Friday, December 13, 2013

Speaking of the devil...

Devil by Norman E. Hooben

While perusing the Internet for a research project I came across the following description of the Devil: (Here if you’re interested Philosophical Disquisitions)
·        (a)  Although not omnipotent, the Devil is usually assumed to have supernatural powers that allow him to work remarkable wonders that might appear to a finite intellect to have a divine origin.
·        (b) The Devil is assumed to be vastly more intelligent than ordinary human beings and so could have designs and methods that are inscrutable to us
·        (c) The tradition maintains that the Devil uses his powers for the purposes of deception and imposture, occasionally even going so far as to disguise himself as a benign.
The corollary to that was the feeling of, “Where have I read that before?”  Well let’s take them one item at a time.
The first deals with supernatural powers:
Why is Obama so overtly, easily, effortlessly able to deflect, escape, avoid any issue that will compromise him – and why do people just seem to pay lip service to him without even being asked to? Why is he protected and what makes people do this criminal work of covering up for this unknown person, Obama?
Birthers, official Sheriffs like Arpaio, and/or number one talkshow hosts like Rush Limbaugh can't answer that question. No one can even say who Obama is, to begin with.
So the answer must be hidden away about what and who this man is and where he comes from. It's our duty to find out, to investigate and bust this case. If we don't, we're lost – because this man evidently has such an edge on us that he'll take us over, body speech and mind. And it's not due to his qualities; but due to the awesome and scary and weird power which he wields over people.   
The answer, my friends, isn't blowing in the wind, its right here, clear and obvious. But we're not seeing it.  Obama is not of this world: he's a supernatural being.
Obama's identity explains the awesome supernatural power which Obama exerts effortlessly, upon everyone; and which mutes all criticism and attacks upon him. Indeed, there's nothing we or anyone can do against him except for simply reveal who he is…(full story continues here).

The second deals with intelligence: (these are excerpts from Obama's Undeniable Intelligence Makes Him More Dangerous - and More Vulnerable)
For Barack Obama, his brain power makes him dangerous but also creates a special vulnerability that his critics should exploit.  
On the most obvious level, it makes no sense to insist that a guy with degrees from Columbia and Harvard Law (magna cum laude), and with a successful twelve-year stint as a professor of Constitutional law at the University of Chicago, amounts to some sort of dunce who didn't deserve his academic success.
Moreover, with President Obama three other factors argue powerfully that he's a genuinely intelligent individual no matter how misguided his political priorities and outlook.
First, there's the evidence of his two bestselling books, Dreams of My Father (1995) and The Audacity of Hope (2006). Regardless of their uneven and tendentious content, both volumes display considerable literary school and even poetic flair, as well as a sharp, powerful and occasionally original mind at work.  Obama's books sound very much like the Obama of the big speeches: grandiose, self-important, verbose, melodramatic and impressive. Yes, the president seems incapable of delivering these addresses without the aid of his omnipresent teleprompter but he surely played some prominent role in their composition. In his interviews (like the most recent sit-down with Katie Couric) or rare off-the cuff remarks Obama does deliver more than his share of ummms and you knows, along with occasionally clumsy constructions. More importantly, the president often offers answers that count as misleading, demagogic, vacuous and even downright dishonest. But no one who listens to an entire interview, or a full press conference, can reasonably conclude that the man is a fool or an inarticulate lug. Obama at his worst is still glib, slick and quick, even deft, in responding to the admiring press corps as well as to indignant critics. 
The third reason to assume Obama's intelligence is parentage: since IQ counts as a highly hereditable human attribute it's important to note that both his birth parents, despite their emotional troubles, displayed indications of real brilliance. His Kenyan father qualified for Phi Beta Kappa as an undergraduate, then earned a graduate economics degree at Harvard. His mother went on to a PhD, and even his banker grandmother studied at two elite universities (Berkeley and the University of Washington) at a time when few women competed successfully in academia. Obama's dishonest tendency to portray himself as arising from an impoverished, disadvantaged background may make his cleverness seem anomalous, but given his high-achieving ancestry on both sides it would be more far-fetched to assume that Obama didn't inherit at least some of the mental acuity of his forebears.When we acknowledge that President Obama displays high intelligence and considerable sophistication we concede nothing of political value. The American people never vote on the basis of intelligence and often count preening intellectuality of the Obama sort as a potent liability, not an advantage. (full narrative here)

 The third deals with deception:
Sometimes we do not have to spell it all out when everything we want to know is said in the title…so we have this one (from Global Research): Presidential Rule by Deception: Obama, the Master Con-man.
…or this quote from the Boston Globe: “ Obama let deception stand until his uncle told the truth in court — just like he let deception stand about the Affordable Care Act until he was outed by the unavoidable truth. He stuck with “If you like your plan, you can keep it,” until hundreds of thousands of notices about canceled insurance policies became impossible to ignore. He said Obamacare would lower costs, when the truth is it won’t for everyone, as rising premiums make clear. Whether the deception involves family relationships or health care policy, there’s a pattern here. Taken together, it explains Obama’s credibility gap. He lets what he believes are the higher political needs of the moment get in the way of truth-telling.

Taken in a nutshell we can summarize this by answering the question, "Can Obama deceive?" ...Yes, he can!

But getting back to my corollary, I did read that before. 

So there you have it folks, the devil may be in the details but as his friend Bill Ayres said about Obama's climb to power (actual quote regarding revolutions), "...most of the time, most of the people are not doing anything."  And with that said, people will continue doing nothing until the fire of hell burns their rear-ends!

Not sure if the alleged author is in fact the originator or the following but regardless of its origins it should go down as the quote of the century...
"Nelson Mandela is a leader who Barack Obama should try to emulate. He could start by spending 27 years in prison." ~ Don Imus


Findalis said...

Obama is pulling off on the nation nothing more than Pimp's Tricks. Smooth talking BS that a pimp uses to convince his Hos to work for him.

He is not a genius, just a skilled con artist.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Ref:"He is not a genius, just a skilled con artist." It was the corollary that was the basis of the post. But that does not discount the fact that he is a BS the fact that he may very well be the pawn of others behind the scenes else how did this never before heard of piece of you know what come to occupy the White House...

SR said...

Research the "Nephilim" and you will see D'OhBamBam.