinions or assumptions. In other words, if it has been written, it will be done. It is up to the 'reader' to place the pieces together based on past, present, and current world events.
(2) God has provided countless clues that describe the "End of Days Antichrist". It’s up to the 'reader' to look for them.
Those clues give rise to the long awaited "Biblical End Times Antichrist". By the time you've read this, you will know who he is, based on scripture!

First clue... The antichrist will "Rule" the world economy, “Revelation 13:16-17”. Now, based on current world facts, what nation dominates the world markets? Fact: the United States! When the U.S. stock market suffers, the world trade markets suffer. The U.S. Dollar dominates all other currencies on the planet. And who is currently the President of the United States? Barack Hussein Obama!

Second clue… The antichrist, also known as ‘Ruler of the Latter Days’, will “Change the times”, and oppress the saints (Christians), “Daniel 7:25”. Now, two important things of interest that stand out from Daniel’s prophecy. Change, and oppression.
FACT: Obama ran a campaign on ‘change’. In fact - His policies are not only ‘changing’ America, but the world in general. Obama's FOREIGN POLICY is/has destabilized the planet. Rogue nations are doing what they’ve never done before - Acquiring Nuclear Weapons/capability. Barack Obama shares most of the blame for his failure to take action against nations who have long been America's enemy. Obama's support for the "Arab Spring" has also destabelized the Middle-East who for decades had a form of stability.
Fact, Obama's socialist policies here in America will usher in oppression. Why? Because there is no such thing as a ‘free society’ in a socialist country. (fact) The United States has the biggest population of Christians in the world. And what is the main group opposing Obama’s Agenda? Conservative Christians. (Remember: Daniel’s prophecy states, he (antichrist) will ‘oppress’ the saints (Christians).) America as a WHOLE celebrates Christmas and other Christian based Holidays, only ISOLATED pockets of LIBERALS, ATHEIST, and other movements do not. As recent as a DECADE ago, thousands upon thousands of stores across America would close for business in respect to the occasion. Now, Obama and his lawless liberal movement have launched an all out attack to destroy what our founding fathers established.

Third clue… “Revelation 13:11”… ‘The beast had horns like a lamb (Christian), but he spoke like a dragon (antichrist). ‘ … Obama ran a campaign claiming to be a ‘Christian’, but indeed he lied! (FACT) See “Obama mocks God” on youtube; and also, ‘Obama vs. Alan keys on Christianity’. Obama was caught on actual media footage mocking the ‘Christian God, and Christianity’. Now, one must ask themselves a reasonable and logical question. Who in their RIGHT MIND would offend the God they profess to worship??? Either Obama is out of his mind! Or he is a flat out liar!
Barack Obama has proven time and time again that he is following what his father taught him. To follow the MUSLIM religion. And we know what MOST muslim nations think about Christianity. Christians are infidels in their eyes. Those whom they must destroy. As matter of fact, radical Muslims have sworn to destroy America, Israel, and their inhabitants. This includes ALL THOSE who stand AGAINST ISLAM irrelevant of religious views. Several investigations have recently revealed Obama's affiliation to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. Obama's actions continue to shed light on evidence that reveal he is indeed a Muslim and an Islam Taqiyya Master. This is precisely why he continuously LIES to the American people and shows no sign of remorse.

Fourth clue… “Revelation 20:4”… ‘Those who had been beheaded for not worshiping the antichrist’ (which include Christians & Jews). (FACT) Barack Obama claims to be a Christian but his actions tell otherwise. Obama was raised by his muslim father. Obama also wrote a book whereby he states he would side with the muslim world (fact). Obama is embracing the muslim world, and indeed, is turning his back on Israel, a long time U.S. Allie. Obama supports sharia law and supports the building of the mosque in New York. All of Obama’s actions are evidence and proof he is a muslim. And what do muslims do to Christians, Jews & infidels???? THEY BEHEAD THEM!
Barack Obama asked for a 500,000 civilian man army. Why? Democrats have historically been against military spending. So why would Obama (Democrat) want to spend millions for a civilian military force? Sounds like a repeat of Hitler’s brown shirts. Obama’s policies will eventually make him America’s first dictator. And he will use his ‘Civilian Army’ much like Hitler used his brown shirts. To round up the opposition and destroy them (kill, murder by beheading).

