Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Enemies Within ~ How Communism Really Works

"No one has done more to give the Russians what they want than your Mr. Obama, he's done more damage to your military in four years than most standing armies can do in a lifetime..." ~ Trevor Loudon
 When you are doing research you begin to formulate an opinion that pretty much sums up what the real world is all about.  A concept that I have often stated is that approximately 95% of Americans have no clue what their government is doing...either behind the scenes or right out in front for all to see.  A man who has done more research than I has come up with an 85% number of Americans that really don't know what's going on and that gives me a bit more hope that we are not totally lost....yet!  Listen to Trevor Loudon, a New Zealander who probably knows more than 99% of what Americans should know (And let me add, "If you call yourself and American, you should be embarrassed for not knowing what he knows.  Imagine that!  A foreigner who knows more about America than Americans know about themselves.") ~ Norman E. Hooben
Trevor Loudon (L)
Norm Hooben (R)


The Sino-Soviet Threat...

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