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Colorado Rain

A passenger from a plane took this photo of the sky as they were flying over Colorado. Torrential rainfall!! Unbelievable.

Navy Yard Murders ...While it is too much to hope for..."Can Obama cancel the rest of his presidency?"

My two-cent intro... Without criticising the excellent commentary that follows I wish the media (the main stream media if you will) would refer to the shooter at the Washington, D.C. Naval Yard as a killer...he is what he is!  He's the bad guy!  Those of us that occasion the shooting range are shooters...we are what we are!  We're the good guys! ~ Norman E. Hooben

President Obama gives campaign speech in wake of murdered Navy heroes
by Eric Golub ~ Source: Washington Times
Eric Golub
LOS ANGELES, September 16, 2013—The real news of September 16th, 2013 was that there was a tragic Navy Yard shooting in Washington, D.C. There were several fatalities. Initial details were not released.
While most Americans recoiled in horror at an act of evil, President Obama treated it as an inconvenience and minor annoyance. The shooter altered the news story about the day, which was supposed to be an Obama press conference where Obama would resume his role as Self-Praiser in Chief of all things Obama.
This day was the five year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The plan was for Obama to give another campaign speech about how he saved the world. Murdered Americans would surely alter his remarks.
Except they would not. His critics see him as a narcissist, and this press conference did nothing to dispel that image. Taste, class and dignity took a back seat to a man determined to talk about what he wanted, regardless of world events around him.
He treated the shooting as peripheral in order to keep it from distracting from his prepared remarks extolling his own virtues.
“Before I begin, let me say a few words…”
He “made it clear” that the shooter or shooters would be “held responsible” and that his administration would be “investigating thoroughly” the situation. Americans have heard those tired phrases hundreds of times involving Benghazi, IRS abuses, and other situations, with the results never materializing.
He then immediately turned to Syria with his traditional “I want to be clear” phrase. He confuses using the word “clear” as being clarity itself. Syria is murky, and appears to have been royally bungled.
He then pivoted to the economy, leaving dead Navy personnel to their role as an afterthought.
Despite having already been reelected, this was a campaign speech that offered nothing but the same nonsense from every other Obama speech.
2008 was the “worst crisis since the Great Depression”
He ignores the Jimmy Carter years.
He helped “keep teachers in our classrooms.”
Firing teachers is virtually impossible. The financial crisis affected them the least.
“We saved the American auto industry.”
Totally false. Government General Motors is still hurting while Ford, which refused bailout money, is doing fine.
“We invested in new American technologies.”
He wasted billions of dollars on failed green energy projects involving Solyndra. Nobody has been held accountable for the fraud involved with shaky companies receiving government loans.
“We produce more natural gas than anybody.”
That has nothing to do with government. This is a private energy explosion that Obama has tried but failed to block at every turn.
“New Foundation for economic growth and prosperity.”
Growth is anemic, the worst recovery in our lifetimes.
A man with failing policies gave a press conference to tout his failures and declare them successes merely because he says so. If that were the story, Obama would just be a politician.
His stubborn insistence on giving his remarks in the wake of dead bodies is what one expects from a man who would fly to Las Vegas for a campaign fundraiser in the wake of Americans being murdered in Benghazi. That makes Obama a narcissist.*
While it is too much to hope for him to just cancel the rest of his presidency, the very least he could have done was cancel his campaign speech on this day.
That is what a decent human being with nothing of value to say would do.

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised, and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”

*Note: For an excellent portrayal of Obama's narcissistic personality see "Astute observations about Obama's NPD CONDITION (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)"

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ทรูมูฟ เอช " การให้ คือการสื่อสารที่ดีที่สุด ...Giving

There's a squirrel that pops his head out from behind that tree, but that's not the point I'm trying to make.

If you missed the squirrel he's just over a minute into the video.
Meanwhile, if you're wondering what happened to American leadership, take a look

Pious Jesus...and we just met on line!

America dazzled by Jesus event on air
Viral video features stunning rendition of classical worship song
Source: WND
They burst into the musical world under the name Forte, capturing the attention of reviewers not only because of their magnificent voices but because of who they are: a Puerto Rican, a South Korean and a New Yorker. They’re heading for the finals of the “America’s Got Talent” competition on Tuesday after leaving the television show’s judges with mouths agape in their debut, singing “Pie Jesu.” The trio of Josh Page, Hana Ryu and Fernando Verela explained to the skeptical judges that they had met online, practiced for a few days and were performing together before an audience for the first time. It took only few notes for the crowd to roar and the judges to stand in amazement. Moving up to the finals is “a dream come true,” said Page. “We never expected this to go so far. The first time we performed was on this show, and America has been taking this journey with us. And we just can’t believe we’re in the finals. It’s unbelievable.” Ryu was replaced during the competition by University of Michigan graduate Sean Panikkar in the later rounds of the competition, because Ryu did not not hold a valid visa. The trio is competing for a $1 million prize. The choice for their first performance, Pie Jesu, is a motet that often is included in musical settings of the Requiem Mass. Pie can be translated “Pious,” while Jesu is “Jesus.”