Fifth clue… “Revelation 13:16-17” … ‘He (antichrist) also forced everyone to receive a mark on his right hand or forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark..’ (FACT) During John Roberts Chief Justice confirmation hearing, Vice President Joe Biden asked him (Roberts) if he was prepared to make a “Ruling” that would allow American citizens to be implanted with a tracking device that would “track our every movement”. This was caught on actual media footage (C-SPAN) and can be found on ‘Youtube’, or ‘google’. This tracking device (chip) is not a Conspiracy Theory, it is a fact (plan). It was made known in a public forum that the media captured on live feed. Biden is the Vice President to Barack Obama.

Sixth clue… “Daniel 11:36-37” … “The ruler of the latter days that will do as HE PLEASES, and serve a god his forefathers never knew.”
FACT: Barack Obama intentionally and knowingly defies the will of the American people. He ignores the Republican party, He ignores ALL opposition and DOES AS HE PLEASES! In the November Mid-Term elections of Obama's First Term, Americans voted overwhelmingly against him and his Democratic Party. And what did Obama do in return? Continued to pursue the policies the American people have REJECTED. Obama ALSO did what no other president in American history has ever done. Told the entire planet that America is not a Christian nation. He continues to attack Christianity. Our forefathers established this country on Christian principles. Contrary to what critics and skeptics say,… that is a fact! America celebrates Christmas, celebrates good Friday, Easter Sunday.. all of these HOLIDAYS have CHRISTIAN ROOTS. Point is - Obama is going against the establishment of his “forefathers”, something his “forefathers” never knew (a foreign god).

Seventh clue… “Daniel 8:25” … ‘The ruler of the latter days will cause DECEIT to prosper, and will consider himself SUPERIOR (arrogant).’
FACT: Barack Obama has been a master of lies and deceit just like his father - the devil. He says one thing and does another. Obama is out right arrogant. Obama insulted America World Wide by calling us "Arrogant", this coming from a Hypocrite who DEFIES the will of his OWN PEOPLE and does as he pleases; he is a VILE ARROGANT man! Uncovered evidence has revealed that his Chicago style politics are corrupt. Obama was associated with Acorn and Acorn has been proven to be corrupt organization; and Obama was with them from the beginning of his career. Obama and his cronies in Washington are corrupting the White House. This has inspired journalist such as Michelle Malkin (Obama and his culture of corruption), and many others to write documentaries of Obama’s illegal activities. Corruption is associated with lies and deceit. Obama has not taken any action against Attorney General Eric Holder for a corrupt operation that ended with Mexican Cartel members obtaining American weapons and the death of a Border Patrol Agent by one of those firearms. Operation "Fast and Furious" was a completely corrupt operation that Obama by his actions supports. This continues to prove that Barack Obama is a MASTER of lies, deceit and corruption. It is no surprise that OBAMA would be a habitual liar, after all, He supports Islam TAQIYYA. Taqiyya is the use of LIES by Muslims IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE THEIR GOAL, total destruction of America, Israel and all infidels who refuse to surrender to Islam.

