Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Obamacare? Will it become unworkable? ...you bet!

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ObamaCare Supporters Confusing Cause & Effect
Source: Smart Girl Politics (FaceBook)
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As we all know by now, the ObamaCare Exchange roll-out has been a showcase of government incompetence huge enough to boggle the mind. The website simply doesn't work... few can create an account, and even fewer can actually purchase insurance on the exchange. Worse, the insurance companies often get incorrect information, such as spouses listed as children, and are forced to directly contact the applicant to get the correct information... essentially a second enrollment process. This process works only because of the small number of those who are able to purchase plans... as the numbers grow, this process will become unworkable due to volume.

The Federal Exchange also has security issues...
personal information is being revealed to others in various ways, and identity theft on the exchange is a real problem. This is on top of the fact that identity thieves are setting up fake-portal sites to collect your information and ALLEGEDLY send that information on to the exchanges.

On top of all that, and in spite of Obama's fervent and repeated promises that we could all keep our insurance policies if we like them, millions of Americans are receiving
cancellation notices, informing them that ObamaCare regulations force them to cancel the policies and dump them onto the exchange.

All this is leaving ObamaCare supporters scrambling for a defense. One that I've seen and heard numerous times, sometimes even from elected officials, is that
ObamaCare is experiencing problems because of GOP obstructionism. Yup, the party that unanimously refused to vote for the law is being blamed for its failures.

I've heard it a lot, that those of us who have been criticizing the law all along are actively sabotaging it and are therefore to blame for it's failure. This is confusing cause and effect.

Let me be perfectly clear, ObamaCare isn't failing because we criticize or obstruct it, we've been criticizing it because we had some idea as to how badly this law would fail. Many of us understood the law would have numerous harmful effects and we said so loudly and often. That doesn't make us responsible for the failure, it makes us prescient. WE WERE RIGHT!

I bear a similar attitude to those elected Republicans who have long been in favor of abandoning any attempt to repeal or delay the law. ObamaCare, the argument goes, cannot be stopped by the GOP, so they should let the law go into full effect and then let it collapse under it's own weight. Those who argue thusly are almost as bad ad those who foisted this disaster of a law upon us in the first place... those of us who have been fighting since before it became law have been trying to stop the damage. That is MUCH preferable to letting it happen and picking up the pieces afterward.

Anyway, pay attention, ObamaCare supporters... the law isn't failing because of my opposition, I oppose it because I understand how badly the law can fail and how much damage it can cause along the way.

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