Sunday, December 8, 2013

Obama-Kerry...They're promising to share with Islamic terrorists nuclear bombs so that they can set off nuclear bombs in American cities

If you've read this blog long enough you already know that I warned you about this sort of stuff.  The only problem with this is, you know and I know, but the lame brain voters don't have a clue...  Kerry never should have made it to the United States Senate but most voters in Massachusetts fit the aforesaid adjectives.  If the first Iranian nuclear bomb hits anywhere near the senator's home state*, it would teach them a lesson I've been warning them about for many a year and they can give praise to Obama for fulfilling his mission in life...destroy America! ~ Norman E. Hooben
*I pray that I won't be here when it happens.

Obama-Kerry deal with Iran will lead to a nuclear nightmare
Source: 1389 Blog

You've seen this picture before...has it sunk in yet?

Also this...

"Afghanistan agrees to pact with Iran, while resisting US accord"
by Pamela Geller

More of the poison fruit of Obama's craven capitulation to America's enemies. Our power and influence has been greatly diminished as I predicted in my book on Obama's post American presidency, and the enemies of freedom have grown stronger because of the vacuum created by Obaam's abandonment of Americanism across the world. No longer the light unto nations, we have become an erratic, irrational player on the world stage, as much to be feared for doing the wrong thing than doing nothing. Obama has given Iraq to Iran. Now he is giving Afghanistan to them as well. All the blood, treasure and t... more »

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