Monday, December 30, 2013

Alabama...“Because they can!”

There used to be an old saying that I heard while growing up in the north country... "Save your Confederate money, the South will rise again."  As the years crept by I would find myself living in Alabama...definetly in the South!
The first time I was a guest of Uncle Sam's Air Force for the schools where I would learn my trade that would make me a productive member of the corps.   Still with the same team four years later I returned for the second time after having spent some time in Texas and Alaska.  Only this time it was all would be several years later before I came back for some advanced schooling.  Meanwhile, my career would come to an end after twenty-one years and I settled in Texas where I returned to the University as a full time student.  Some years afterwards I would end my second career in the food manufacturing industry but not before I got a company move to, you guessed it, Alabama.  I enjoy living amongst some of the friendliest people this side of heaven and with that said, hope to be amongst them when all hell breaks out!  ~ Norman E. Hooben

Gun Sales Break Alabama Record
Source: WRBL News 3

Mobile, AL - Gun owners are in good company this year there have never been more gun sales in Alabama than 2013.
Last year there were 431,356 federal gun background checks from Alabama. There have been 486,506 checks this year--and that's before December's numbers are in. If trends continue, Alabama's on track to have half-a-million background checks for 2013. There’s one simple explanation. 
“Because they can, because it's their right to buy and right to defend what they have,” says Gary Mozingo with Gunport in Coden. There many reasons why someone bought a gun in 2013 but the biggest driving factor is fear over what the federal government might do with gun control. It started in 2012 when the Sandy Hook shooting spurred talk of gun control on Capitol Hill. Gun sales shot up as legislation fizzled. Gun rights were kept in the news as most states legislatures, Alabama's included, worked to liberalize the right to bear arms. One gun dealer we spoke with estimated three fourths of his customers were new
“A good portion were new to the gun industry but we also saw an upswing in repeat customers as well,” says Tom Hand with Goldmine Pawn in Daphne. Gun background checks don't necessarily translate to gun sales but a vast majority of people applying for a background check pass.

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