Eighth clue… “2 Thessalonians 2” … ‘The lawless one (antichrist), whom Christ will destroy’, the lawless one will come in conjunction with a spirit of lawlessness.
FACT: Barack Obama is lawless. He is destroying and scrapping the U.S. Constitution (The highest law of the land). Obama neither obeys the ‘laws of man’ (Constitution), and much less the Laws of God (God’s commandments). Obama is the most pro-abortion (murder) individual to ever hold office. From Senator to President, Obama has a 100% in FAVOR of abortion (murder) record. God said, ‘Thou shalt not murder’. Abortion is Murder whether we accept it or not!
Other laws of God that Obama has completely stomped and disrespected include the following:
Obama is stealing money via taxes from hard working Americans to support [welfare] able-body Americans who refuse to work. God said, "Thou shalt not steal"; and "He who does not work, neither shall he eat" [2 Thessalonians 3:10]
Obama also encourages Open Rights for Gays and Lesbians. (God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for homosexual conduct). Barack Obama and his lawless liberals have launched an all out attack against God and His Commands (Laws). Obama is the 'Lawless One' that would come in conjunction with a 'lawless movement', the liberal movement. Obama appeals to a majority of citizens in America who by statistics are lawless. (meaning, they are either for abortion, legalizing marijuana, legalizing homosexuality and attacking Christianity. Everything that favors iniquity and DEFIES Almighty God.)

Nineth clue… “Joel 3:2”… ‘God said He would gather all nations in the valley of Jehoshaphat and enter into judgement with them concerning His people (Israel), and for DIVIDING His Land (Israel). ‘
FACT: Barack Obama is pressuring the Israelites to give up land (divide) to appease the muslim world. Part of Obama’s peace deal requires that Israel give up the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, West Bank and half of Jerusalem to the Palestinians. In other words, DIVIDING God’s Land, whom God gave to the Israelites as an inheritance. Obama wants Israel to withdraw to its pre-1967 war border. By doing so, Obama will bring God’s judgements on us (America) all. In the mean time, Obama has visited several Middle-East nations in his three (3) years as president and has yet to visit Israel. The FACTS speak for themselves. Barack Obama is frequently hostile towards Israel and Christianity. Christianity founded by the Son of Almighty God, Jesus Christ.

Tenth clue… During the ‘Economic Crisis’, Barack Obama signed a deal with Europe’s biggest bank that would allow them to regulate America’s banks; The bank of Rome Italy. By doing so, Obama has made America part of the European Union even though it is still unofficial.
Henry Kissinger told CNN in a live media interview, that Europe and the world needed a “New World Order” with Obama as its leader.
(Daniel 2 … “the statue”) King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that was later revealed to him by God through the Prophet Daniel. The dream revealed the rise of a “Revived Roman Empire” that Christ would destroy in the “Latter Days”. Due to Obama’s policies, America is now part of the European Union (The Revived Roman Empire--- was established when European Nations signed the “Treaty of Rome” shortly after WWII that united their currency).
In essence, the Roman Empire was reborn.
According to the book of Revelation and “Daniel 9:27”, the antichrist will make a peace pact with Israel for ‘Seven’ years, that will give them safety.
Ezekiel’s Gog-Magog invasion of the Latter days (Ezekiel 38 & 39), mentions Russia [Gog-Magog] and Iran [Persia] launching a surprise attack on Israel. This includes most pro-islam middle-east nations that will attack. The Antichrist will be on the other side [West Side] of the battle against Russia and Iran; nonetheless, all nations will be gathered around Jerusalem to fulfill the prophecy of “Joel 3:2”. The antichrist will come from the Western World but will have muslim influence. According to the scriptures - the antichrist will make a deal to guarantee Israel's safety when the Land is DIVIDED but will never keep his word. Obama's actions here in America have shown a pattern that place him in the perfect position to fulfill that prophecy. Obama promises the American people certain things time and time again, and instead, he does the opposite time and time again. Obama is a master of LIES and DECEIT! An ISLAM Taqiyaa MASTER!
The scriptures make it clear that Russian and Iranian Forces - including many Middle-Eastern countries - will attack the Forces of the Antichrist and this battle will take place over the Land of Israel. A second wave of attack will ensue when the Kings of the East, China, Korea and others attack as well. Once again, the Antichrist will be on the side of the Western World.
Is it a coincidence that at this time in History, Russia, China and Iran have made an alliance? And that all three of these nations are in conflict against the United States of America of which its leader is Barack Hussein Obama? No, its no coincidence. Its Bible Prophecy unfolding before our very eyes.
The scriptures [Bible] also describe the effects of what we know today as a Nuclear Holocaust. This will take place when all the nations collide over the Land of Israel -- the Land chosen by Almighty God.
Its very clear.
The battle of Armageddon is gearing up.

