Thursday, December 26, 2013

Some people like our flag...and you can count me in too!



She wanted to talk to me... (previously posted June 2008)

Earlier today I was out and about the house...really just in the yard, watering the flowers and stooping occasionally to pick a weed when a slight breeze came about...the leeward side would be port and not the left as some would say. But the flutter from her breath hinted at something she wanted to say...and she did, she said, "Hi, I'm here. Don't I look just magnificent!" I looked up and answered, "Ye sure do! Will ya hold that pose for me just a minute?" She fluttered again with a smile and replied, "I'll be here..." So I rushed into the house to retrieve the camera before she lost her pose. I clicked the shutter just in time to see her wave...Isn't she just beautiful today!
My Flag  ~  Storm'n Norm'n

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