Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Da Wirst Guvna Eva (Boston Accent) ~ THE WORST GOVERNOR EVER !

Carr: The worst governor ever?
Let me count the ways
by Howie Carr

Gov. Deval Patrick is the worst governor in Massachusetts history.
Sorry, Mike Dukakis, but it’s true.
Where to begin? Every morning, the papers are full of more disasters authored by Deval and his Cabinet. Is there a single agency in Deval’s government that is not described as “troubled” or “embattled”?
The DCF — one missing, dozens of children dead.
The New England Compounding Center in Framingham, regulated by the Department of Public Health — 64 dead.
Annie Dookhan and the state crime lab: thousands of criminal drug cases compromised, hundreds of millions set aside for lawsuits, one dead — so far.
Promised in 2006 to cut the real-estate property taxes of everyone in the state, and then did absolutely nothing.
Bungled the state’s $69 million Obamacare website.
Corrupt Lt. Gov. Tim Murray forced to resign in disgrace: Refuses to release Murray’s cell-phone records on the morning of his mysterious 108-mph accident in a state car while wearing footie pajamas.
Increased state sales tax by 25 percent.
Instituted sales tax on alcohol, which already has an excise tax, meaning he imposed a tax on a tax. (The voters repealed it.)
He was for the tech tax before he was against the tech tax.
Presiding over the ongoing farce that is the casino-licensing process.
Unemployment rate now much higher than when Mitt Romney left — and above the national average.
Tried to bring Carl Stanley McGee back to state government with a six-figure salary after charges of attacking a young boy in a Florida hot tub were dropped against McGee.
Described the 9/11 terror attacks as “a failure of human beings to understand each other and to learn to love each other.”
After the Boston Marathon bombings by Muslim terrorists, called a press conference to sternly warn people against blaming Muslim terrorists.
Dismissed crimes by foster parents as no more serious than “stealing a candy bar.”
At a press conference about the killing of an American motorcyclist by a drunk illegal alien in Milford, couldn’t remember the victim’s name.
Nine million dollars for renovations to his State House office.
Tried to push through a $2 billion tax increase last year, and had to be stopped by, of all people, the Legislature, which “only” raised taxes by $500 million.
Hired unemployed next-door neighbor in Milton to a $120,000 state job.
Hired campaign driver from Milton as head of the state Parole Board for $100,000-plus.
Tried to give a $175,000 hack job that hadn’t been filled in more than a decade to one of his first campaign supporters.
Last month, before the State of the Commonwealth address, Deval described himself as on his final lap, and said he’d soon be “breaking the tape.”
Why not? He’s broken everything else.
Go to to buy tickets to his “Night of Crime” on March 9 at Florian Hall.
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Above story compliments of the Boston Herald
By the way, "Where's Al Gore?"
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