FINAL and Most Powerful CLUE that Barack Obama is the Biblical End Times Antichrist.
Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke Aramaic / Hebrew.
He said, "I beheld Satan as Lightning fall from Heaven." [Luke 10:18]
Lightning is "Baraq" in Aramaic / Hebrew.
Heaven or High Place is "Bamah" in Aramaic / Hebrew.
Adding the translation the words of Jesus would have actually said the following:
"I beheld Satan as Baraq Bamah."
Is it a coincidence to the similarity of the name "Barack Obama" given all the other clues previously mentioned?
I think not!
The Words of Jesus Christ are thousands of years old and fall perfectly in line at this point of God's "TIMELINE".

In closing!
The Antichrist, Barack Obama, will use every dirty trick in the book to be re-elected as President of America. If he is radical now, God have mercy on us all if he obtains four (4) more years in power. Don't ever under estimate the COWARDLY ACTS of a CORRUPT HABITUAL LIAR. America is in great danger. Don't be surprised if Barack Obama is re-elected by VOTER FRAUD.
Now, for a brighter aspect of our future.
The KING 'Jesus Christ' is COMING!
Pray that you be found worthy to escape (via Rapture) the Great Tribulation! God have mercy on us all. If we're worthy, we will GO UP, IN A BLINK, IN A TWINKLING OF AN EYE, TO MEET OUR LORD IN THE AIR!


Religion as a Bond of Union
“The people of the city were not only united about a common citadel; they were also bound together by a common religion. Each smaller group – like the family, the gens, etc. – retained its own particular worship; but to be part of the city it must also recognize the common deity under whose protection the city was founded, and whose continual worship the city life was maintained. Religion was thus the sacred bond of union which held together the various parts of the community.” ~ From Outlines of Greek History by William C. Morey, Ph.D., D.C.L. copyright 1903
One could make the claim that the above quote is the greatest un-learned history lesson of all time. I don’t know how many times nor how many history books that I ran across similar statements about the cohesion of the early city states. The use of Dr. Morey’s quote here was simply because it predates me…but also that I have the book in my possession.
It should be noted that the sacred bond of union was one of mutually shared assimilation and not a dictate by the government for as soon as such authoritative force came upon the population then the decline of the city state soon followed; especially when that force was dominated by outside religious beliefs or no religion at all. Most indigenous peoples have a religion that guides there every day moral compass; those that do not generally have no morals and a particular observation is that lying comes easy for there is no law written in stone to guide them…they have no conscience that disturbs the alarms that should ring when wrong dominates right. Such secular people usually have little in common with those of established faiths…though there is some toleration but usually for political trickery intents.
So what is happening now in the once very cohesive United States? We have the influence of an unconscionable, authoritative leader that dictates policy influenced by non Judeo-Christian beliefs (mostly Islam and Marxism) backed by gangs schooled in the art of Saul Alinsky and deceit (is that a double negative? Alinsky and deceit). Remember, it was Judeo-Christian beliefs that were our common bond. Let’s not forget it. This moment in time is your part in history for another generation to learn about so let’s prolong our bond before the United States of America becomes history. ~ Norman E. Hooben
Ps: The New World Order crowd (Carter, Clinton [x2], Bush[x 2], Pelosi, Reid, Obama) never learned the above history lesson.



Thanks for the Post. And thanks for your commitment in spreading the truth. May God bless you and all those around the world who continue to fight against evil forces--in any manner it may come, including but not limited to Government derived Tranny.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Keep up the good work in Washington State...its God's will.

1 Peter 2:15
For such is the will of God that by doing right you may silence the ignorance of foolish men.