Friday, January 17, 2014

Remember The Alamo

The following from: Liberty News
Wait, What? The Alamo May Soon Fly The Blue United Nations Flag As An Official UN Heritage Site?
By Eric Odom

Remember the Alamo… remember when it was an American icon? That may soon change and the United Nations may be the new manager if San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro gets his way. San Antonio, Texas Mayor Juli├ín Castro is currently negotiating with the United Nations to designate the Alamo as a UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site, meaning that a blue UN flag may fly above the historic shrine of liberty once it falls under UN control. UNESCO, a specialized agency within the UN, created the World Heritage Site status out of a 1972 international agreement, which calls for nations to join together to manage historical sites through “collective assistance.” “San Antonio has the opportunity for its five Spanish Colonial Missions [including the Alamo] to be nominated to be the first UNESCO World Heritage site in the State of Texas and the 22nd World Heritage designation in the United States,” the October 2013 City of San Antonio newsletter reads. We don’t need “collective assistance” to manage our historical sites. And we certainly don’t need the United Nations in control of the Alamo.

Question:  What criteria would you use to designate another citizen a traitor...especially an elected official who was considered trustworthy of the office for which he was elected?

Answer:   When any citizen collaborates with the enemy and surrenders property belonging to others such that it would benefit the collaborator and not the rest of the citizens.

Discussion/Rationale: The Alamo does not belong to Mayor Julian Castro and he has no authority to negotiate anything whatsoever with the United Nations.  The United Nations is the most corrupt organization ever devised by man and is 'THE NUMBER ONE' enemy of the United States.  Placing the Alamo under the jurisdiction of the United Nations does not benefit one single fact nothing the United Nations does benefits one single American...unless that one single American is Julian Castro.  Therefor Julian Castro is a traitor!  ... 'nough said! ~ Norman E. Hooben
The Racist Brothers, Julian and Joaquin Castro
Two of the most openly racist people elected to office.

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